The Secret Restaurant of the Shy Chef

The Shy Chef

Last week we had the pleasure to take the secret restaurant of the Shy Chef to the test. I had heard of secret restaurants before, but never been to one. So I did not really know what to expect. Is it a temporary restaurant set up in an abandoned building? Or is it a normal restaurant with a very secluded location? Or is it just a marketing strategy after all? As it turns out, this secret restaurant is in the living room of a private apartment. And the hosts are not professional chefs but a charming couple of passionate cooks and wine lovers. Find out more about our wonderful evening with the Shy Chef after the jump.

The Shy Chef

At first I was a bit confused that all 6 guests of the evening would be sitting on one table. We came in first, so we had no idea who else would dine with us and if this could become somehow intimidating. But it didn’t. The one couple was Norwegian and came over to Berlin for a short trip. Of course they were craving for some good Berlin insights which we were happy to give them. And the other couple was from Berlin and had a whole load of recommendations that will make some good posts. So, obviously there was a lot to talk about.

The Shy Chef

Our hosts, a Swedish/Irish couple, served us our dinner in 6 courses, every one of them accompanied by an exquisite wine. Every dish looked more delicately arranged than the other and all of them easily qualified as Gourmet Cuisine. In the end they asked us, which meal we liked best. But I could hardly decide, was it the goat cheese salad, the pork filet rolled up in prosciutto or the nut brownie on vanilla creme with hot raspberries? Hm… I just know one thing for sure:I could eat like this every day.

The Shy Chef

The Shy Chef is open every Friday and Saturday. It’s reservation only and is limited to six guests per night. Details can be found here.

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6 Responses to “The Secret Restaurant of the Shy Chef”

  1. Kathrin Says:

    This sounds so cosy! The food looks great.

  2. Hannes Says:

    the last pic looks crazy 😉

  3. Tommy Tanaka Says:

    Tolle Fotos. Habt ihr die gemacht? Bekommt man auch Lust, nochmal in ein leckeres Restaurant zu gehen.

  4. Frank Says:

    @Tommy: ja, die Fotos sind von uns

  5. Gail Says:

    Suggest you go back and see the quality of the food since the true Shy Chef split up with her boyfriend, who now is cooking in her stead. We were there July 16, and our meal looked nothing like the photos here. The main dish was a gulyas base with a piece of chicken as the meat.

  6. James cameron Says:

    Hey!i was there on june, and it was amazing!a great ambience, quality food especially a vrnison with rasbery sauce, and all was really nice! Highly recomended!

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