Roisin Murphy’s Head-Banging-Accident

Roisin Murphy for Blond Magazine

The concert would have been on Thursday at Alte Kantine. But looks like that’s not gonna happen. During a wild performance in Moscow Roisin hit her face on a chair while head banging to her song Primitive. (There actually is a YouTube video of that, who would have thought…) All her upcoming concerts have been cancelled and will be post-poned to a later date. We’ll keep you posted on the new concert dates, until then we wish Roisin a good recovery.

Frank by Frank
on October 30th, 2007
in Events, Music

3 Responses to “Roisin Murphy’s Head-Banging-Accident”

  1. Olympia Says:

    Oh no I am so sad. I hope she will come soon to berlin to give the concert when she is okay again.

  2. spirochete Says:

    now that’s what you call a rock star

  3. Johnny Says:

    I’ve seen guys from Behemoth headbang and windmill like crazy for the whole fucking hour and a half that the show lasted, and none of them ever injured themselves in this way.

    You may want to leave headbanging to the Metal people.

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