This New Festival Brings Partying to a WHOLE New Level

Aja Jane, photo: Walid Ghanem

Berlin’s queer nightlife is vibrant, diverse and yet divided, full of holes and ruptures. If you want your own little party island, you will find it but finding that one common ground seems almost utopian. But now, WHOLE United Queer Festival wants to prove that there can be a queer common ground where we put all differences aside and dance together – at Europe’s first queer electronic music festival! Anyone familiar with what’s hot and what’s not after sun set might rub their eyes looking at the festival collaborators  Pornceptual, Members, Riot, G Day, Female:Pressure, Liber Null Berlin, and TrashEra. It’s literally like your favorite Saturday nights went on a date and made a baby.

The festival kicks off Friday the 25th of August and runs throughout the entire weekend until Sunday 27th bringing you music, queer performance art, work-shops and installations. While the well-known Berlin queer festival YO!Sissy focuses on a broader musical spectrum from live bands to DJs, WHOLE focuses on electronic acts and wants to give you everything the nightlife scene has to offer in one line-up: The right amount of Techno Temple is brought to you by Boris. You’re a follower of Berlin’s hottest Italo-House Party, then Discodromo will lure you in. Room4Resistance’s queer female power is represented by LUZ or you’re longing for Pornceptual’s steamy nights, don’t miss Projekt Gestalten and Curses. Over 25 musical acts, accompanied by performances of contemporary Burlesque/BDSM performer Aja Jane or Berlin’s most iconic door guardian Mikey Woodbridge, represent Berlin’s WHOLE scene in one weekend!  Their first edition is hosted Berheider See, a location two hours from the capital and well-known to quality festival-goers. No bunkers, warehouses or industrial plants surrounding the dance floor for a change, but beautiful, remote nature. WHOLE wants to ensures a unique, beautiful and intimate experience for its 1,000 open-minded attandees and we cannot wait for our nightlife utopia to come true.

If you want to get inspiried watch their Festival Trailer below.

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on August 16th, 2017
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