Säule – A new “dark” Floor at Berghain

Photo: Michael Mayer/ cc

The infamous Berlin club Berghain that has established itself as the number one mecca for enthusiasts of any kind of techno-infused celebrations is said to be opening a new floor called Säule (the German word for pillar). The feature that will distinguish the new area from the existing venues like Panorama Bar and the main floor will be the focus on darker, more experimental electronic sounds. Find out more about the new techno haven’s exact location and the announcement about its opening night after the jump.

Although the exact location of the new floor in the wild techno castle has not been disclosed yet, the fact that a ground-floor area underneath the Berghain dance floor has recently been closed for construction helps to make an educated guess. The obscure atmosphere of this interior’s high ceilings supported with numerous pillars would be perfect for the mysterious vibes that the Säule is already associated with.

The opening night is scheduled for March 23rd and it avokes huge interest also due to the fact that the Panorama Bar, usually opened on Fridays, will be closed then.

Whatever the masterminds of Berghain are plotting for the other floors, the first line up at Säule does not dissapoint those who’ve grown accustomed to the refined Berghain aesthetic. Excitement about the opening night is fuelled by the announcement of names like Mannequin Records’ Alessandro Adriani, Deena Abdelwahed and Natalia Escobar.

We hope to see you, and/or accidentally bump into you there!

Photo via Deena Abdelwahed

Photo via Natalia Escobar

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on February 14th, 2017
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