Observing the Observers – Berlin From Above

What does it mean to become an urban observer? What makes you notice things from a distance that others won’t see even up close? With this questions in mind I was thrilled when we had the chance to join Instagrammer Liz Vega on a photo shoot on a Berlin rooftop.

Liz has a particular talent for urban exploring and observing the city from high perspectives. As if she would be able to touch the invisible texture of the atmosphere beneath our beloved city with her fingertips and slowly bring it up into the light with her photographs.

Unfortunately, one of us had to stay behind during this photo shoot because we wanted to be as few as possible on the roof to minimize the risk to get caught. But thanks to the magic of modern technology we found a way for our remaining team member to join us on the roof, virtually. We had the chance to use the new Panasonic Nubo camera as a special equipment to help us out in this particular production situation.

The Nubo is a unique video camera with quite a special feature: An integrated 4G connection submits and/or records a live feed that can be watched remotely on a smartphone. It also offers two-way communication, allowing the users on both ends to communicate through the camera with each other. Technologically, this is a big step forward compared to typical webcams.

We used these special features to make sure that our left-behind member could join the whole shoot relaxed at home and give us feedback whenever necessary. It was quite easy to set-up the Nubo on the roof in various angles and positions thanks to its magnetic backside. Also, the lack of an electricity outlet on the roof was easy to bypass by using a power pack that supplied the camera during the entire shooting.

Follow Liz Vega to not miss the final result of the shoot soon…

Thank to Panasonic for this collaboration with the Nubo.

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on December 15th, 2016
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