A Guide to the Best Indian Food in Berlin

If there is one thing about the restaurant scene in Berlin that I love it’s the amazing variety of Asian cuisine in town. I think I have never visited a city with more good Asian restaurants (outside of Asia of course) than Berlin. One of the most popular choices of Asian cuisine for the Berliners must be Indian. In some districts you get the feeling that literally every block has its own Indian restaurant. To be honest the huge amount of Indian places has also caused a mixed reputation for Indian cuisine in Berlin because apparently there are a lot of mediocre and bad ones. But those should not overshadow those places that have truely amazing Indian food. And to give you a helping hand in the big world of Indian food in Berlin, we have compiled a guide with our favorites and some of the most popular and loved Indian restaurants in Berlin. And in case this guide wets your appetite so much that you can’t wait to indulge into this food as soon as possible (as it did for me while writing this article) how about ordering in?

photo: Chutnify


Let’s start with the newest kid on the block: Chutnify in Prenzlauer Berg. It’s probably the only true “cool kid” in our list with it’s modern design and street food style kitchen. What we like about this place is that is has a very different type of menu than the usual Indian places so you will have also a very different culinary experience eating here.

Open Tue-Sun 12-23h, Sredzkistraße 43, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

* * *

photo: Krishna Restaurant Berlin


Our third place that we would like to recommend for the district of Prenzlauer Berg is called Krishna. They are specialized not only on traditional Indian kitchen, but also Nepalese dishes. You should try out one of the Biryani dishes which is a rice dish served with a yogurt and mint sauce.

They have a home delivery service.

Open daily 12-23:30h, Fri-Sat 12-24h, Danziger Str. 20, 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

* * *


This is your typical neighborhood Indian, but of the good variety! I’ve been to this place a couple of times as it’s near to my home, and I was always happy with my food. They have a very typical Indian menu with so many options that sound similar it’s hard to decide. But you basically have all the types of meat including chicken, lamb and duck, as well as fish and vegetarian options – plus some Tandoori specials.

You can order from their menu to your home here.

Open Mon-Tue & Thu-Sun 12-23h, Dunckerstraße 2a, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

* * *

Mama India

Despite this slightly touristic look this is actually one of the good ones in the neighborhood and beloved for its authentic kitchen. The place is bright, big and inviting in a very nice spot at Senefelder Platz. In addition to the otherwise quite typical dishes they have some Tandoori and Tikka specials served in a little pot with a flame as well as grilled dishes and a couple of 3-course-menues that make this place good for special occasion dinners.

Open daily 11-24h, Schönhauser Allee 10, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

* * *

photo: Anand


Anand is another traditional Indian place centrally located at the Friedrichsstraße station in Mitte. They have all you need from an Indian place including Tandoori, Biryani and Thali dishes. They also offer platters for several people which can make the dinner experience quite communal and fun. As typical for Indian places you can also order your food for home.

Open daily 12-24h , Albrechtstraße 12, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

* * *


Now we are hopping over to the West of Berlin to Schöneberg to one of the most popular restaurants of the area. It’s called Haveli and is located at the beautiful Viktoria-Luise-Platz. The pleasant surroundings will make your culinary experience at Haveli all the better and it’s unlikely you will be disappointed by the food because this is one of the best reviewed places on various platforms.

Open Tue-Sat 17-23h, Sun 12-23h, Luitpoldstraße 26, 10777 Berlin-Schöneberg

* * *

photo: Chai Ji

Chai Ji

The Chai Ji is probably the most popular Indian place in Friedrichshain with their take on Indian fusion kitchen. It’s not so much the fusion with modern European or American style food, but with the different styles of Indian kitchen (the country is quite big and diverse after all) to create new variations and creative combinations that make for a great alternative experience of Indian food, both in taste and visually.

If you live in Friedrichshain or near-by you can also order in.

Open Mon-Thu 11:30-00h, Fri-Sat 11:30-02h, Sun 12-00h, Rigaerstr.30, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

* * *

photo: Delhi 6

Delhi 6

The name sounds a bit generic, but this is actually a really hot insider tipp. Located on the Kreuzberg end of Friedrichstrasse it offers a changing day menu that goes beyond the typical Tandoori and rice dishes. Run by a young couple the restaurant has a more modern feel than most places while still maintaining the cute typical traditional kitsch-factor.

