A History of Hipster Mockery

The Hipster Jr, Sugarhigh

The cute little video by the Polyeyed Phantom that has been making the rounds on the interdolly in the past few days has once again restarted the discussion about the oh-so-hated, yet oh-so-admired stereotype of the hipster. Although this debate seems a bit out-dated, the video Der Berliner Hipster summerizes quite accurately some of the clichées-gone-real of said stereotype. Especially interesting I find the funny and partially quite strong reactions of people on facebook and blog comments, my favorite one being: “They’re called Lana del Ray fans these days…” Haha!

But why on earth do hipsters deserve so much mockery I wonder? They wear certain fashion, they like certain music and books, they go to certain parties. Don’t we all? We just might not all look as good doing it… So far there have been so many different outlets of ridicule or even hatred against this particularily fashionable kind. Along with the brand new lecture video I have collected some of the most notable ones of recent years for you after the jump.

So this is the brand new video by the Polyeyed Phantom that stirred up the discussion once again:

Last summer this quite original event took place. The website Kultmucke.de initiated the first Hipster Olympics with such disciplines as running on Club Mate boxes and jumping in tote bags.

The eMail magazine Sugarhigh published some really charming illustrated guides to the so called Mittster (Mitte Hipster) and the Hipster Jr.

The funny music video Hey hey schöner Szenetyp! was a much discussed viral in 2009. Hey, I take party photos too, should I be offended?!

In 2010 Berlin-blog Spreeblick published this insightful article about the Berliner Szenemensch using hipster photographs of the Cobrasnake. Almost 500 comments on this beast speak for themselve.

Being a dickhead is cool was a really popular viral music video about hipsters in 2010. I thought a lot of the clichées they worked with in this video were already out-dated by the time of its release.

Finally, the Hipster Hitler comic blog emerged in 2010 taking the crap out of hipsters in a very different way. It’s quite a specific kind of humor. But check it out for yourself…

PS: We heart hipsters, too…

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4 Responses to “A History of Hipster Mockery”

  1. V Says:

    you forgot this one.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mg_Px9RqG8E

  2. Frank Hearts Berlin Says:

    AHAHA! I didn’t know that one! Thanks!

  3. pfft Says:

    hipster doesn’t understand hipster hate. shocking.

  4. p Says:

    hipster haben kein zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl, sie haben keine ziele oder werte für die sie einstehen und konsumieren möglichst viel. sie sind damit powerkapitalisten und sind in berlin auch ein symbol für die verschärfte gentrifizeirung. außerdem sind sie oberflächlich, sehen ziemlich bescheuert aus und wollen möglichst die ersten sein bei neuer musik oder mode.

    deshalb ist dieser trend ähnlich wie der emo trend ohne viel substanz aber mit viel angriffsfläche für spott und hohn.

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