A Heart for iHeartBerlin


I’ve been thinking about having some kind of fan-item for iHeartBerlin for a while now. When we were in London during Fashion Week last February the press badge at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout caught my attention. It was a golden laser-cut acrylic heart the size of a palm. I thought that would make a cool necklace.

I once again stumbled uppon some cool acrylic necklaces when I saw the 5Preview collection. I totally love the black pseudo Chanel logo necklace and I wear it a lot.

So a few weeks back I got an eMail by jewellery designer Suparina who runs a cute small jewellery store in Friedrichshain mainly aimed at a younger audience. And guess what her specialty is: Laser-cut acrylic. I told her about my idea and she was so kind to make this sweet iHeartBerlin.de necklace that you see above. I’ve been wearing it ever since and people keep grabbing it asking if they could have one. So, what do you think? You likey?

After the jump you will see some of Suparina‘s own designs, my favorite being the big pink transformer necklace.





Niederbarnimstr. 6

10247 Berlin

Open Tue-Sat 13-19h


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on June 7th, 2009
updated on June 5th, 2009
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6 Responses to “A Heart for iHeartBerlin”

  1. diwa Says:

    ohh i’m loving the stars..very Jem. (truly outrageous, did that ever come to Germany?)..do you reckon we should get earrings like those too? (with hearts of course)

  2. Jess Says:

    das herz ist süß, schön groß!

  3. tropicality Says:

    but25euros ohoh 🙁

  4. Pauli Says:

    my heart for i heart!

  5. Nicole Says:

    Das Herz ist cool und wenn es nicht ganz so groß wäre, würde ich es sogar tragen. Der Transformer ist natürlich auch nicht ohne.

  6. ediot Says:

    so ive just come back from berlin.. and i went to a t-shirtstore there- that i need to find the name of– it was open at night around an outside cinema in freidrichschain. the stop with the S-bahn was warschauerstrasse,, im thinking it might have been om modersohnstrasse but im not sure.. i think it was called something with black stage door or black back door.. can you help me? it was a full on tshirt store- and all tees were around 30 euros..

    thanks for a reply

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