Open daily 11:30-00h, Friedrichstrasse 237, 10969 Berlin-Kreuzberg

* * *


The Shahjahan at Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg is the number one option in the Wrangelkiez. It’s a quite traditional place with the typical menu including chicken, lamb, duck, fish and vegetarian options. Just the right type of food to fill up before going out in all the bars and clubs around in the area. Or if you have a lazy day you can also use their delivery service.

Open daily 11:30-23:15h, Görlitzer Straße 41, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

* * *

Naveena Path

For all those vegans amoung you we have one place we would like to recommend in Wedding that is specialized in the Southern Indian kitchen that is more rare for Berlin (or Germany whatsoever). They have a lot of vegetarian options, as well as options without milkproducts for the vegans. The place is a small simple one without much fanfare, but the food will make you happy. You can also have their dishes delivered.

Open daily 11:30-23h, Tegeler Str. 22, 13353 Berlin-Wedding

* * *

So, this was out Top-10 of our favorite Indian restaurants in Berlin. Do you know of any more Indian places that you think are special and should be recommended? Use the comments below to add your favorite place.

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28 Responses to “A Guide to the Best Indian Food in Berlin”

  1. Dukes Berlin Says:

    My favourite Pakistani restaurant in Berlin http://www.shalimarrestaurant.de/ in Wedding, tiny place, friendly staff, excellent food, you would never know it is there. Closest to the UK Curry experience I’ve had over here. Love it.

  2. alex Says:

    my experience with Shahjahan was terrible. Have been there few times because I leave 5 mins from there, but definitely not good. fried Samosa warmed up in the microwave just to name one.

  3. Phill Says:

    Agni in Moabit – C’mon – how can you miss that one???! 🙂

  4. Anne Says:

    “I think I have never visited a city with more good Asian restaurants (outside of Asia of course) than Berlin.”

    London, Toronto, LA/SF…. ? They have actual variety and the best chefs from around the world andddd amazing food.

    I’m happy Berlin is starting to diversify more with it’s cultural food, but it is nowhere near the the best…. perhaps in Germany only.


  5. Andreas Says:

    Very interesting. Haven’t been to any of these except Desi and Naveena Path, both very recommendable. I’m missing Satyam on this list, as it has ayurvedic food. Also one of the few in the western part of Berlin. http://www.mysatyam.de

    And if you like indian food, you probably also like Sri Lankan Food – there’s a great place in Fhain http://www.restaurant-sigiriya.de

    And yeah, there’s hundreds of “restaurants” that just heat things up in the microwave. By ordering a fresh Naan or a fresh Samosa you can easily spot those.

  6. Andrew Says:

    What is it Berlin Indian restaurants do with their chicken. I never order chicken anymore because it’s normally tasteless and has this weird rubbery texture. Do they boil it or something? I’ll give some of these a go but I’m not optimistic.

  7. Nura Says:

    Agni is the worst. Especially, the Aunty who pokes her nose in people’s personal lives and is discriminatory against indo-european couples.

  8. Alina Says:

    Chelaney is nice – Good tandoori chicken (not rubbery 😉 )
    It’s called a Pakistani restaurant, but it’s indian food as well – great happy hour and very nice staff too!

  9. anna Says:

    ASHOKA!!!!! am savignyplatz direkt! einer der ersten und besten Inder in ganz berlin! keine Touri MIST

  10. MikeyK Says:

    I live Shalimar in Gesundbrunnen…the food is great and the owner is very friendly…the food is authentic Pakistani which is almost Indian…..It’s my favourite indian food in Berlin. http://www.shalimarrestaurant.de/

  11. Helena Says:

    I had a horrible experience in Desi, food was actually bland and tasteless. Service was indifferent at best.

  12. Caro Says:

    Ordered at Shahjahan right after I read your post today. Am disappointed though. It’s hard to find good indian food in Berlin. The vegetarian dish I ordered didn’t seemed to be seasoned at all and wasn’t tasty 🙁

  13. tom Says:

    “I think I have never visited a city with more good Asian restaurants (outside of Asia of course) than Berlin.”

    Not to be unkind, but only a German could write this with a straight face. Indian food in Berlin is appallingly bad for anyone who’s visited the UK or regions in the U.S. with large Indian populations (New Jersey, NYC, Texas).

  14. Ami Says:

    Das restaurant Meena kumari hat sehr gutes essen. Send freundlich service.www.meenakumari.de

  15. Magda Says:

    Sadhu 2 at Hermannplatz! Great food, nice waiters and cheap prices!
    Weserstraße, Neukölln

  16. Andrea Says:

    ZAIKA in prenzlauerberg!

