fernsehensüchtig: A Haunted House

fernsehensüchtig: A Haunted House

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At the end of last week Halloween sort of came back again unexpectedly with a special haunted house performance titled fernsehensüchtig by Justin Kennedy at the parish hall of the church at Immanuelkirchstrasse. Unlike most of the rather less scary haunted houses that I have seen at and around Halloween, this one was quite different, very elaborate with many different scenes, actors and performers, and truly scary and disturbing. Obviously a large portion of the walk-though performance took place in darkness or with very little lighting, so I was forced to photograph with flash which might take a bit away from the actual atmosphere in the pictures. Nevertheless I would like to give you a small tour of this crazy haunted house with some photos and a couple of GIF animations. Hold your breath and walk into the darkness after the jump.

Frank by Frank
on November 29th, 2012
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