Berlin is… Blossoming

There is this one time in the year when even Berlin seems innocent. Although we all know what it’s been up to during the cold fall and winter nights, when its untamed inhabitants, unable to express their joys and sorrows under the clear blue sky had to confine themselves in the limiting areas sheltering them from the cold. We all know the overwhelming contrast of a freezing Berlin night and the literally breathtaking heat of the dance floor.

Well then, a blissful spring afternoon makes one forget about all winter sins. We tend to fall into the good old trap of starting anew again. Even if you’re wised up enough to realize that this kind of thinking has usually more of the fooling yourself factor than that of an actual resolution, spring makes it easier to come to terms with your inner mess and hopefully think of some measures to organize it a little bit.

Since going for a walk or biking trip with friends is in most cases a better bet for some quality time than a drunk night out, spring just makes us feel better. And even if that does not instantly influence our look, we can at least rejoice at the transformation of Berlin’s streets. Blossoms everywhere make it look much nicer than the darkness setting at 5 pm, turning every darker corner into a horror movie set.

We took some pictures of the now ubiquitous blossoms for you. While we hope you enjoy them, we hope even more that if you’re in Berlin, you’ll take to the streets to see all this beauty for yourself!

Michalina by
on April 14th, 2017
updated on April 14th, 2017
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