Posh! Up

Posh! the Prince by Lisa Wassmann for Scala

photo by Lisa Wassmann for Scala

Yesterday evening Posh! the Prince, a performance artist from NY who now lives in Berlin, amazed his audience again at Torstrasse 96 with a show full of sexual hints. He performes with a DJ and if the crowd is in the mood, it is a very danceable performance. Posh moans and screams and fakes an orgasm – he probably has one, cause one can see, he clearly enjoys performing. It’s not Posh’s show, Posh is the show. Even when the mic broke down last night he improvised and performed in top form. Last night he was wearing a tiny strappy silver something that he had handtailored by a friend especially for his performances. “I can either use it as a belt or as a corset” he told me after the show. And it is only Posh! the Prince himself with the slim shaped body of a ballet dancer who can wear hotpants and this silver thing on him and make girls and boys feel hot and hotter. More photos of the night after the jump.






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on May 29th, 2009
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7 Responses to “Posh! Up”

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Says:

    Hey die Fotos sind echt lustig! Bei der nächsten Show bin ich dabei! Wann ist denn das nächste Mal?

  2. Suz Suz Says:

    Hi Yu-Gi-Oh,

    Posh is gonna perform in about two weeks at Maria-terrace. Check our calendar and partytips for the exact date.


  3. pampam Says:

    POSH,HONEY you make the world go round! kizass!!!

  4. Ze Says:

    honey, you are the queen! x

  5. Flipper Says:

    Poshie…..Snorkie loves ya:))

  6. milla Says:

    from milla with love <3

  7. larry Says:

    hi there posh!this is larry…kevin’s friend from atlanta.i seeu babe …it’s hottt i luv it.

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