I love Arabs

I love Arabs. Ha, how would anyone dare saying this in times like these. I do. After the opening of a new Arab restaurant/diner the Kastanienallee has become a triangle of yummie Arab food. Count the two further down the street and it actually is a fiveangle, but let me introduce these three. More after the jump:

Babel is well known and quite a while ago they quickly got the development of the area and raised the prices. You now pay 8 Euro for a mixed plate that is, let’s say, a proper meal for a girl of average weight. Moreover Babel is not a nice place, it seems shabby and the guys working are not the friendliest. But it has its charme and is well established and the food is not bad at all. Next to the famous cafe Schwarz Sauer you’ll find Falafel Ufo. It is a diner, but there are a few seats inside. They got these little boxes with either Falafel or Halloumi which are 3 or 3.50 Euro and very tasty. I mean really tasty!

But Babel and Falafel Ufo are not the only high level-Kastanienallee-Arabs anymore, Esra is a new one in number 89 which is not only very clean and chic inside, the guys are the friendliest ever and the food is super tasty! They also have little boxes with different dishes such as salad with goat-cheese for the wannabe-models amongst us or halloumi on spinach and stuff like that. The plates are 5 Euro and also really good. And if you hurry, there is an opening offer today, get all sandwiches and boxes for 1.49. I just love Arabs!

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on March 20th, 2011
updated on March 19th, 2011
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4 Responses to “I love Arabs”

  1. cindy Says:

    Danke für die Tipps, werde ich gleich einmal probieren.

  2. A.Nnoyed Says:

    I just have to mention that I find your title and intro line really irritating…. just wondering what you meant by ‘I love Arabs. Ha, how would anyone dare saying this in times like these.’…??

    Im sure you didnt mean to offend but I dont appreciate the tone & connotations.

  3. Suz Suz Says:

    Well, in case you live in Germany you may have followed the discussion about immigrants with arab orgin that was opened by Thilo Sarrazin. And the reactions it caused. If you think about my sentence in this context you will surely understand what I was pointing at. Sorry if it offended you, it was clearly meant NOT to.

  4. K. Says:

    So, daran erkennt man mal wieder die pseudo Berliner.
    Dass “Esra” ist nicht mal halb so gut wie sein Vorgänger, und ehemals einziges vernünftiges arabisches Restaurant auf der Kastanienallee, das Kamun.

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