Things to do AFTER Christmas

I don’t know. This year I don’t feel like Christmas at all. I wish I could just skip it and go straight to NYE. But obviously I can’t avoid the family responsibilities and have to go home to spend the holiday with my folks. But that won’t keep me from already making plans for AFTER Christmas to sooth me over the fest of boredom until I’m back in Berlin. Find out what I’ll be doing and what I recommend you should do as well after the jump.


1. Raid supermarkets for Lindt Christmas chocolate leftovers on sale.

This is something I have been doing for a few years now. The terribly expensive but oh so delicious Lindt chocolate in the shape of little Matryoshkas (not Babushkas as they call them which is plain wrong!), and snow mans and polar bears will be 50% off until it’s all gone. So I will get as much as I can to just be over with this chocolate craziness that I have been going through since November. I kind of need to be as fed up with it as possible so I can start to starve again in the New Year to look good and thin for Fashion Week.


2. Find out Where The Wild Things Are

A friend of mine already saw it (without me, that arsehole!) and he said it’s actually quite different from what you expect after watching the trailer. It’s still supposed to be super good (See evidence of me not being a native speaker as I used the word super which I hear is a typical for Germans. Mind, as I learned it from a Spaniard). So, I’ll grab someone else I care for and watch it in the comfort of a soft cinema seat. Probably with a box of Lindt chocolate on my lap.


3. Return gifts from Tschibo

Where I come from there are not all that many shops. Which means I get most my Christmas presents from places like Tschibo. You can’t imagine the faces I have tried on already as reactions to these kind of gifts. It’s the thought that’s supposed to count. But then again, what were you thinking? Luckily I know where the receipts are stored.

4. Prepare Outfit for NYE

Nomally I hate NYE parties. For the most time here in Berlin I stayed home on this evening, hiding in a castle of chairs and blankets watching movies. And probably eating chocolates (Lindt, natch. (and no we are not sponsored (yet))). But for some reason last year I had a pretty good time at two different NYE parties. That until I finished one whole bottle of Champagne (that I stole from someone) talked crap to everyone in the room (mostly screaming “Champagne for everyone!!!” without actually sharing any. Yeah, THAT embarrassing…) had some sort of an alcoholic breakdown and had to be driven home. Of course not without throwing up out of the taxi. So, yeah, it was fun!

Check our event section in the right column to see some suggestions for NYE…


5. Watch a Disney movie with a gay friend.

If you do not have a gay friend you can also watch one with your little nice. It’s pratically the same on that occasion. I recommend the new one “The Princess and the Frog”. It’s the first classical animation Disney movie since this whole 3D shit became all the rage. And it looks really charming. Probably because it was made by the same people who made The Little Mermaid and Aladdin which both were my all-time favorites when I was a child. *sighs*

6. Shave

The End

PS: And what are you planning?

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5 Responses to “Things to do AFTER Christmas”

  1. Caro Says:

    In 2009 I’m for years not planning anything super (!!) exciting for NYE.. No big travelling, no fancy dinner, no special christmas club party.. just chilling with good friends at home, hugging and kissing at midnight and maybe end the night in one of our favourites club.. or not.. we’ll see.

  2. Caro Says:

    oh, and about things to do after christmas: taxes, yeah.

  3. torben Says:

    irgendwie versuchen diesen blog hier verbieten zu lassen.

  4. Rickety Cricket Says:

    In der Coppistraße in Lichtenberg (ca. 10-15 Minuten Fußweg vom Ostkreuz) gibt es einen “Bahlsen-Fabrikverkauf”. Die letzten Jahre konnte man sich da nach den Feiertagen auch immer sehr gut mit Weihnachtssachen eindecken. Kann allerdings perverse Ausmaße annehmen, wenn man sich für (ich glaube) 2€ wieder 20 Artikel einpacken darf + soll.
    Die allgemienen Preise sind dort mitte des Jahres ziemlich hochgeschraubt worden, allerdings müssen Lebkuchen, Spekulatius, etc. ja nach wie vor raus…?!

  5. Danielle Says:

    No worries….English speakers use ‘super’ in that context too. At least, Canadians do. It’s kind of a cheerleader-y thing to say though, like ‘that party was SUPER fun!’ or something like that.

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