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I finally managed to go and see the new James Bond. I had been anxiously awaiting its release, but then there simply wasn’t any time for a trip to the cinema.

But well, now I finally had the chance to see it! Although everybody has probably already made up their mind about Skyfall by now, you can read what I made of it after the jump…

  1. I didn’t see a Quantum of Solace.
  2. I’m a girl.
  3. I’ve been a fan of Bond films forever.

Even if one and three don’t go together I still think they are all important in order to understand my following judgement on the film. Because I’m fairly sure it’ll be extremely subjective. But I couldn’t help being distracted by Daniel Craig, the landscape and the comparisons that popped up in my mind with past Bond actors.

But anyway, I did think it was definitely a film worth seeing. When I go to see a Bond film, I expect suspense, exciting car chases, hot girls, evil opponents and a bit of laughter. Skyfall offered all of that and director Sam Mendes also managed to include a little emotion. These more intimate views on Bond’s psyche are allowed since Daniel Craig took over the part. This may be because of Craig or the directors, but it’s certainly a substantial change to the ever-winning Bond-equation that I certainly welcome!

In Casino Royal it was all about Bond’s (in)ability to fall in love and Skyfall digs even deeper – to his childhood, parents and relationship with M. She is being professionally attacked by the government which questions her methods and privately by the ex-agent Raoul Silva (fantastically played by Javier Bardem). Bond fights all battles with her and you’ll have to go to the movies to find out how it ends…

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  1. Caitlin K. Says:

    Seeing it this weekend ! Its funny, yesterday I discovered the founder of my college looks exactly like Daniel Craig.

    Do you know which cinemas in Berlin are good to see films in english ? I’ll be there soon and I’m planning on seeing the Hobbit on its premier night!


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