The Cutest Illustrated Guide to Getting into Berghain

If Berlin were the solar system, Berghain would be the sun for a looooot of people. Some days it seems like everything and everybody is circulating around this place. Throughout the weekend and sometimes on Mondays, I see tons of  people wandering through Friedrichshain and over Warschauer Straße, magnetically drawn to Berghain. And as mythical as the place is, as various are the myths of how to get in. In various Italian blogs I read absurd guides on how to be let in by Sven and co. One of the most common (and silly) assumptions is that you have to look gay to get in. But there are many more false assumptions about what the doormen of Berghain like and what they don’t.

A very funny and unique clarification of the myths out there is this cute guide created by talented illustrator  Sophia Halamoda. In 28 drawings she presents her own tongue-in-cheek wisdom of how entering Berghain works. Enjoy the hilarious illustrations after the jump.

All illustrations by Sophia Halamoda.

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4 Responses to “The Cutest Illustrated Guide to Getting into Berghain”

  1. Sophia Says:

    Thanks for sharing, guys 🙂

  2. Robbert Says:

    Haha! There’s a video in which many of your illustrations are being tested in real life Berghain!!

  3. Mughthuh Says:

    Stop telling people how to get in. Start telling them how to act once they get in. We’ve had it with these assholes who don’t know how to behave. Stop pushing. We’re all going the same way.

  4. Max Wunderbar Says:

    Hello Sophia! Really enjoyed your Berghain Drawings – such good and useful tips – You are spot-on with them All- timeless ‘getting into berghain’ content. Cool! Thanks-a-lot – Max

    And yes – people need to know how to behave inside Berghain – good point
    Stop pushing and treat all patrons and staff members with respect. Thank you!

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