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Hercules & Love Affair

Newsflash! Pret a Diner, the posh pop up restaurant popular with models, agency people, actors and wannabes has finally closed and people above 35 are now homeless. The Champagnerama party was postponed after some 3000-4000 people attended on Facebook. Don’t worry, the Fusion is still to come. Angry: last week I spoke to some Sanderstraße inhabitants and they are NOT so happy about Weekend owner Marcus Trojahns new bar, that is ‘changing the Sanderstraße into something rotten and nasty’, that was quoted, not my words. I was curious and wanted to go, now that it has got warmer, but honestly, there was a line and I don’t line up a for a drink in Neukölln, no way. Parties in and out of Neukölln after the jump:


What can I say, a hype is a hype and taking two hypes by putting them together is a superhype. What I am talking about is Hercules And Love Affair on one hand and Berghain on the other. Tonight, tickets long gone dude!


Harry’s Gym are playing Levee Club and the Nordic By Nature Djanes support!

Trash at its best with Nora and Alisa playing fun music at cellar hole Enklave! Not far from Sanderstraße, you remember, the street with the pissed off inhabitants!

Mami Julia and Cindy aka Sophie playing tonight at Trust. In case you didn’t know, you have to order bottles of Wodka so make sure you got some money in your oh so empty pockets.


It’s been four years that Jumpy and Gabriel founded Hip Hop Don’t Stop. The party first took place at Weekend Club, later at Cafe Moskau, Tape, Violet and meanwhile it has found resideny at Tube Station. Of course some of the former supporters complain about this development, but the two guys give a shit and so do you as a longtime supporter! Tonight with the Livin Proof Crew and as usual fancy girlies with little handbags.

Art Dinner & Dance No 2 takes place at Backyard. The night is divided into two parts- the dinner-and-art part first, this night Arabian Food, cooked by the boss himself, dine in a family atmosphere, 6 Euros only. (reservation possible, mail to After the dinner there is party as you know it with awesome dance music by Gigolo dj Milch, Suz and the young Chris-attention-single Chris!

Another, birthday party, 2 years of Horst! The club with the impossible name has slowly made it to one of Berlin’s favourite with a constant supply of really funny party names and flyers and a bunch of real ‘Horst’ fans. Celebrate it with Jennifer Cardini, Herr Süß & Herr Sauer, Argon, Horst and more!

Done well sucker, now you’ve scared off the poor Champagnerama guys with your 3000 and more attendance clicks on Facebook. In order to find a bigger location the party was postponed. The Bachstelzen once started off as an alternative project to all the commercial Techno stuff and are now in the center of it, but that’s how it goes and it is deserved since they constantly organize entertaining parties and open airs. There is a smaller party deep in the west, you just need to find it!

Art and some nasty stuff at Galerie Loyal with the Hot Cheese Crew performing Bang Gang, well hopefully not really and djs!

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on March 3rd, 2011
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