The Fashion Week Party Guide


photo by Glamcanyon

Models, lights, guestlist… just do your best, darling! This week it’s all about fashion in Berlin as the Berlin Fashion Week is taking over the city once again. Of course fashion wouldn’t work without parties and parties wouldn’t work without fashion. And so it is that during Fashion Week the city experiences the highest amount of parties. After the jump we will give you an overview of the most interesting parties and you’ll get the chance to win guestlist spaces for parties by Vice, Levi’s, projektGalerie and Bread&Butter


Stay at home, choose your outfits for the week. Put some cucumber slices on your eyes and refrain from alcohol. Your liver needs to rest before the week gets started!


The projektGalerie’s Fashion Week Opening Event, Exhibition Opening “Dreaming till the sun goes down” by Fumi Nagasaka and Nightshopping at Designer Sales at projektGalerie, Torstr. 96, 19h, free

Fashion Week Pre-Hour at Extrafine with Reznik, Torstr. 116, 16h, free

Vice Photo Issue 2009 Tour Opening at Vice Gallery, Brunnenstr. 3, 19h, free


Le Lien – Shoes-Up Artist Party at Ima Design Village, Wu Yué & Sebastien Preschoux presented by Adidas Originals & A-Game, Ritterstr. 12-14, 20h, free

Broken Hearts Club at Bar25 with The Glimmers – dress code: Space Rock, Holzmarktstr. 25, 22h, 10 EUR


Vice + Bread&Butter Party with Mixhell, Goldie Locks and many more at Michelberger Hotel, Warschauer Str. , 22h, invitation only

Win 2×2 guestlist spaces for the Vice Party by leaving a comment below with a valid eMail address until Tuesday 19h. Include the word VICE.

Levi’s Berlin Unbuttoned with Boys Noize, The Subways, Esser, Amanda Blank and more at Astra, Revaler Str. 99, invitation only, more Infos here.

Win 2×2 guestlist spaces for Levi’s Berlin Unbottened by leaving a comment below with a valid eMail address until Tuesday 19h. Include the word LEVIS.

SuperSuper + Summer Party with Tiefschwarz, Joey Hansom and many more at Crackers, Heide Str. 5, 22h, free entry and drinks until midnight

Win 2×2 guestlist spaces for the Super Super Party (that are good beyond midnight!!) by leaving a comment below with a valid eMail address until Tuesday 19h. Include the word SUPER.

Masquerade Night and Exhibition by Bonnie Strange at secret location, 23:30h, location will be revealed shortly here.


Come Together Fashion Week Closing Party at Roadrunners Rock & Motor Club, Saarbrücker Str. 24, 20h, 10 EUR

Win 2×2 free tickets for the Come Together Party by leaving a comment below with a valid eMail address until Wednesday 19h. Include the word COMETOGETHER. The tickets can be picked up at the designer sale at Hof96, Torstr 96. More infos on the sale here.

Club Berlin at WMF with Peaches (live) and Diesel:U:Music tour winners, Klosterstr. 44, 25 EUR (10 EUR without Peaches concert)


Kadre Fashion Weekend at Weekend – designer market with music by Oliver Koletzki, Lexy, Märtini Brös and many more, 12-21h

Overhose The New Antwerp Six at Atelier D, Falckensteinstr. 47, 14h-late, free

Bodi Bill live! at A.D.Deertz Showroom, Kastanienallee 58, 17h, free

Urban Affairs & Fashion Week After Party with Hugo Capablanca and many more at Stattbad Wedding, Gerichtstr. 65, 6 EUR

Win 1×2 guestlist spaces for the Urban Affairs Opening and Fashion Week After Party at Stattbad by leaving a comment below with a valid eMail address until Thursday 19h. Include the word STATTBAD.















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128 Responses to “The Fashion Week Party Guide”

  1. elisa Says:

    ooooooooooh <3 amanda blank is in town soon!



    btw thx for supporting The New Antwerp Six!!!!

    but you forgot one thing

  2. Frank Says:

    oh my, how did that slip by me, I knew about this party. thanks a lot, added it to the schedule!

