The Line at Berghain Illustration by Nicola Napoli

Nicola Napoli is a talented young visual designer from Italy currently based in Berlin who can count renowned clients such as Vice Magazine, musician DENA, adidas, Issyvoo, Noisy and Soundcloud to his list of references. His work includes album covers, prints for garments, magazine layouts, illustrations and other creative products and projects.

One of his recent works for Issyvoo made the rounds on social media websites and became quite the hit. It shows a playful interpretation of the line in front of the famous Berghain nightclub and what happens to the people who get rejected at the door. What’s interesting about it is how Nicola sees the different kinds of people you would imagine going to Berghain (the reality is actually not quite as flamboyant). Get a closer look after the jump.

You can purchase the art print in Nicola’s webshop.

In a new updated version the Berghain gets an unexpected pair of visitors. We are pretty sure they got bounced, despite the welcome gift…

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on February 13th, 2014
updated on June 26th, 2017
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44 Responses to “The Line at Berghain Illustration by Nicola Napoli”

  1. Papa Joe Schlumpf Says:

    Wieso Schlange??

  2. Spyrence Says:

    On Sundays there’s rarely a queue! 😉

  3. Kristo Says:


  4. ohad nissim Says:

    i love Berghain cues.. so many speculation on how to get in…

  5. Rick Deckard Says:

    So… Once I queued for over an hour, and all of this time a terrible 60 years-old male prostitute was trying to convince me to produce a short movie he wanted to do (when I say produce, i mean PAY) in order to get sex with him… the most expensive shag ever!

  6. Justin Says:


    I love this poster so much, but I know someone who would love it even more. I would love to give it to my boyfriend Otavio! Our first date was at Berghain, and we are still together 10 months later (today!). A miracle I know!

    Thanks, Justin.

  7. Lena Says:

    Great print, I love it! Queueing in front of the Berghain never gets boring – So many fascinating creatures!

  8. Jo Says:

    After seven years with no problems getting into Berghain, I had my first bad experience during CTM. A shrimpy Türsteher, never seen him before, grabbed me to stop me from passing through the door because I did not make eye contact with him and asked why I wanted to come into “his” club. Trying not to laugh, I said “Ich möchte einfach die Konzerten erleben. Du musst nicht so aggressiv sein.” This was apparently a buzzkill to his power trip, and he said that it was I who was being aggressive, and he made me wait in the cold for three minutes before I could come back in.

  9. Hannes Says:

    Hey there! I would love to win one of the art prints as they are a lovely interpretation of what Berghains queue has always been! Standing in the queue always felt strange to me: waiting for the yes or no – everytime, no matter how often is has alreasy been “yes” (or sometimes no).
    Best queue I ever experienced was my first time there quite some time ago, as I just didn’t know what to expect behind these doors and therefore barely cared if they guys upfront would let us in or not. We had a great and long night in advance at a club-night of good friends which, coming to a rather early end at 5am, ended up in a taxi with 5 of us heading to Wrietzener Bahnhof. Long story short, we continued to party hard and enjoyed the sun on some rooftop around afterwards. Great times!

  10. Gvantsa Says:

    Please let me win this poster!!!!! I play, but never win the lottery, but maybe ONCE in my life i can win something nice, which would be this lovely poster in this case. Plus i am in it, it’s the girl behind Micky Mouse. Have a lovely weekend all!

  11. Mashyno Says:

    a Masterpiece

  12. Miss Luvy Says:

    I first seen his collaboration with Louis Vuitton & I’ve been following him since!

  13. Damien Says:

    I live for 2 years in Berlin, I am french and I get out in Berghain so oft I can.
    Last year I waited for the New Year Party with Friends (we are all gays) and 2 others gay men joined to us (French also). Very nice.
    We bought some beers and began the Party in the line when a guy proposed Cocaine, LSD and so on, we refused (real Party don’t need it).
    Italian hetero guys behind us chatted with us also and wanted to join to us because it’s difficult for italian guy to get in… really?
    Suddenly, a really strange guy (dressed like a fischerman, I love the idee) proposed to me to enter VIP no more wait, I accepted and we are get in just after 15 minutes wait. Amazing.
    But the italian guys are stay outside… too much parfum, to much dressed. They have to think about the reason why they get never inside. You are in Berlin, get your fucking freak on!

  14. xyz Says:

    I don’t queue.

  15. Marina Says:

    waiting to see pelicans with girls heads next time!

  16. robert Says:

    oh wow…. i remember seeing this posted somewhere a while back and thinking, i need this! would be great to win one! unfortunately my experiences queueing outside are rather unspectacular…. but once inside…. thats another story….. 😉 x

  17. Kathrin Says:

    I want this so much, it is such a great piece of art!! And I promise I will spread the word about Berlin and Berghain in London if I’ll get it 😉

  18. bronson hankins Says:

    want so bad!!!!!! amazing!!! xxx

  19. neurosenthal Says:

    wait, i’m the first one to comment? i want a print!

  20. Marcus Steffens Says:

    I need this, to remind why never wait in line again for SNAX at Berghain, i thought it would be just as dreamy as that, but no it s the opposite actually. The dinosaurs i would date right away but didm t meet them yet there.

    Thanks and Cheers.

  21. Dim Says:

    Well, the print is absolutely awesome! WANT <3

  22. Mariano Says:

    I´m really stunned (in a really good way) by this piece of art. I´d love to see my e-mail account and see that I have been choosen ! Next May I´m going to be in Berlin, looking forward to visiting Berghain for the first time. Congrats Mr. Napoli, good job!!

