11 Awesome Places for Breakfast & Brunch in Berlin

Every day should start with a good breakfast and luckily Berlin is a city so versatile in terms of breakfast that every tastebud should find some satisfaction here. For our latest big city guide feature we have compiled a list of 11 places in 6 districts of Berlin with a variety of breakfast and brunch options that will leave you craving for more. Enjoy your meal!



House of Small Wonders

The House of Small Wonders is a new favorite of us thanks to its unique interior and atmosphere. It’s a lunch and breakfast place that serves lovely things such as Croque Madame, French Toast, Granola with yogurt, soups and a variety of sandwiches. What’s interesting here is the combination of Japanese dishes for lunch and French dishes for brunch.

House of Small Wonders, Johannisstr. 20, 10117 Berlin-Mitte

Open Mon-Fri 9-17h, Sat-Sun 10-17h

* * *

Distrikt Coffee

Distrikt Coffee is a pretty new place in the heart of Mitte for breakfast and lunch. Their small but smart menu includes banana bread, toast with avocado, scrambled eggs, granola and buttermilk pancakes. Yum!

Distrikt Coffee, Bergstraße 68, 10115 Berlin-Mitte

Open Mon-Fri 8:30-18h, Sat-Sun 9:30-18h

* * *


This French-style cafe is an absolute classic in town and you can’t get a better breakfast platter (for this price) than their mixed breakfast full of specialty products from France and the Alpes. I also recommend the Croque Monsieur and the Chevre Chaude salad. The Rhubarb tarte is also quite delicious.

Fleury, Weinbergsweg 20, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Open Mon-Fri 8-22h, Sat & Sun 9:30-20h

* * *



3 Schwestern

If you love international variety you are gonna find a lot of options at the 3 Schwestern restaurant and beer garden at Kunstquartiet Bethanien. It’s a lovely summer location and a really laid-back atmosphere. No fuzz here. Choose between French, Italian, Bavarian, Austrian, Mexican and English breakfast (and a few more).

3 Schwestern, Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open Mon-Sat 11-23h, Sun 10-23h (breakfast Sat & Sun 11-16h)

* * *

Le Bon

Le Bon at Gräfekiez on Schönleinstraße corner of Boppstraße is an option for the more demanding palate. On their menu you will find all the trendy goodies such as shakshuka, eggs benedict, and porridge with nuts and fruits. We liked the variety on the menu and the relaxed atmosphere of the place.

Le Bon, Boppstrasse 1, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open daily, 9:30- 17:00

* * *




This cafe and restaurant in the South of Neukölln is a really cozy place and the owners put a lot of love to the detail into their dishes which you can see in the heartbreakingly sweetly arranged breakfast platter. We also recommend their cakes because they are to-die-for. They also serve lunch and dinner here by the way.

Ungeheuer, Emser Str. 23, 12051 Berlin-Neukölln

Open Sun-Thu 10-24h, Fri & Sat 10-02h

* * *




Silo is a new cafe in Friedrichshain that has made quite the splash in the neighborhood. They are really creative dishes with poached eggs, mushrooms and avocados on their menu that include a lot of vegan and gluten free options as well. Coffee lovers will be delighted to get the coffee from The Barn here.

Silo Cafe, Gabriel-Max-Str. 4, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Open Mon-Fri 8:30-19h, Sat 9:30-19h, Sun 10-19h

* * *



Benedict Berlin

Benedict Berlin is pretty much what could be described a breakfast heaven focusing only on breakfast dishes, but offering them all day long. Only a few months old the place is already super popular and that even despite its unusual location in Wilmersdorf. But the commute to this place is absolutely worth it, because nowhere else will you get a variety and especially with such good quality here in Berlin.

Benedict Berlin, Uhlandstraße 49, 10719 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Open daily 7-23h

* * *

Prenzlauer Berg


Betty ‘n Caty

This charming cafe in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg will seduce you with their yummy avocado sandwiches and the delicious porridge variations. They also have an amazing strawberry-rhubarb-crumble that you need to try!

