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The Oscars are a great opportunity to analyse the gender roles in the film business. Nominees in the important gender neutreal categories like Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Film are mainly white men; while the red carpet is dominated by the sparkly robes of the ladies. When Kathryn Bigelow picked up the Best Director Oscar as the very first woman in 2010, 81 men already had one of those super Oscars at home.

So there’s plenty to be done for women in the world of film and the Berlin Feminist Film Week has set out to do just that…

March 8th is world women’s day and fittingly the Berlin Feminist Film Week starts on this precise day. One week films about and made by women will be shown in various venues in Berlin. It’s certainly important to note that it’s not about excluding men, but rather about offering a platform to those that have long been underrepresented.

The decision to only show films by female filmmakers, as male directors have also made great films about women, may seem radical at first. But if you consider that the great Cannes Film Festival Competition went entirely without films made by women, it casts another light.

The Opening Film, shown at Kino Babylon at 7:30 pm on March 8th , will be the Swedish Production Eat, Sleep, Die by Gabriela Pichler. The film tells the story of young Muslim Rasa, who after loosing her job battles with the unemployment system and society. It scooped up four „Guldbaggar“, that’s the lovely name of the Swedish national film prize.

We are giving away tickets to the Opening Event with the screening and Q&A with one of the producers. Simply leave a short comment below and we’ll inform the winner via mail.

For more information on the Berlin Feminist Film Week and the entire program, take a look at their website.

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22 Responses to “Berlin Feminist Film Week: Win Tickets”

  1. Jules Says:

    Yeah tickets…meine Schwester und ich würden sehr gerne gehen!

  2. Carise Fernandes Says:

    I would love to win the tickets!!!

  3. Svenja Dubisch Says:

    Klingt ssssehr gut :) ich wär gern dabei!

  4. Nimi Says:

    Looks great. Want! :)

  5. ALICE JONES Says:


  6. Sunny Says:

    Das wird auch Zeit! Wunderbar, ich freue mich wahnsinnig auf das Festival. (Und über Freikarten würde ich mich natürlich genauso sehr freuen ;-) )

  7. Steffi Says:

    sounds great :)

  8. KT Says:

    Sounds like a great (if somewhat depressing) film!

  9. Alina Says:

    I would love to be part of Berlin Feminist Film Week! I think this festival is so incredibly important in highlighting the inequality and ongoing prejudice against women in the film industy, and a fantastic celebration of some sadly overlooked talent.

  10. sophia Says:

    We are blessed to have in town such an opportunity to celebrate the significance of an event like this!

  11. deminandhra Says:

    please please please!!! would love to see this!!!!!

  12. Simon Farine Says:


    It would be great to win some tickets!

  13. McLane Says:

    AHHHH! Gender studies scholar here who would die for tickets to this screening! Is this all I need to do to put myself in the running?

  14. Hannah Says:


  15. Diane Busuttil Says:

    It seems the Swedes are often so far ahead on many issues relating to women’s rights and livelihoods. I’d be grateful to see a film that represents real women with real issues as EAT, SLEEP, DIE seems to do. thanks, Diane

  16. Ina Says:

    I would love to win tickets for the screening! I am organising a film festival and at the moment I am really shocked how male-dominate this film business is. Editors and also Cinematographers are like an unofficial boys club with an “no women allowed” sign on the door. And the A-Festivals don’t show movies of female directors at the competition…Sad world! So it would be so great to join the screening at the Berlin Feminist Film Week!

  17. Mirjam Iena Says:

    Yeahh, really would like to go to the opening event!!

  18. linnaplinna Says:

    ach wär dit schön.

  19. ulli Says:


  20. Sabina Says:

    Hi there, I would love to win some tickets to the opening. I’m so looking forward to this film festival. You’re doing something very important here. <3

  21. Sara Says:

    This kind of event is long overdue! Really looking forward to seeing more work made by and about women. More female voices in cinema!

  22. Lia Lia Says:

    Our lucky winner received an e-mail.
    Congrats and enjoy the screening tomorrow!

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