Anton Unai – Assess the Damage


Just a few weeks ago I shoke hands the first time with Anton Unai, an artist that I have followed and admired for quite some time now, at an exhibition opening at Urban Spree gallery, where he also happens to have his studio. He was so kind to show me around in his artist liar which was a great joy for me as I could see a lot of his work, published and unpublished. While we spoke about art, fame and furtune I took the liberty to make some photos for you which you can see after the jump. Earlier this month Anton also opened his new solo show Assess the Damage at Open Walls Gallery in Stattbad Wedding which will be open until Saturday July 27th 2013. Some impressions of the opening also after the jump.

Here is a look into Anton Unai’s studio with some of his so far unpublished works:

Here are some impressions of the opening of his current solo show Assess the Damage.

Frank by Frank
on July 22nd, 2013
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