The Vintage SmackDown

vintage smack down

Gina vs. Julia – Fight 1

Trends come and go, but if there is one thing that will never fade it’s the love for vintage clothing. Every season they cycle through the past decades and what was once unfashionable suddenly looks super hip. Especially in big cities like Berlin with all the big fleamarkets and second hand boutiques vintage styling has almost become an obsession for the fashionable crowd. Every girl has their own preferences. But who’s style is the best?

Two lovely girls are stepping into the ring of the Vintage Smack Down: Gina and Julia. Both of them lovers of vintage outfits. Both with a very different style. While the one likes classic vintage designer pieces the other likes colorful fleamarket treasures. While the one prefers silk and satin, the other goes for sequins and glitter. Look after the jump to see the two girls in their best vintage outfits and decide for yourself: Who is the queen of vintage?

Round 1: The Crazy Chick

Vintage Smackdown

Vintage Smackdown

For the first round Gina not only puts on a sexy pose but also a crazy party outfit with a velvet skirt from her childhood, an Emporio Armani belt from her mother and a fleamarket top from the Boxi. But Julia just laughs off her efforts and jumps on her bed in a 50s summer dress that she got from her mother. She grabs one of her pillows and smashes Gina’s outrages pair of sunglasses from a thrift store in Brighton off of her head.

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Round 2: The Good Girl

Vintage Smackdown

Vintage Smackdown

After the attack Gina takes a little rest on her couch in a 50s style sailor dress from a second hand store in Amsterdam. Meanwhile Julia gets prepared for her second attack in her walking closet. Going for a more settled look she puts on a 90s dirndl from the sale of the labour welfare and some fancy headpiece from the fleamarket.

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Round 3: Girls got class

Vintage Smackdown

Vintage Smackdown

What Julia did not expect: Gina did not take a rest at all, she was just looking for the right pillows to go on a counter attack in her faboulous 80s Chanel skirt with suspenders. Julia is not amused and calls for help with her (not functional) vintage telephone in an elegant long green dress from the 70s that she bought on a fleamarket in Schöneberg.

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Round 4: The Virgin

Vintage Smackdown

Vintage Smackdown

Satisfied about her successful pillow attack Gina celebrates herself in a beautiful silk day dress from the 40s that she found in the attic of her grandma. Crawling on the ground in defeat Julia is grabbing for the gun (-blowdryer to mess up Gina’s hair) but not without putting on her last charming vintage outfit: a 60s style evening gown with lace texture that she also bought at the labour welfare.

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But who is the vintage queen of this first SmackDown? Vote for each outfit and comment below what outfits you liked best and why. You can click on each image to enlarge.

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on February 19th, 2010
updated on April 19th, 2010
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6 Responses to “The Vintage SmackDown”

  1. hmm Says:

    und was ist wenn alles scheiße ist?

  2. henry Says:

    machs doch besser…

  3. roberta zeitler Says:

    no question- for me Gina is THE divine fashion queen!!!

  4. Niki Says:

    Gina – I love your style!!! *

  5. katja Says:

    und wer hat nun gewonnen?

  6. Frank Says:

    Wie es ausschaut müssen wir wohl einen zweiten Kampf veranstalten, um die gewinnerin zu küren, denn dieser hier ging unentschieden 2:2 aus. Oder wir ernennen sie einfach beide zu den Queens of Vintage 🙂

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