Last Days of Fashion Week!

On Saturday, at the Berlin Fashion Week finally comes to an end, Last Days and Sing Blackbird collaborate for Bye Bye Fashion Week, an exciting and very special closing party at Backyard we strongly recommend. More on the party and how to win 2×2 guest list places here. The Last Days parties are well known since meanwhile 4 years and after Last Days of Haute Couture some while ago there is now once more a fashion themed Last Days party after Last Lays of Miley Cyrus or Tom Cruise. The party is co-represented by Sing Blackbird, the vintage and clothes shop in Neukölln and their stylish girls, one of them who is also djing. There will be a mixture of HipHop, 90s tunes with a bit of electronic stuff thrown in and more on two floors at Kreuzberg based Backyard. Let’s dress up and get together to wave goodbye to the madness that is called Berlin Fashion Week.

Bye Bye Fashion Week Closing Party at Backyard, presented by Last Days and Sing Blackbird.

Music will be played by an exciting selection of djs such as
Dj Alex Sportelli (Last Days)
Dj Better Person and Dj Olgazm from Chill Weird
Dj Linnea Palmestal

In order to win 2×2 guest list places please leave a comment below telling us why you have to go!

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11 Responses to “Last Days of Fashion Week!”

  1. Georgi Radulov Says:

    Well I don’t HAVE to go there but the party WANTS me to be there^^

  2. Thomas B. Thomson Says:

    Ist garnicht so schwer. Bin grade krank und muss ein oder zwei Tage ausfallen lassen, da sollte ich zumindest das closing mitnehmen können. Und dann nebenbei einfach WEIL.
    Gut? Gut!
    Love, T.

  3. SoRo Says:

    I have to go!

  4. CLAUD Says:

    Why i Must go to this party!??
    MY boyfriend left me, i am bankrott,
    lost MY design Job yesterday and i’d like to party and i love Fashion.
    Maybe that are reasons enough?
    Thank you for inviting me :)))
    Hugh Kisses CLAUD LOVELY_unicorn_design

  5. amaya Says:

    Because i’m reading how to manage attending the party at “I heart Berlin” <3

  6. Christine Says:

    I have to wear baggy blue unfitting scrubs to uni every day. Not to mention getting up at 6 in the morning during the week. I think my best friend and I are entitled to show off our fashion sense a little and party before exams start! That’s why we have to go! (:

  7. Jules Says:

    because I cant go to angel haze tonight. and even pictures of sweet welsh corgis dont console me.

  8. Anna Says:

    Because i was working for the whole week, couldn’t go nowhere and want to finally open the gate on saturday. I say party, you say bye!!

  9. Suz Suz Says:

    You all have good reasoning, but I guess this time the winners are Claude and Christine. Congrats and see you tonight!

  10. Christine Says:

    Shit, seriously?! I thought you guys would send out an E-Mail, I’ve been checking all day! Awesome! So for the guestlist, is it just “Christine” or my E-Mail adress or what? I mean you don’t have my full name or anything. Thanks!

  11. Jackets Says:

    Last days of fashion week are much thrilling and full of excitement.I would like to attend the party with my partner.I would like to spend time with fashion lovers in the company of fashions and styles.I wonder how people live with out fashion and stylish dresses as it is the food of happy life.I liked the ideas you have here.It’s so great!

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