You know that we like high quality food and surely recommending good cake places and nice restaurants to our friends on a website was one of our first steps in becomming the nerdy bloggers we are today. Anways, since food is essential and we can’t avoid it (even if we sometimes try, with more or less success) why not celebrate it properly.

On February the 13th our friends and foodexpert from Quinoa the bistro and Gnamo Labs will celebrate the act of eating with a whole day dedicated to food and food-related activities as mini workshops, cooking tips, food art installations, a living exhibition of food art. With this first small event their aim is to bring together professionals and foodies around Berlin to create an accessible meeting point to discover, learn, teach and share knowledge about food. Everybody is invited to participate. Check the facebook event and choose how you want to be part of it. After the jump you will find some delicious examples of the food that will be served and more details.

To participate you can simply drop by but it’s convenient to reserve if you want to participate to one of the workshops.

Address: Gnamo Lab, Reichenbergerstr. 86
Time: from 10h in the morning until midnight.
The whole program is on presented on the facebook event.

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on February 12th, 2014
in Restaurants