The Fruit Salad: GIF me a second Head, please

The Fruit Salad: GIF me a second Head, please

Yeay, I have my very own Fruit Salad website now here on I HEART BERLIN where you can watch all my episodes and find all my articles. It’s amazing and totally ingenious. Speaking about ingenious, when I was trying on my outfit for the shooting of the first episode, I had an ingenious idea. Would I look better with another head on top of me? I mean, seriously, what could be a better accessory then a whole head on your head. Well, I am not the only genius, because Charlie Le Mindu thought the same thing. The name of my head is Lola. Lola is from South America and she feels really cold here in Berlin so I had to give her a little woolthingy to feel better.

If you want to know more about my outfit: The crazy pattern dress is from Otto and all the rest is some vintage stuff I bought at several fleamarkets. See more photos and animated GIFs of the outfit after the jump.

[flickrset id=”72157634700755838″ thumbnail=”original”]

Thanks for the support by Two For Fashion – the blog by Otto. Without you my fruit salad would be less fruity.

Don’t forget to watch all my epsiodes of The Fruit Salad!

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