  3. William Says:

    Do we have to choose one of them? One per night? All?
    Cuz i feel like Decadancing

  4. Says:

    Berlin has unparalleled unique fashion!

  5. Anna-Lena Says:

    VICEVICEVICEVICE!!! thank you!!!

  6. Anna Says:

    VICE 🙂

  7. Juliane Says:

    LEVI’S !!!!!!!

  8. A.J. Says:


  9. sonita Says:

    Levi’s !! please , thank you !

    p.s. the flyer for fashion week opening event says 30th.. isn’t that tomorrow (tuesday) not monday? just checking.

  10. Alex Says:

    My absolute SUPER VICE is that I love to go to parties and stuff (where people COMETOGETHER, you know) in my purple LEVIS and just lose myself. Am I in? ‘d be lovely!

  11. melville Says:

    let me show you my VICE…

  12. tt Says:

    ich vice nich genau

  13. KL Says:

    Oh, Vice would be nice. 🙂

  14. Mikk Says:

    COMETOGETHER!! thank you

  15. Esther Rebel Says:

    VICE sounds nice. thanks.

  16. Alex Says:

    hard decision, but i say LEVIS…

  17. Frank Says:

    hey guys, thanks for noting my date mix-ups. that facebook event page had me all confused and I thought some of the parties were on Monday. Shame! That’s what you get when you write an article at 3am at night…
    made the changes and even added something to the guide.

  18. René Says:

    I’m in the bondage of vice.
    THEY HAVE GOLDIELOCKS. I need to be there.
    Thanks. x

  19. magnus Says:

    LEVIS! Hurrah!

  20. Oskar Says:

    einmal das VICE zum mitnehmen, bitte.

  21. ellan Says:


    I would love to go to the Vice party, because I would also really appreciate it and have alot of fun there. Crossing my fingers. Bitte.


  22. J. Pulaski Says:

    Amanda Blank + B.Noise yes please


  23. Yseult Says:



    Thank you.

  24. Basti B. Says:

    rekcarC … -> repuS!

  25. Kevin Schahn Says:

    thank you very much

  26. Kai Says:

    LEVIS 501 LEVIS 502

  27. Henning Says:

    Tiefschwarz sind SUPER!

  28. Kathleen Says:

    great Line-Up at the Levis party!!! Can I go to it= 😉

  29. Mavis Says:

    VICE, bitte.DANKE!

  30. Stephen Says:

    Welcome to the SUPER plastic fantastic!

  31. A.J. Says:

    VICE-President of booozinggg.

  32. Stephen Says:

    Dressed for success? Hopefully I can join the LEVIS party.

  33. Stephen Says:

    Booze’n’boobz! Hail to the VICE party!

  34. Timo Hajati Says:

    thanks a lot

  35. CelebrateFashion Says:


    some people only love theirselves!
    Many love LEVIS
    But everybody loves Berlin!!!!!!!!!

    So let us celebrate the fashion week!

  36. johannes Says:

    LEVIS !

    thx .

  37. Stella Says:


  38. Linda Says:

    I will ein Gewinner sein!


  39. Maria Says:


  40. Fab Says:

    I would really like to see, how the COMETOGETHER at Saarbrücker Straße is going to be.

  41. Jana Says:

    Ich VICE wo ich hin will!

  42. Sasha Says:

    unbuttoning my LEVIS

  43. Corinna Says:


  44. Frank Says:

    hey guys, just so you know. you can “apply” for all parties, you don’t have to decide. just added another guestlist: STATTBAD if you haven’t noticed!

  45. Tom Says:


  46. Gonzalez Says:

    VICE! thanx!

  47. Lydia Says:

    Stichwort : VICE & STATTBAD
    obwohl ich sagen muss, dass man bei dieser auswahl leicht überfordert ist!! 😉

  48. pucci Says:

    Let me be a part of the LEVIS Unbottened Tour, please! Thanks!

  49. Clara Says:

    VICE, Levi’s und Cometogether, ja ich will!

  50. Helmut Says:

    Auch ich VICE, wo ich hinwill. Und wenn das alles nichts nützt, LEVIS würde es auch tun.

  51. Celia Says:

    I’d like to go to the Levi’s Party!
    That would be nice!

