Berlin Fashion Week Special: Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2014

Christopher Walken in ‘Made from Cool’ by Martin Werner

For our second special we have teamed up with this year’s edition of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival that is going into it’s third round next week on July 9 and 10. It’s impressive how the little festival has developed into such a big thing in such a short amount of time. This year they host several public screenings at the Arsenal Kino during Berlin Fashion Week on Wednesday where you can see fashion films with famous Hollywood actors such as Christopher Walken, Javier Bardem, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, and Jessica Chastain. Not bad, huh? You should get your tickets here. And to put a cherry on top they invited famous Russian artist Andrey Bartenev to give a runway presentation of his bubbely sculptural design performances at the award show on Thursday evening. That’s going to be a mad affair for sure. Some preview videos, more photos and details, and your chance to win tickets for the screenings after jump.

To give you an impression of what to expect from the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2014 here are some of the winning films of last year.

Award for Best Music 2013:

Award for Best Fashion Film and Best Fashion 2013:

Award for Best Cinematography 2013:

If you want to get a preview for the screenings of the 2014 edition of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival you should head over to my Cinéma de Mode article over at Two For Fashion where I am showing three of the upcoming films. Those films, as well as many others will be screened at the public screenings on July 9th at Kino Arsenal. On the following day there will be a big award show where the jury will announce this year’s winners. As a special treat there is going to be another jaw-dropping fashion show. Last year it was the excentric haute coiffure designer Charly Le Mindu who is also part of this year’s jury. This year you should prepare yourself for an even crazier show. Russian artist Andrey Bartenev will present his out-of-this-world sculptural designs.

Bubbles of Hope, Andrey Bartenev


As a special we are giving away 2×2 tickets for the individual screenings on July 9th at Kino Arsenal at 12:30h, 14h, 16h or 17:30h and 1×2 tickets with free passes for all 4 public screenings. To win one of these 3 prices just leave a comment below until Saturday July 5th 2014. Use a valid eMail address in the form. While you are at it please also let us know what’s your favorite fashion film. Good luck!

Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2014

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014:

Public screenings at 12:30, 14:00, 16:00 and 17:30h

Kino Arsenal, Potsdamer Straße 2, 10789 Berlin

Tickets 10 EUR for one, or 35 EUR for all four. Buy here.

Thursday, July 10, 2014:

Award Ceremony & Fashion Show at 19h

Delphi, Gustav-Adolf-Str. 2, 13086 Berlin

Ticket (incl. free drinks) 70 EUR, with all public screenings 95 EUR. Buy here.

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31 Responses to “Berlin Fashion Week Special: Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2014”

  1. Javier Says:

    The best show!!! Berlin Fashion Film Festival!!!

  2. Luk Says:

    I love to win the tickets. Thanky you.

  3. Claire paq Says:

    Liebe IheartBerlin.

    Would be amazing to have the pass. or for one of the screening of course.

    I really love Cover Girl, for Vogue.


  4. Daniel Butler Says:

    Favourite fashion film, definitely L’Amour Fou, about dear old Ives

  5. Rael Anderson Says:

    Sterling effort guys! 🙂

  6. Cyril Says:

    Me me me! I heart Berlin fashion film festival!

  7. kevin Amaz Says:

    Golden !

  8. Katrin Elise Lehikoinen Says:

    Control, the post rock fashion. Especially the trench coat 😉

  9. Chris Says:

    Vielleicht nicht unbedingt ein fashion film: “A Single Man” von Tom ford..

  10. neal tatham Says:

    Watch the elegant models of the runway
    Long-legged, slender, dressed with care
    Don’t we all wish there was some way
    We could fit into what they wear

    Not that those clothes are for any of us
    To wear at work or play or on a date
    But keeping in shape is worth the fuss
    For off-the-rack styles at any rate

  11. Nimi Says:

    Yes, thank you!
    Belle de Jour – By far 😉

  12. Stefan Bo Says:

    Hey ho, my favorite fashion movie is “Escape from mondays”.

  13. ron Says:

    hey, gimme the prive !

    never won anything 🙁

    my sis got an ipod, once.


  14. jenny Says:

    Leaving a comment below.

  15. Steffi Says:

    Runaway? That s all just to awesome to do so.
    So let me drop my jar.
    Over and over again.

  16. Marie Says:

    Would luv to be there xx

  17. KT Says:

    I went to see the Yves Saint Laurent biography recently, absolutely loved it – definitely has my vote!

  18. Diana Says:

    Cover Girl indeed

  19. Caitlin Shinohara Says:

    Current obsession with Belle Du Jour by Astrid Salomon. Just arrived in Berlin last Thursday and would love to attend,


  20. Ugo Says:

    My girlfriend would love me.

  21. OLGA Says:

    her mit den tiggeds

  22. Wendy Says:

    Fashion, film and fabulous city of Berlin make me want to win! 🙂

  23. Raphaela Says:

    Ich wäre wirklich gerne dabei. Coco Chanel Biographie war toll!

  24. Francesca Says:

    OMG I’ll love to win that ticket.. I love cinema and of course fashion 😀 I have to agree with KT for the best fashion movie for Yves Saint Laurent biography even if I also think that a classic like Breakfast at Tiffany is kind of fashion too..

  25. Vasco Says:

    I would love to be part of this event, it sounds marvellous. I loved the movie about Yves Saint Laurent

  26. Anne Says:

    Bitte bitte lasst mit dabei sein. Ich liebe Mode und wäre super gerne bei diesem Event in Berlin dabei!

  27. Yvonne Says:

    My favorite fashion film is “holy flowers” by Pierre Debusschere. Love to win the tickets!

  28. marleen Says:

    i love fashion and film!!!

  29. Brent Says:

    Love to attend this tony festival!

  30. Natalia Says:

    The favourite one is The Eye Has To Travel. Looking forward to see some good stuff

  31. Markus Jakob Says:

    Am I too Late ? Nooo, please !!!

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