  17. Manu Says:

    Aapka – Maybachufer is my favourite indian restaurant in Berlin – nice food and comfortable seatings at the landwehrkanal

  18. Sandra Says:

    Chelany as someone mentioned before is really nice (and I have lived in India). Nothing is really autentic though. They are scared that people complain about the amounts of spice that usually qualifies Indian food. It is not that everything is spicy, but just very very savory. Germans can’t deal with that. But Chelany offers decent North Indian food.

    Chutnify is differen, but I wasn’t particularly blown away by the food – it is ok. Unfortunately I haven’t found a single place in Europe so far that really offers proper dosa – they just can’t get the dough and the chutney right. Ramsoon in Schöneberg had the best dosa so far that I could find in Berlin (well, there are not many options anyway.

    I agree with the others in saying that Berlin is still veeeeeeeeeeeeeery far away from offering authentic Asian food. I have had better in London and Amsterdam. Especially Chinese is still a nightmare – the Chinese cuisine is so diverse and incredibly good, all those stir fried noodle and sweet and sour chicken places could not be further away from what the actual food is like. I hate ‘Asia Sushi Snack’ places. Come on… which Chinese would offer sushi and thai curry with their food? It’s a disgrace for a foody!

  19. Georg Mittel Says:

    thanks for this amazing recommendations. I am a huge fan of indian food and the special spices which they use in cooking. I have been to many of the above places. I would like to add one gem to the list. Vedis indian restaurant is a newly opened indian kitchin in the heart of berlin. The beautiful ambiance and the exotic buddha and indian gods sculptures will mesmerize you. The lightings inside and outside of the restaurant are very unique and attractive and attracts from far away like bees to the honey.
    All the staff members are attentive and love to spend time helping you find the right dish or drink. Usually not many indian restaurants try to experiment with the cocktails but this one surely does. They have this amazing series of cocktails like “Anaconda” which is made with fresh pineapple and is also served in a big pineapple. Now comes to the foood…. Spicy to the perfection. It wouldnt be really spicy for those who dont prefer eating spicy food and it wouldnt be blend for those who prefer spicyness in their mouth. This is what i love about this place. Ofcourse they make speacial food on request for the same price.
    So I would say, go on try a nice evening in Vedis and let them take you to an exotic trip to India.
    website: http://www.vedis.berlin, schönhauser allee 142, berlin prenzlauer berg

  20. Peko Says:

    I can suggest “Vedi’s Indisches Restaurant” in Schönhauser Allee 142, very close to U- Eberswalder. I’ve been there for 3 times. In every visit, their food quality was the same: really good and tasty. The stuff are very polite, the place is clean and prices are acceptable.

  21. Jaspreet Singh Says:

    First of all thank you for writing about our cultural food. When we stay away from our nation slowly slowly we start forgot our cultures and we became modern but seeing these articles we can say proudly. Our cultural foods are awesome and these days the world is became a small place we can get each and every spice from our nation as we are also the Indian food supplier (India Food Singh GmbH).We are also trying to save our cultural foods.
    Jaspreet Singh

  22. Juli Says:

    I like eating Indian tandoori at Tandoori Palace, http://tandooripalace.de, in Berlin.

  23. Rahul K. Says:

    Defintly missing Meena Kumari at Lychener Straße. One of the best indian restaurants in Berlin. Great quality food, also nice vegan dishes.

  24. Drona Acharya Says:

    Nicely described post, thanks for sharing in public. However we try to do the same in Colorado.
    And you are cordially well-come

  25. fritz Says:

    I liked Yogi-Haus Belziger Str. 42, 10823. Not mind blowing but good

    Also, as others have said – “I think I have never visited a city with more good Asian restaurants (outside of Asia of course) than Berlin” is quite ridiculous to anyone who has spent any time in the UK, among other places

  26. Bindu Says:

    Checked out Bahadur after raving reviews on this blog: http://berlinlovesyou.com/bahadur-indian-food-berlin/

    After India Club (most expensive) and Agni, there is finally a 3rd authentic Indian restaurant in Berlin. Very refined taste, far from the dumbed down European versions that many have complained about.

  27. Ishita Says:

    Satyam is very nice and so is Buddha house on knesebeckstr. And I also love Khushi on kollwitzstr.

  28. Andrea Schw Says:

    Naveenapath now has a location in Kreuzberg—Yorckstr. 89.

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