  52. William Says:

    Levi’s, Come Together, Urban Affairs. That’d be swell.

  53. Neele Says:

    Hey guys,
    a guestlist spot for me would be REPUS 🙂
    and of course LEVI’s could make my week perfect.
    hope to see you soon,

  54. mariangela Says:

    that dude of Miami Vice wears a super pair of super Levi’s jeans…and it makes me hum “come together, right now…over me..”
    I think I will go swimming. Jetzt. Im Stattbad.
    Si Si Si.

  55. Claudia Says:

    This new Texas transplant just can’t escape some of her old Vices this week…

  56. Winston Sayes Says:

    I heart BERLIN but most of all i heart LEVI’S

    Oh LEVI’S your so fine yo blow my mind.

  57. A.J. Says:


  58. Winston Sayes Says:

    Dont Forget the tab, get sober and slip into a LEVI’S red tab

  59. Winston Sayes Says:


  60. Caro Says:

    Ich seh’ schon, es wird schwer…ich will einfach mal auf ne dreckige Party, egal wo…könntet ihr das einrichten? 🙂

  61. Sven Says:

    LEVI’S da will ich hin… unbuttoned, yeaaaaah
    levi’s or levis LEVIS

  62. Fil Says:

    All you need is Levis!

  63. Anna Nolle Says:


  64. Claudia Says:

    I´ll try to get to the LEVIS-Party
    and dress myself smartly.

    I want to dance all night long
    I hope I´m so strong.

    This Lineup is more than perfect…
    Please select….
    ME for this guestlist.

    Thanks 🙂

  65. ll cool l Says:

    garçon, 2 mal berliner VICE mit schuss, bitte. gibt auch schön trinkgeld dann. kannse dir ne levis oder was VICE ich nich davon kaufen.

  66. flapsy Says:


  67. Marco Says:

    By now EVERYBODY has got an iphone. So I need to show something new off: Having been at the LEVIS concert will definitely make my parents envious again.

  68. Es Says:

    Reading VICE, unbuttoning my LEVIS, COME TOGETHER !

  69. Jessie James Says:

    Loved to watch Miami VICE back in the late 80ies wearing those good old LEWIS that EVERYBODY loved. No, it’s time to COME TOGETHER again… That would be SUPER… und um STATT BAD nicht nur Einheitsbrei zu ertragen..

  70. sertac Says:

    Vice Parteeeeeeeeeeeeeey Bitches…

  71. Alan Strugarek Says:

    Only LEVIS get me in!

  72. Alan Strugarek Says:

    Only LEVI’S get me in!

  73. Alan Strugarek Says:

    Only LEVIS can make me unbuttoned!

  74. Alan Strugarek Says:

    wear LEVIS. hear LEVIS. party LEVIS.
    BE LEVIS!!!

  75. Alan Strugarek Says:

    LEVIS on my legs, LEVIS on my party!

  76. Alan Strugarek Says:

    be unbuttoned, be LEVIS.

  77. Frank Says:

    guys, just so you know. writing multiple comments on one party will not raise your chance of winning…

  78. Gina Says:

    it would be VICE to take me there…;)

  79. Alan Strugarek Says:

    “COMETOGETHER.. right now.. over me!”

  80. Zack Says:

    Levi’s, Come Together and Vice. por favor.

  81. Kevin Schahn Says:

    Stadtbad und Super!!!!!

  82. Felix Says:

    Well, if we can ‘apply’ for anything, you better take my adVICE and send me and my LEVI’S to the SUPER party at STATTBAD for a little COMETOGETHER.

    Fuck, that was lame.

  83. Leona Says:

    I’m afraid i am a little fashion whore, so if you would let me dance at Levis or vice i would be eternally grateful. Seriously.

  84. Vince Says:

    fashion week + VICE + LEVIS parties = berlin at its best!!! Would love to rage at LEVIS or VICE!!!

  85. Joslyn Says:

    I know Amanda Blank could make those LEVI’s-covered booties shake! I HEART Berlin and the line-up for Thursday night!!!

  86. Matthew Says:

    My only VICE is organizing orgies where everyone can COMETOGETHER.

