When Berlin Smiles back at you

Look up into the sky, draw a circle of trust – the city is coming out of the dust. You can feel the air getting warm around you, building up contentment inside you. Let it culminate, come out of you – burst into laughter, come through.

Berlin is back, was never gone, we know that winter’s beautiful on its own. But no one can deny this side, the city’s warmer, happier smile. With all the gloom and seriousness, how bright can your smile really get? Pretty bright and very wide – just try to laugh about, smile! From ear to ear your teeth should show, how life is getting you to glow!

So laugh away the darker things, smile right into your little wings and fly away into the blue – the city is smiling and so should you.

Graffiti by 1UP Crew spotted in Berlin’s subway in May 2017.

Yasmin by
on May 29th, 2017
updated on May 29th, 2017
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4 Responses to “When Berlin Smiles back at you”

  1. Emerge Says:

    Sorry but this is no art…

  2. joe bentley Says:

    Street Art is the new Gap yah.

  3. Melanie Says:

    So many good vibes here…

  4. Ivan Says:

    I remember that… They were painting it as I was coming back home and they damaged my clothes with their damn spray paint. I came back home with half of my face painted black. Artists? I don’t know. Probably assholes. Real bboys never did this shit. Real activists neither.

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