Hunting Jägermeisters

Foto: Sebastian Gabsch

I always had an interest in the folklore elements of German culture. In a way I have the feeling to observe an exotic and foreign place when entering typical German locations like a Wirtshaus. I can in a way understand the Japanese who rebuild these Wirtshäuser detail by detail in their own country to experience this special wirtshaus-feeling. A non-traditional party in this very traditional location was organised by German cult liqueur Jägermeister last week. On the beat oft the songs of We have a Band and the remix of Yuksek, we started the weekend early and immerged in a crowd of partythirsty Berliners. More pictures and the next date of the tour through German Wirtshäuser by Jägermeister after the jump.

The next Wirthaus rocked by Jägermeister will be in Cologne. On the 17 of March the electrifying Proxy and The Subs will play live. Win tickets here.

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on February 22nd, 2011
updated on February 22nd, 2011
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