After 16 Hours of Techno – A Series of Berghain Portraits

photos: Philipp Pusch

If you would even dare to try to take party photos at Berghain you would probably be banned to hell, or worse. I’ve seen furious bar tenders leap over the counter to kick people out who took photos of each other with their smart phones. But luckily they can’t prohibit any kind of photography outside of their sacred premises, so taking pictures of the people in front of the club is a good alternative. Recently a photo set of the people in the queue of Berghain made the rounds on the internet. And today we have a brand new one for you by young photographer and communications designer Philipp Pusch who stationed himself for several weeks in front of the famous club with his medium format camera. He has made portraits of the people who were heading home after spending 8 t0 16 hours in the techno temple. The result is a beautiful black & white series of the young and charismatic Berghain goers who look surprisingly good after all those hours of dancing. Enjoy the series after the jump.

UPDATE: Philipp is celebrating the release of his new photo book with an exhibition at Gordon on August 7, 2015.

Follow Philipp’s work on his tumblr kurz vor gerstern.

i was several weeks in front of berghain with my middle format camera to portrait the people, who went home after 8, 12 or 16 hours of techno.
The result is a serie of 16 portraits in black and white.

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on July 29th, 2014
updated on February 9th, 2016
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21 Responses to “After 16 Hours of Techno – A Series of Berghain Portraits”

  1. strey Says:

    maybe try taking photos of people over 30? :/
    or did they decline? :v

  2. ASC Says:

    this is quite straight actually.

  3. z Says:

    What they really look like is: relaxed. At peace.
    Tranquil, having shaked off some of the plasticity of society.


  4. Justin Says:

    Now i know the door policy at Berghain, beard, V neck, tatoos and piercings… Very “cool”.

  5. Ionuc Says:

    16 hours :))) it is like warm up for us ! come to Guesthouse in Bucharest if you want to see beautiful people after 48 hours or more of partying 🙂 in the same place, so this is nice but you can’t beat GH , romanians are coming stronger and longer :))

  6. uatar Says:

    Searching for “V neck”. No v necks found in any picture. “cool”

  7. Dan Says:

    So let’s get this straight

    These ‘ravers’ have been in a techno club all night and look as fresh as a daisy and are ok with having their photo taken!?

    Utter bullshit

    Just models helping the photographer to sell a book, right?

    When I go clubbing I look like hammered shit when I come out lol 😜

    Several disco biscuits, a litre of jack Daniels, some whizz
    and 50 Marlboros lol

    This is Just hype

  8. chris Says:

    you do photos from all these berghain kids…these are not the real berghain people…you should not ask the ones who look pretty after partying at berghain!!! wrong faces!!!

  9. colombian Says:

    what z said!: ‘What they really look like is: relaxed. At peace.
    Tranquil, having shaked off some of the plasticity of society.’

    ionuc mr. romanian.. romanians learned this microtech shit from germans and latins (villalobos/luciano), get a grip man, humble down or you will kill the little bit of respect romanians have earned through their music…

  10. beth Says:

    did you mean “before 16 hours of techno”? cos sure as hell NO-ONE looks like that walking out of beghain after 16 hours. no-one.

  11. Ermi Says:

    boring. These are pictures of normal people aftear a good night out. Nothing special

  12. SoSo Says:

    so, actually nowadays to get into berghain you need like a heroin addict hipster from williamsburg? no real berliner goes to party there, it’s all just tourists… sad. time to close that outdatet location.

  13. Cat Says:

    so many haters hahah poor thing.

  14. Tomb Says:

    SoSo – your comment is so hipster in itself hahaha

  15. Christian Says:

    …just another tourist attraction. And a bunch of hipster kids being photographed for book sales. Well, marketing…

  16. solomon Says:

    in Bucharest 16 hours are just the warm up :)) gtfo !

  17. Positivevibes Says:

    You guys are so negative man! What’s with that?
    I was asked very politely about whether I’d want my photo taken and so were others – i felt pretty tired after being in the berghain but the natural sunlight and good camera technique has clearly helped me out! Not everybody looks the same after raving you know, some of us just enjoy and embrace the music as opposed to munching as many drugs as possible. I repeat, it’s possible to go out and enjoy the rave without taking so many drugs you don’t know whether your jaw dropped off or not.

    Credit to the project!
    Love and light


  18. lola Says:

    pretty soft.

  19. Lila Says:

    What’s all this fuss about Berghain? When I used to go there years ago, t was known for it’s diversity. There were so many different and interesting people and it felt like family. Today everybody looks the same. I live next to Berghain and find it spooky to pass the endless lines of skinny, black dressed, bad haired & bearded people that look the same. This has developed from adventure to mainstream boredom. Possibly because also because all the media is talking about it, proud to have discovered the hype 10 years later ;D

  20. yuli Says:

    hahaha, those in the photos looks the same for you?

  21. Camilo Says:

    Oh my god these hater comments!
    Actually these are authentic Berliners I even know one guy from the photo. They all look like party y can’t you just enjoy the pictures instead of being an envy non berliner shithole! I’m sorry for all you guys that in my opinion these peeps absolutely look wasted!

    This is Berghain, partying 20hrs with half the drugs because the club is so pretentious. I’ve never taken a lot there, bcs there is nothing and everybody is a pretender there. They are all hairdresser unemployed prostitutes shop assistant and so on… nobody in this club ever was able to have an intellectual conversation. Even communication at its ease is just a mess there bcs everybody’s trying to make his journey greatest. I hate some places. This one I don’t like. Mostly because of the queue

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