  23. Daniel Says:

    I want!

  24. Brady Vickers Says:

    As with anyone: making friends in line, walking right in and waving goodbye as they slink away. You know.

  25. Jan Molenaar Says:

    I come there as a foreigner since the opening got refused for the first time in 7 years last october but got in within 20 minutes when the new door guy recoginsed me. They smell fear ;0)

  26. Ray Says:

    Oh, I SOOO need this. Gimme!

  27. ros Says:

    I wouldn’t mind the 3 hour queue if everyone looked this interesting!

  28. ronny Says:

    ROOxan, you don’t have to put out the red light…

  29. waldar Says:

    Hey, yes, I’d like to win indeed. I can recall many of the characters pictured in these illustrations. The bunnies are regulars I think, so are the mouses. Snow White didn’t make it inside on that night though.

  30. Jan Says:


  31. severine Says:

    I’d like to win it !

    But unfortunately i never been to berghain, so i have no experiences to tell.
    But maybe if i win it, the bouncer will let me in?

  32. mika Says:

    i love that poster!

  33. malena Says:

    i am under the impression that everytime i stood in line it was minus 20 and the line was 2hs. once i decided against queueing , walked past everybody and held my arm up as i if to show my stamp and just strolled right in, that was far easier.

  34. Matt Says:

    Great print! I’ve seen my fair share of lagoon monsters while queueing 🙂

  35. Micha Says:

    I guess Mrs. Gaga tells the story at it’s best….

    “Silicone, saline, poison, inject me, baby
    I’m a free bitch
    I’m a free bitch

    Some girls won’t dance to the beat of the track
    She won’t walk away, but she won’t look back
    She looks good, but her boyfriend says she’s a mess
    She’s a mess, she’s a mess, now the girl is stressed
    She’s a mess, she’s a mess, she’s a mess, she’s a mess

    Baby loves to dance in the dark
    ‘Cause when he’s lookin’ she falls apart
    Baby loves to dance in the dark

    Baby loves to dance in the dark
    ‘Cause when he’s lookin’ she falls apart
    Baby loves to dance, loves to dance in the dark

    Run, run her kiss is a vampire grin
    The moon lights away while she’s howlin’ at him
    She looks good, but her boyfriend says she’s a tramp
    She’s a tramp, she’s a vamp, but she still does her dance
    She’s a tramp, she’s a vamp, but she still kills the dance

    Baby loves to dance in the dark
    ‘Cause when he’s lookin’ she falls apart
    Baby loves to dance in the dark

    Baby loves to dance in the dark
    ‘Cause when he’s lookin’ she falls apart
    Baby loves to dance, loves to dance in the dark
    In the dark, she loves to dance in the dark
    In the dark, she loves, she loves to dance in the dark

    Marilyn, Judy, Sylvia, tell ’em how you feel, girls
    Work your blond, Benet Ramsey will haunt like Liberace
    Find your freedom in the music
    Find your Jesus, find your Kubrick

    You will never fall apart
    Diana you’re still in our hearts
    Never let you fall apart
    Together we’ll dance in the dark

    Baby loves to dance in the dark
    ‘Cause when he’s lookin’ she falls apart
    Baby loves to dance in the dark, baby

    Baby loves to dance in the dark
    ‘Cause when he’s lookin’ she falls apart
    Baby loves to dance, loves to dance in the dark
    In the dark”

    And now it’s poster time in Friedrichshain! Please 🙂

  36. Linda Says:

    Unbekannter weise habe ich meinen direkten Nachbarn beim Schlangestehen kennengelernt, den ich nie im echten Leben sehe. Ansonsten kann gibt’s da nur viel über eisigkalte Füße vom Warten zu berichten.

  37. Gregorio Says:

    I just want it! Please make me lucky? X

  38. Majo Juarez Says:

    Hey Frank!!!

    First of all happy birthday!!! Hope all the best and to meet you soon!!! You’re more than welcome in Mexiko 🙂

    I was looking through your page and you definitely know how to do it!

    This was an interesting post, as it seems to be the best nightclub worldwide, but I think it has to do on the necessity people has to evade their problems and just forget about reality.

    It’s a raw place, and I find it so interesting about the whole experience of getting in, the soundsystem, the crew and the you ony live once embracement.

    I have to say that Berlin is much more than it’s nightlife and has so many magic things to offer, it’s the happiest place on Earth for me,the vibe, the society, the ideas, the whole environment made me feel so special and complete.

    So cherish your city (as I know you do) because it’s the BEST!



  39. Tobi Says:

    Fuck, zu spät!!

  40. anna Says:

    Awesome work , love this paintings !

  41. Frank Says:

    already Over? 🙁

  42. Steven Says:

    Omggg, Hi Frank! your post just came up when i was doing a google search on Berghain. I love the illustration! I’m going to send it to Archer.

    Queueing experience– i lived close so i didnt have to go at peak hours!

  43. O. A. Says:

    Last time, this was advertised as 100 print limited edition. How is it printed again?

  44. François Janssen Says:

    I never queued for Berghain because my favourite arrival time is sunday, but I’ve been strapped with my belt to the darkroom srairs by a strong hungarian guy who then abondoned me to go get some beers, under the amused looks of the skinny girl who was smoking a cigarette next to us. That memory, amongst many others, makes Berghain my favourite place in the world!

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