Berlinale 2008: 1000 Journals

1000 Journals

Last night we saw a documentary called “1000 journals” at the Berlinale. The project behind this film is really fascinating. In 2000 a guy from San Francisco sent out 1000 blank journals into the world. All journals had a number and included a link to a website were you could connect between other participants of the project. The people were supposed to fill them up with what ever comes to mind and then send them on. When it was full you were supposed to send it back to the guy from San Francisco, but after 8 years only a small number had actually made it back. The journals had developed to unique pieces of art and obviously a lot of people wanted to keep them. Luckily a lot of the participants made the effort to scan und upload their journal entries to the website. During the filming of the documentary director and producer Andrea Kreuzhage tracked down around 80 of those journals. Yesterday she showed us a few of them after the screening. Read on for images and infos.

1000 Journals @ Berlinale 2008

On the left you see director Andrea Kreuzhage handing out some of the journals to flip through.

1000 Journals @ Berlinale 2008

1000 Journals @ Berlinale 2008

Check out the following websites to learn more about the film and the project:

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4 Responses to “Berlinale 2008: 1000 Journals”

  1. Stuart Balcomb Says:

    Hi Frank,
    Andrea told me you started this blog. I am the composer for “1000 Journals,” and I’m glad to see the wonderful responses. I was at the AFI premier, but could not attend Berlinale. You can hear more of my music at

  2. Frank Says:

    Hey Stuart, I remember the music of the documentary quite vividly and I liked it a lot. Good work! Thanks for dropping by!

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