We will be stars!!!

Monster Ronson's Itchiban Karaoke

Last Monday we went to the open booth night at Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke. I haven’t actually done Karaoke there in a while. But when I do it is always the same game: In the beginning you are just to shy to start performing on your own. Nervously you flip around in the song book claiming you still haven’t found the right song for your debut. Then you start supporting your friends with the chorus, until finally the ice breaks and you sing your own songs (usually a couple of drinks have something to do with it, too). That’s when the fun beginns. And in our case we almost couldn’t stop! And I have to tell you, Katja from Glamcanyon is actually a great performer. No wonder she’s trying to form a band right now. Some fun impressions of our night and the details about Monster Ronson’s after the jump.

Monster Ronson's Itchiban Karaoke

We’re walking on sunshine, YEAHEA!

Monster Ronson's Itchiban Karaoke

It’s time to feel good!

Monster Ronson's Itchiban Karaoke

Sing it back, bring it back, sing it back, bring it back to me!

Monster Ronson's Itchiban Karaoke

And everything’s as if, we never said goodbye…

Monster Ronson's Itchiban Karaoke

It’s all so quite, sh, sh…

Monster Ronson's Itchiban Karaoke

You ring the bell, bim bam!

Monster Ronson's Itchiban Karaoke


Monster Ronson's Itchiban Karaoke

You’ve gotta give for what you take!

Monster Ronson's Itchiban Karaoke

Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke

Warschauer Str. 34

10243 Berlin


Frank by Frank
on October 22nd, 2009
in Bars, Friedrichshain, Party, Places

5 Responses to “We will be stars!!!”

  1. Tante Erika Says:

    haha. wie geil. frank you were born on a stage weren’t you?
    nächstes ma’ will ich auch.

  2. Marcel Says:

    Looks really great, next time we’ll be there, too!

  3. Frank Frank Says:

    @Erika: naja, bin nicht wirklich ne rampensau. aber singen macht schon spass!
    @Marci: ich bitte drum!

  4. Ev Says:

    Looks like you guys just turned cracky karaoke into style. love your impressions (especially those on your faces ;-) ) cheers eva

  5. Wilhelm Says:

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