Lucky Thursday: Win BEARDS Book

photo: Patrick Mettraux

If you walk around in Berlin with open eyes and with a bit of attention towards the male sex you might have noticed: People love beards here. And it’s not just a hipster thing like in many other big cities. Here in Berlin a man needs a beard, the bigger the better. Girls love, boys love it and can’t have enough of it.

I personally think that every man looks better with a beard. Certainly there are men who look amazing without it too, but surely will look even better with some facial hair. I guess it’s no coincedent that the core I HEART BERLIN team of Claudio, Devid and myself sport a beard as well. And it’s no coincedent either, that one of our favorite series on the blog is the Beard Monologues by our guest contributor Alicia Kassebohm.

So with all this beard loving it was about time that someone wrote a book about it. Apparently this is what a good friend and work mate of mine thought. Together with author Kevin Clarke he compiled a great compendium of manly beards with lots of photos and texts about the history of facial hair, the styles in different cultures and it’s meaning and appearance in pop culture and fashion. The book was released by Berlin-based publisher Bruno Gmünder and has the spot-on title BEARDS – An Unshaved History. You can win a copy now on our Lucky Thursday! They also have their own dedicated beard lover Facebook page – make sure to follow.

photo: Michael Alago

photos: inkedKenny

photo: Ulrich Hartmann

photo: Sean Johnson

photo: Patrick Mettraux

To win a copy of BEARDS – An Unshaved History just leave a comment below until Sunday (Febuary 23, 2014) at midnight and use a valid eMail address in the form. While you are at it, tell us what you like about beards or if you have one yourself and why. Good luck!

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14 Responses to “Lucky Thursday: Win BEARDS Book”

  1. Dominik Says:

    My beard is out of control! Love it!

  2. Anja Says:

    “I personally think that every man looks better with a beard.”

    I second that, mostly.
    But there are still types of beards that don’t look that good on anyone, like Ron Jeremy’s ‘stache for example. 😉

  3. Gustavo Carneiro Says:

    Nice book!
    The best part about having a beard is that… Well just everyone I know (including myself) tells me I look better with one. 🙂

    (hope I win it!)

  4. Manuel Fernandes Says:

    Having beard is just an excuse for waking up even later… You don’t need to shave!

    It’s like not having a shower for a loooooong time.

    And the good thing about it:

    It’s not smelly and doesn’t keep people in a safe distance!

  5. Christian Says:

    I’m pretending to have a beard… but a beard that takes others 5 days takes me 2 weeks.
    Beards just give the right amount of natural untackiness to a guy’s face! And many guys just look much better with beards than without!


  6. maria Says:

    wäre ich für einen tag ein mann, dann einer mit nem dicken bart!

  7. Justin Ross Says:

    Hi again Frank!

    I think I have what one might call bear envy. I love beards in all shapes and sizes but I’ve never quite been able to grow a full one myself. So, I settled on the goatee style. Its fine, suits my face and everything but I love a good beard on a man so I guess I’d like to win this book to increase my jealousy factor!

    Cheers, Justin.

  8. Nicole Wheadon Says:

    I Love Beards so much – I have a Barber Shop were Beards are being taken care of with love. Some of those pictures are the most masculine, sensual and tasty pictures in one that I have seen…. Thanks for that

  9. Roberto Says:

    Just back from Berlin, but will be back in March.
    Indeed Beards everywhere, but I must say that Belgian guys are on their way too !

    I will get the book for sure in March !

  10. Tom Says:

    cooles Buch. würde ich sehr gerne haben wollen…

  11. Rica Says:

    uhuuuuu 😉

  12. AJ Says:

    freshly shaved, need inspiration!

  13. wpl Says:

    beards are like face’s roots!

  14. igor Says:

    my beard is just a beginning 😉

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