aviv – A New Magazine from Berlin in German and Hebrew

photo: Christian Werner

Independent print magazine projects seem like a relic from another era. Of course print magazines look great as accessories on Instagram pictures and on our coffee tables. But is there still the habit of READING things on paper? Well maybe the habits are changing but the curiosity and the openness to a diversity of experiences is not. So even though I think more and more people will read and consume all kinds of content on digital surfaces, others will still cherish the experience of reading on paper. Maybe it is the crisis of print publishing that pushes journalists and makers to think of magazine concepts that dare more than ever and explore new possibilities.

aviv is a new magazine made in Berlin that dares with something really unconventional. Printed in Hebrew and German, the bilingual print-magazine focuses on literature and the arts and wants to renew the relationship between the two languages and cultures. For me, having been in love with languages and their power of identification all my life, this project is a good example of building creative bridges. Publishing from a young and autonomous perspective, the founder Hanno Hauenstein and his co-editor Itamar Gov focus on less illuminated content between these languages, and highlights the underlying historical and political complexities. I think that especially here in Berlin such a project is very important to create a dialogue between Israelis and Germans living here.

Tonight on Mai 13th aviv is celebrating the launch party of their first Issue at Berghain Kantine with numerous acts, dance performances and a reading. Don’t miss it. Some impressions of the magazine and the two creators after the jump.

photo: Christian Werner

photo: Christian Werner

photo: Christian Werner

photo: Christian Werner

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on May 13th, 2016
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  1. rachel sharon Says:


  2. Hélène Correy Says:

    J’adore, c’est frais, c’est splendide, c’est Berlin! Bravo de faire avancer la culture Berlin-Tel-Aviv. C’est exactement l’avenir. Hier , Berghain Kantine inauguration , j’étais ailleurs . Hélène

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