Betty’n Caty, Knaackstr. 26, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Open Mon-Fri 8-23h, Sat 9-23h, Sun 9-19h

* * *


Spreegold is still one of my most recommended places, mainly because it has so many different options that it is hard to be disappointed here. Love the pancakes, all the different egg dishes, the porridge, the cakes and the different paleo dishes on the menu. They have 3 different cafes, but the one at Stargarder is by far my favorite.

Spreegold 03

Spreegold 02

Spreegold, Stargarder Straße 82, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

Open daily 8-24h

* * *

Which places do you like for breakfast? We certainly only covered a small part of all of Berlin. Feel free to recommend additional places in the comments below.

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17 Responses to “11 Awesome Places for Breakfast & Brunch in Berlin”

  1. Ludovica Says:

    I also had amazing breakfast/brunches at Chipps! Jägerstraße 35, 10117
    Not even expensive!

  2. finkabut Says:

    Nalu Diner on Dunckerstraße 80, in PBerg. American breakfast served all day!!!

  3. David Says:

    You should try brunch at Alaska Bar, Reuterstr. 85 in Neukölln! Delicious vegan buffet.

  4. Hedda Says:

    Kafé morgenrot at kastannienalle in Mitte is the beeeest! Vegan/vegeterian and cheap, the best vegan brunch u can find

  5. Caro Says:

    Boah, ich will nach BERLIN!!!
    Liebe Grüße!


  6. Kkk Says:

    Djimalaya at invalidenstr 159 in mitte – nothing better than their hummus, shakshuka and the fresh juices. Its dogs friendly! I love it there for brunch all day

  7. Samson Says:

    Nalu Diner in Dunckerstr 80a p.berg. definitely one of the best breakfasts in town…!

  8. Helmut Says:

    The Melbourne Cantine closed down for good…

  9. Frank Says:

    it’s corrected. sad to hear it though ;(

  10. Near Says:

    Wow, great breakfast places in Berlin, thanks!

  11. Loulouberlin Says:

    C’mon guys…
    I tried Nalu Diner: very, very average food…
    I tried Djimalaya: not great at all and expensive for Berlin. There is much better similar food above in weinbergsweg (left side, forgot the name, small place).

  12. Bicek Says:

    Hi Guys!
    Try AtayaCaffe in Zelter str.6 Prenzlauerberg .
    It’s a cosy and gemütlich cafe’ in a quiet area a little bit far from the “chic area”.
    They make an incredible Vegan (SUNDAY)brunch (the most tasty and hight quality I ‘d ever had !)it’s a fusione between African and Italian cuisine. For what you get it’s really cheap ,only 12€.
    Every Saturday they make also a glorious vegan buffet breakfast.
    Just try out!
    *children play area.

  13. clarita Says:

    Danke für die tollen Fotos. Sind auf meiner Merkliste 🙂

    Gutes Frühstücken in Berlin ist möglich. Viele Cafes getestet, aber nur wenige konnten überzeugen. Zu den genannten Locations kann ich noch das Benedict in der Uhlandstr. empfehlen.

    clarita | https://la-vita-e-bella.de/berlin/food/

  14. Timoti Says:

    They say that Wedding is “up and coming” since when I moved here 6 years ago, but maybe now it’s happening for real, and one strong sign is the super good vegetarian brunch at neontoaster in Seestraße 106! We shared one brunch in 2 (12,90€ including coffee) and we were both full and happy. And, for the record, we’re both meat eaters 🙂

  15. Maitriclaire Says:

    I tried Ataya in prenzlauerberg ,they offer the most amazing vegan/vegetarian breakfast that I had since years in Berlin! For 10€ you get a big incredible yummy plate!they make a fusion between African+Italian food.
    Really the best breakfast in Plb.

  16. Emma Says:

    Ugh I love house of small wonder! it’s the cutest spot and I love the tropical vibe in there.

    I thought it would be a good idea to share a guide on the tastiest brunch spots, coolest cocktail bars, and greatest off-the-grid places to explore in Berlin 🙂 xx


  17. Ralf Says:

    Lagari at the corner of Pflügerstrasse and Nansenstrasse in Neukölln.
    American infused breakfast, high quality food and very friendly.
    Also speak German 😉

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