Zum Dritten Mann – German Cuisine #1

With all the great Asian, Italian, Arabic, French and other international restaurants in town it hardly ever happens that I get a German dish on my table. Why is that? I love traditional German food, but for some reason most of my favorite restaurants are Asian. So on the quest to mix things up a little in my dinner routine I asked around to find the best restaurants with German cuisine in town. I guess especially for all of you foreigners in the city it will be interesting to try out some German specialties that are not sausages or beer… With the help of food expert Helmuth I assembled a list of more than 10 places that I will be checking out in the following weeks. Today I will start with the restaurant Zum Dritten Mann. More about it after the jump.

Zum Dritten Mann

Zum Dritten Mann

Zum Dritten Mann

Zum Dritten Mann is actually an Austrian restaurant. You can recognize this in their wonderful breakfast options themed by Austrian cities. But on the changing dinner menu you will find a lot of dishes typical for Germans such as Königsberger Klopse (see the first image of this post),  Saftgulasch (see last image) and Rouladen. The dishes may sound traditional but are served as very modern interpretations. And all that to very reasonable prices.

Zum Dritten Mann

Zum Dritten Mann

I was here twice already trying out all the dishes on the table. Everything was absolutely delicious! Its location in Prenzlauerberg at Kollwitzstrasse will make it even more likely for me to come here more often.

Zum Dritten Mann

Kollwitzstrasse 87

10435 Berlin

Reservations: 030 – 40 50 50 18

Prices: breakfast 6-12 EUR, main dishes 9-16 EUR

Open: Mon-Fri 17-01h, Sat-Sun 10-01h


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3 Responses to “Zum Dritten Mann – German Cuisine #1”

  1. Miggy Says:

    Ohhhhh those Königsberger Klopse look like the REAL DEAL. Yummmm.

    I was in Berlin last week and was taken to some AMAZING German eateries by a native 😉
    You should defo try these for more authentic and delicious food…
    here: http://bit.ly/bDEXkd
    here: http://bit.ly/e9MlFL
    here: http://bit.ly/dKRFer
    & here: http://bit.ly/eRPkRI

    ja voll!x

  2. Frank Frank Says:

    Ouf! These places you have been at are soo deep in the West of Berlin! I will see if I can arrange to squeeze some of them into my German cuisine tour. Thanks for the adivce!

  3. Darrell Zullinger Says:

    It’s rare for me to notice anything on the web that is as engaging and interesting as which you have got right here. Your web page is sweet, your images are fantastic, and what’s much more, you use reference that are pertinent to what you’re saying. You’re undoubtedly one in a million, wonderful job!

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