Early Days – Between Past and Decay

Coming Saturday the exhibition Early Days – Between Past and Decay takes off with a grand opening and afterparty at Backyard. The exhibition covers film and photography of Joi Bix, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, DT64 and Aghia Sophie. The four artists cover the subject of early days and past each in their own way. More about the exhibition after the jump.

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, student of the Ostkreuz Fotografieschule in Berlin, shows portraits of his early work, always attempting to dissect the subjects of youth, beauty and art itself. He also shows pieces of his “Photographed By” project where he is becoming the object himself. While being photographed by people of popular culture like Pete Doherty, Patti Smith, Beth Ditto, James Blake, Jonathan Meese, Marc Jacobs, Lily Cole, August Diehl he is holding up a sign reading: “photographed by”. Ohlert, the actual artist becomes the object of his own art.

Nothing else could express as intensive the past and decay – topic as the photography of Italian Aghia Sophie who is  currently also exhibiting for Gegen Art. Aghias dark work is powerful yet calm and definetely made to dive into another world.

Joi Bix and DT64 on the other hand take a different approach. Joi Bix’ work shows a day at the infamous Bar 25 in the year of 2005, leading us back into the past to make us realize that conditions, if good or bad, will eventually fade away and therefore are in a state of decomposition, though could be captured on film or pictures.

You may remem­ber the Ber­lin Club Door Series that covered places such as Berghain, the Villa and more DT64 shot back in 2011 that found great audience. Since this time a lot of things already changed in Ber­lin club cul­ture and some of these places are closed down or moved to dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions. So from todays point of view it shows a ret­ro­spect of status quo we will never find again in this constellation. It’s the first time Marcus aka DT64, part of the Blog Finding prints them out and we are pretty excited how they look on the wall. Of course you can pur­chase your fav. club door print for a fair price too as well as all the other works shown.

Next to this Marcus will show a Best Of of the Zeit Epis­ode he shot since a couple of years for DT64 includ­ing the release of the sixth episode.

Of course there will be a huge afterparty, the line-up at least is long and more than promising from TechHouse to Oldschool HipHop:

Sebastian Klenk (Senzen)
Milch (Gigolo)
Andreas Horn (Away)
Joi Bix (LPG)
Amir Jazzil (Stay Free)
Konni Dub (Heimatlos)
G. golo & Gian k.
Fabian Töpel

Exhibition Dates & Opening Hours:
26 January – 1 March, 2013 as to be announced on the website www.backyardberlin.com

Exhibition Opening + Afterparty
Saturday 26th of January
Exhibition opening 20h // Afterparty 23h

Gitschinerstr. 22
U – Prinzenstr.
Berlin Kreuzberg

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