A FIER’ce Fashion Dinner

Fashion Week is not the most healthy time of the year. Running around and standing in line in the cold, massive amounts of free alcoholic drinks and no time for proper food consumption are the usual hazards fashion professionals have to encounter. So it was very nice to be invited by Fier Management to visit their showroom and to attend a fashion show combined with a delicious dinner.

The food was not just a pleasure for our starving stomach but also easy for the eye. The food stylist Julia Ward from Don’t Play With Your Food styled the 4 course menue accordingly to the presented fashion collections of the designers: Black Balloon, Julia Theobalt, Miryaki, Tesj, Vibe Johansson, Yeashin Kim and Sasha Kanevski.

Don’t miss some beautiful food+fashion impressions after the jump.

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on January 21st, 2013
updated on January 22nd, 2013
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2 Responses to “A FIER’ce Fashion Dinner”

  1. Emma Says:

    my god.. It makes me laugh to see those huge pictures in the background, they were really awful, and so were the rest of the photo exhibition. The taxidermy installation with doves and the shoes from the same artist was the only thing that wowed me, but dinner looks nice too!

  2. TSWD Says:

    I love this idea!

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