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The Infamous Club Scene of Berlin in the 90s

party scene berlin 90s

When it comes to the party scene I feel like I have seen quite a bit in my time here since 2000. I’ve known a time before Berghain. There were definitely more underground places, big factory raves, illegal parties in Treptower Park. Everything was a bit more secretive, word-of-mouth was the number one way to communicate places, and these were also changing locations quite a bit, always moving out of the radar of authorities. But there is one big thing that I totally missed out on: The infamous 90s. I came to Berlin in the 90s only once and I was so disoriented and had really limited ways to inform myself that I ended up in all the wrong places. It was still fun and exciting – of course a 17 year old was easy to impress at the time. But there are some club names that keep popping up even 20 years later that I never stepped foot in and I wish I had.

This short documentary segment from the TV show arte TRACKS from 1997 that we stumbled upon yesterday here gives us a little glimpse into the early days of iconic clubs like Tresor and Matrix, but also less known underground places that maybe only existed for a short amount of time – may they rest in piece in club heaven. Have a look for yourself in the video below and be inspired by Berlin’s 90s club scene.

Frank by Frank
on September 23rd, 2017
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Soul Searching Done Right: How to Actually Find Yourself in Berlin

Find Yourself-140734

I’m not really the quarrelsome type. I stand by what I believe in, but I’d never try forcing my spin on things upon you and I don’t mind exchanging thoughts with people that have different turns of mind. However, there’s this one declaration that invariably has the ‘’red rag to a bull’’ effect on me even on a small talk level.

I usually kind of feel it coming, because my interlocutor’s eyes inadvertently betray exactly what mood has just crept into the conversation. It can start inconspicuously with them admitting they actually did not go out last weekend, to which I can often relate. They usually mistake this for an invitation, and the first thing I know is them intimately leaning down in my direction and letting me in on the gist of their self-taught philosophy: ‘’Well, because, you know, Berlin is no place to settle down anyway, right?’’

Michalina by Michalina
on September 11th, 2017
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Techno, Salsa & Pharmacy Windows: An Interview with Natalia Escobar

Natalia Escobar-07687

photos: Alicia Kassebohm

A power woman with many careers: Natalia Escobar is many-faced, ‘many-named’ and many-talented’. Ultimately, when she served the first sounds to ever push Berghain’s new Säule floor through wave rhythms, drony Techno and experimental Electro a bigger audience came to realize that Miss Escobar is a Berlin force to be reckoned with. Yet, where others reach artistic capacity, the Colombian beauty seems to only really get going: Art exhibitions in various cities, making her own music under different aliases, DJ sets for Vivienne Westwood or the Techno Temple itself. If you don’t have her on your radar just yet, she should be now! Catch her DJing this Saturday at our 10 Year Anniversary and read on about Natalia’s favorite dancing spots, her beautifully simple love for Berlin, and her upcoming, first ever EP.

Andy by Andy
on September 1st, 2017
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Celebrate 10 Years of iHeartBerlin with us!

Heart Lolli-07800

This coming Saturday on September 2, 2017 we will be celebrating 10 Years of iHeartBerlin at the Olympus Perspective Playground Berlin 2017 at the stunning Kraftwerk Berlin. We invite all of you to join the event!

iHeartBerlin that started out in the summer of 2007 as a fun party chronicle and is now one of the most influential online magazines about Berlin, covering all aspects of your Hauptstadt life – keeping you all company whether you’re singing Karaoke at Mauerpark, feasting on delicious burgers at Schlesi, or dance the night away at Berghain. It’s not only a celebration of 10 years’ worth of blogging, but most importantly – a celebration of the Berlin community spirit that just keeps us driven every day!

