Let them eat cake…

Photo: Katy Otto

Sometimes everything depends on the right timing. Marie Antoinette would have probably bit on her own tongue if she would have known that her cake fantasies would have brought a headless future for herself. On my side, I am wondering if writing about decadent little delicious cakes is the right thing to do in a week in which everybody else is blogging about homeless people and the hard winter. Anyhow, I discovered a little cake shop that I just want to share with you. So get more information after the jump, eat cake and then give your old clothes to homeless people.

Princess Cheesecake is a patisserie fantasy that  a German lady realized after a trip to the US. Inside the bermuda triangle of Mitte it makes a wonderful appearance and presents the most delicious jewel-like cakes. Just go there and enjoy it with your eyes and your mouth.

Princess Cheesecake

Mo to Sun from  12.00 to 19.00

Tucholskystraße 37,

10117 Berlin Mitte.



Claudio by Claudio
on February 1st, 2012
in Cafés, Places

3 Responses to “Let them eat cake…”

  1. c flash Says:

    full of hope and trust I tried this place today. But..the cake was nice, but not SUPER TASTY. It was soo expensive and the guy who worked there was unfriendly, slow and bored of having guest. I hope its getting better. At the moment its a bit to much “munich” for me. Beautiful, but no charakter.

  2. Claudio Claudio Says:

    Well yeah, friendly stuff is always hard to find in germany. I don`t even realize it anymore. But the cakepiece I had was lovely.

  3. adwokattorun Says:

    Let me eat there :-) ))

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