The No Pants Subway Ride in Berlin

photos: Aviel Gan

When I first saw the event about the No Pants Subway Ride happening in Berlin I thought this was one of those joke events that are not for real. It wasn’t until yesterday night when photographer Aviel Gan submitted his pictures of the event to us that I realized that this was actually for real! So yesterday a group of people gathered in the subway and took their pants off. Just for the fun of it. It’s true, I read up on it on their Facebook page, there is no deeper meaning to it, simply an improvisation with open participation. Well, why not. Anything is possible I guess, especially here. The whole thing was initiated by a group called Improv Everywhere and hails all the way over from NYC, it’s been happening in Berlin already for 5 years in a row and it’s really the first year that I took notice of it. How could I have missed that? Enjoy the photos of the peculiar subway ride below.

Frank by
on January 9th, 2017
updated on January 9th, 2017
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2 Responses to “The No Pants Subway Ride in Berlin”

  1. Anja Says:

    So when is it happening in Berlin in 2018? Do you have the time and place? Thanks!

  2. Frank Says:

    It’s on the 7th of January this year. If you follow the Facebook link mentioned in the text you will find the event and more information.

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