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Dani Brown was one of the performers and (actually also the choreographer) from one of the dance pieces from the Gemisches Doppel festival at Sophiensaele a few weeks ago. She was also one of our lovely ice cream models for our GIF installation we did for the festival. This coming Monday the talented and charismatic lady will host a lapdance workshop together with sound artist Gael Cleinow as part of the Tanzland festival at the Ponderosa, an artist cooperative at a farm in Brandenburg. We think it’s an amazing opportunity to learn how to lapdance from such a great contemporary dancer, especially in the surroundings of an artist-run farm house. It’s certainly going to be a super unique experience. And your boy/girlfriend or your next date will certainly get one hell of a performance by you… Some more infos about it after the jump.

LapDance: a private dance

by Dani Brown

August 12-16, 2013, Mo – Fr: 4 hours a day

Lap dance is highly sexualized according to commercial aesthetics and semiotics of sex and femininity. It can be discussed as a formalization of a semiotic body where gestures, movements, codes, and symbols of femininity are made use of to achieve a performed sexuality. As art and commercial entertainment are continually melting into the other I believe there is a great potential to analyze, research, appropriate, and deconstruct such commercial forms of entertainment. Please note it is in fact not my interest to question lap dance, its’ implications, or otherwise but to provoke the questions which lap dance can propose to performance, as well to an audience, regarding the economy and politics of privacy, representation of intimacy, and the very organization of body and space in live art.

In the workshop LapDance: a private dance Lap Dance is appropriated and used as a metaphor, or micro structure within which to practically study choreographic and performance issues revolving around distance, touch, atmosphere, relation to sound, presence, presentation, eye gazing, and breath matching. The workshop will conclude with the curation of a small menu of Lap Dances.

Dani is very grateful to have the support of the terribly gifted sound artist Gaël Cleinow for this workshop!

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  1. leandro Says:

    hey frank, im leandro from buenos aires, do u remember me? iu came to my showroom that day and bought to your friend those usa sneakers. Im here in Berlin, im gonna do a shootin today with some more friends that sell vintage here, if u want to meet for a drink will begreat! see u

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