Frank by Frank
on August 28th, 2017
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10 Unique German Words of Happiness


illustrations: Berk Karaoglu

The iHeartBerlin team has always been an international cluster of fellows, so we do relate a lot to any struggles you might be having with the German language. I for one can still clearly recall the time that everything I attempted to say in this glorious language was met with a very confused and sometimes almost apologetic ”Wie bitte?”. But still – your Berlin experience gets even more holistic once you’ve mastered German, so we’re trying to encourage you as best as we can. After we’ve explained some of the most common examples of ”casual” German and enabled you to make lots of new friends with some exquisite German insults, the time has come now to present you with 10 words relating to the feeling of happiness that have no ample equivalents in English.

Michalina by Michalina
on August 25th, 2017
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Has Berlin become too Touristy?

Berlin Tourism by Christian Schirrmacher CC-BY-2.0 3

photo: Christian Schirrmacher / CC

Since the early 90s, after the Wall in Berlin fell, the city has seen slow growth in tourism, still not compared to that of London or Paris, but which in the last few years rocketed to the sky. And that of course hasn’t left the ready-to-complain Berliners without something to say about it: Locals nag about the city having become too busy, too noisy, and of course overpriced. The Berliners’ sentiment for foreigners has gone so far that there are even anti-tourists movements who hold real protests, against the city’s enemy: you. But how serious are Berliners in their detest of visitors?

Stella by Stella
on July 31st, 2017
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A Guide to a Real Berlin Afterhour

Berlin After Hour-3412

Nothing compares to a true Berlin party night. But, every night has to come to an end, …or does it? Sometimes, all you want to do is keep on going, stay with your friends, have another beer and just live the moment, and why not right? Yes, everyone else might go to sleep, and maybe your grandma might not approve but if there is one city that allows us, even urges us not to conform to normal people’s bedtimes, it’s Berlin. Instead of seeing it as social misbehaving you should see the early morning hours as a land full of opportunity. In order to inspire you and your personal Berlin afterhour, we gathered some ideas in collaboration with Carlsberg and their #rightbeerrightnow campaign. The whole campaign is about celebrating friendship and to overcome the normality of everyday life by sharing special moments with your inner circle.  The beer brand from Copenhagen has a long history of supporting a creative nightlife culture all over the world. We had a great time to explore with them Berlin in the early morning hours and hope you will do too.

Andy by Andy
on July 26th, 2017
in Cafés, City Guide

9 Cool Alternatives to Typical Berlin Tourist Sights


You know the drill: Someone is coming to Berlin for the first time, and you, with them, have to visit the same typical, commonplace “Berlin musts” for the thousandth time, along with flocks of tourists who push you in order to make their 13th shot of the same angle of the Berliner Dome. To save us all the distress of touring around what everyone is expected to see in the city, we gathered their alternatives one can visit instead, through which the real Berlin is revealed. (disclaimer: maybe your mom will not enjoy it).

Stella by Stella
on July 21st, 2017
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What to do on the CSD Weekend 2017

Straight Support Shooting-2029

It is that time of the year! Call it Pride, call it Christopher Street day, call it “All the Queers are out on the streets”, all differences, frictions, and issues aside, it’s the week when all queer people are loud, visible and all over Berlin, proud of what they are and fighting for their place in society. For some protest means political actions, demonstrations, and speaches for some it’s dancing protest on Berlin’s streets and clubs. Any way it’s done, we are here, we are queer and there’s a lot for us to do this weekend. And the selection is as diverese as the queer community itself. Whether you’re into CSD or not, there is definitly something to participate for everyone.

Andy by Andy
on July 20th, 2017
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A Gay Guide to Berlin

Party at Monster Ronsons Berlin-5374

Berlin is many things, but undeniably Berlin is pretty damn gay. The capital is so famous as a vibrating LGBTQ hotspot with countless bars, clubs, parties, different places, different styles, scenes and people that it can all become pretty confusing. You have something for everyone here, and that can be a bit overwhelming at times. So, we put together a little list of places a Berlin gay should know.

Andy by Andy
on July 20th, 2017
in Bars, Clubs, Events, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Neukölln, Party, Prenzlauer Berg, Schöneberg, Tiergarten