The Weekend Party Guide (#lovebird#)

This guide is coming out a bit later than usual, remember me telling you about using helmets when biking last week? Yeah, I should have done it when I flew over my bike yesterday banging my head. Iam not the caring type, but please, funny Australians, little Spanish girls and all the others, watch out. I practically grew up on a bike in this city and I know how dangerous it is. Back to business, the sun disappears for a few days and we return to our vampire – party – life. It has almost been bothering how cutie birds, excited dogs, funny ducks on the water and, beware, even people were looking for a partner during these beginning days of spring. Lovebirds, get a room! Where you can go for a dance and eventually find your very own spring – crush: after the jump. Furthermore you can win tickets for Flamingo after the jump:


Hate Mag celebrates the No 9 edition with a decent party at Naherholung Sternchen featuring Carsten Jost, Ruede Hagelstein, Britta Arnold, LassmalLaura, Johannes Klingebiel and a damaged Suz and more!

Support Your Local Ghetto at Panke in Wedding, Gerichstr. 23, why not go Wedding cherie and listen to music by Saetchmo, Ronny (Das Kraftfuttermischwerk) and BarbNerdy!

Some Wax Treatment at Horst Kreuzberg you get while dancing to music by Theo Parrish, Mark Ernestus with Tikiman and DJ Pete!


Yes! We shout out Kylie Minogue’s last days at the Last Days of Kylie party. You don’t have to particularly like poor Kylie to enjoy this party, but some of her songs will definetely be played on the Trash Floor in between 80s and 90s. Thank god there is another floor with the Remmidemmie Boys and the girls of Tigeress, helping you lose your head. Shots, confetti and fun at Backyard, Gitschinerstr. 22, dress Kyliesque in order to win free drinks!

Win tickets for a Comeme Flamingo night with Matthias Aguayo, Philipp Gorbachev, Capablanca and more by leaving a comment saying why a flamingo is your favourite bird. Spend some creativity to save the entry of 8 Euros, go fight win!

Stattbad Wedding and a Stattnacht with mother, wife and djane Cinthie, Evan Baggs, Paul Woolford and Damien K. Sahri. The exhibition beforehand starts at 8 pm, the artists direct the scientific and artistic aspects of sound. The works reveal an overview of how sound studies react towards technology and media related progress and developments to even widen the traditional fields of music science and music in general.

Thunderground at The Sameheads with Exildiscount and Eric D. Clarck at the store in Richardstr.!


A thousand things you can do even when there is no open air due to bad weather:

Techno, Industrial Acid and more at Nachtwache at Widerstandsbar inside Tacheles from 5 pm. Go and have a look at one of the remainings of Berlin subculture of the mighty 90s when Berlin used to be wild and free ( not as it is now dude, people were dancing naked on the streets and they were not part of some pub crawl.. ). Music comes from Shark Attack ( djungle fever Berlin ) and Created Mind!

Am Ende # 5 at Golden Gate is an afterhour from 2 pm onwards with Mr. Ties of Homopathik, Mary Jane, Getränkeunfall ( I know, this sounds horrible ) and Helga P., go home, go House, erm, sluteva!

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