  87. Léon Michequine Says:

    ‘The function of VICE is to keep virtue within reasonable bounds.’
    Samuel Butler

    ‘Before LEVIS, there was nothing.’
    John Lennon

    ‘Our nation must COMETOGETHER to unite.’
    George W. Bush

  88. Edison Chen Says:


  89. Edison Chen Says:


  90. Maria Says:


  91. Jens Says:

    Does anybody know if Elvis had a pair of Levis?

  92. Kim Says:

    Ich hab ne Biochemie Klausur am donnerstag, deshalb MUSS ich 3 tage lang party machen. Levi’s oder Vice am Donnerstag, Come Together am freitag.
    Bitte? Bitte!

  93. Nicola Says:

    ich glaub ich Vice wo ich meine Levis tragen kann: Come Together and let’s DecaDance!

  94. Maddie Says:

    mach mal keinen scheiß, ich bin schon ganz heiß,
    bitte seid nice und lasst mich zu levi’s!

    (oh man war der schlecht :D)

    peace out.

  95. Lea Says:

    Vice or Levis! Lets Cometogether!

  96. johnny drama Says:

    who´s bad ? STATTBAD.
    smile and COMETOGETHER babe

    out like Jacko.

  97. clarisse Says:

    STATTBAD that’s all i’m gonna say

  98. Manuel Says:

    Yep, Levis. My first pants that I remember were Levis 501.

  99. Topsy Says:


  100. Christoph Says:

    Don’t be vicious and grant me access to party VICE-licious..cheers

  101. Christoph Says:


  102. Pete.Pete.Pete Says:

    COMETOGETHER…und zwar alle!

  103. clarisse Says:


  104. joe Says:

    wanna take a bath @ STATTBAD

  105. markus Says:

    anstatt malad mitn klapprad nach trinidad ins strandbad…was brabbl ich grad, ihr lieben von i heart, please seits nicht fad und schenkt mir kerzengerad durch euren bekanntheitsgrad nen schleichpfad ins STATTBAD ! wär sonst echt schad. und hoher härtegrad. please!

  106. AJ Says:

    bitte STATTBAD und danke

  107. viola Says:

    COMETOGETHER night owls.

  108. viola Says:

    STATTBAD statt stadtbad.

  109. Frank Says:

    so, the tickets for Vice and Levi’s are gone. The winners will be notified shortly. You can still comment for Come Together and Stattbad for a few days.

  110. stef Says:

    statt baden im freien, lieber im stattbad feiern ?!

  111. Fredo Says:

    Die ganze HauptSTATT BADet am Samstag in Ihrem Glanze bis zum Sonnenaufgang und ich bin dabei!

  112. NHoa Says:

    STATTBAD statt Stadtbad!

  113. wii Says:


  114. Lydia Says:


  115. marko Says:

    stattbad dabttats

  116. jan Says:

    come together and dance :-j

  117. Dominika Says:

    Come Together Fashion Week PARTEEEY!

    Einmal bitte + Popcorn 😉

  118. Japher Says:


  119. Helmut Says:

    I would love to go to the STATTBAD at saturday – please make this happening. 🙂

  120. hearandshout Says:


  121. Jose Simoes Says:

    Come together Party.. Can I come together? :p

  122. anett Says:

    COMETOGETHER!!!!! COMETOGETHER!!! pleazeee!!!

  123. anett Says:

    it’s the heat…. what I meant was STATTBAD! !STATTBAD!! STATTBAD!! 😉

  124. Bertrand Says:

    STATTBAD! Didn’t come all the way from the Netherlands over to Berlin to melt in my crappy hostel!

  125. kalle Says:


    – right now!

  126. tropicality Says:

    wieso heisst es eigentlich nicht stadtbad?

  127. Alexis Designer Fashion Says:

    Hello I sumbled upon this site by mistake, I was searching Google for Designer Fashion when I came upon your blog, I must say your site is really great I just love the content, its astounding!. I’m in a bit of a rush at the moment to fully browse your website but I have favorited it and also subscribed for your RSS feeds. I will be back when I have more time. Bravo for a great site.

  128. Yasmin Solberg Says:

    wohoooo the Come Together!!

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