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Our First Interactive Game: The Flat Roulette

Flat Roulette Cover

Hello stranger! So you really want to live in Berlin? Getting a room here is such an uphill struggle with high rent, mould, and German bureaucracy that finding the right flatmate is usually left to the workings of fate. Our Flat Roulette game – being a simplified version of this real life scenario – introduces you to some of the most characteristic Berlin personalities and gives you a sneak peak into what you sharing a roof with them will really mean.

The game is a collaboration with illustrator Sophia Halamoda that many of you will know from the Berghain, Real Berliner and Bürgeramt comics. It’s part of our upcoming book “Like A Berliner” that comes out in 2018. Stay tuned for more games!

Click here to play the game!

Michalina by Michalina
on November 28th, 2017
in Misc.

Flat Roulette Contact

Flat Roulette Cover c/o Blogfabrik GmbH & CoKG
Oranienstr. 185, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Illustrations & texts by Sophia Halamoda, Copyright © 2017

Game programming by Frank R. Schröder

(Using scripts based on a Fork of an original work by Captain Anonymous Copyright © 2017)

Contact us by eMail: hey {à) & info {à)

(Due to spam protection the eMail addresses have a weird “at” that you have to replace with the real one!)

Facebook: Sophia, Instagram: iHeartBerlin.deSophia Halamoda

Responsible in regards to § 55 Section 2 RStV: Frank R. Schröder, address see above.

Frank by Frank
on November 28th, 2017

How to get started as a Student in Berlin


Every October, thousands of new students come to Berlin to start a new educational journey. But Berlin not only offers good education through excellent universities; this city is a great place to learn to be yourself. It’s an adventure that, for some, results in staying here, as I did myself 13 years ago when I moved here to study. For others, Berlin is only a temporary station – an intermission between other cities and places.

But regardless of the length of your stay, moving to Berlin is an exciting experience with many unknown possibilities waiting for you. Still, some things are tricky to figure out, and we at iHeartBerlin love to support all Berliners by giving the best recommendations for places and experiences. In collaboration with the newly opened Neon Wood co-living space, which provides beautifully furnished small apartments who want to share a beautiful place with likeminded people, we have collected some helpful advice for your first steps in Berlin. Our guide is visually illustrated by none other than Berlin expert and Berghain Lover Sophia Halamoda. Enjoy.

Claudio by Claudio
on October 6th, 2017
in Accommodation

The Cutest Comic about the Struggles of the Berlin Winter


It’s March an we almost made it! We suffered through the dreaded Berlin Winter. Well, at least the ones among us that didn’t escape to a warm island like scared chicken! But still the cold season in Berlin is not fully over and if you haven’t lost your mind yet, you could still loose it on the last stretch, even though the fake-Spring has already thrown us a bone or two with a few rays of sunshine.

For those of you who want to maintain their sanity in the final stretch of Winter in Berlin our Blogfabrik colleague Sophia Halamoda, who also brought as the famous Berghain, Bürgeramt and Real Berliner Comics last year, has created a fantastic new comic: A Winter Survival Guide that also explains a lot of the secrets of the grey and cold seasons and how the real Berliner deal with them. Enjoy below (on 2 pages!).

Frank by Frank
on March 6th, 2017
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Best Coffee Places in Berlin


photo: Blogfabrik/ Sophia Halamoda

When the days are still drab, but nevertheless long, there’s only one thing that helps against this state of listlessness in the morning: Damn good coffee. For its sake, it becomes worthwhile to wake up even a little earlier, just so one can truly enjoy this quality cup and slowly get their mind ready for the day while soaking it up. That’s why true coffee experts would never take a cup to go. However, even when things have to go quick in the morning, a sweet coffee cup in your hand already makes everything better. We put together the best coffee places in Berlin for you, and we assure you that in some cases it even pays off to travel through the entire city.

Alicia by Alicia
on February 7th, 2017
in Cafés, City Guide, Misc.

How to find a Room in Berlin


illustration: Sophia Halamoda

Only few things can prove harder than finding a place to stay upon moving to Berlin. We have all had our fair share of stories in our quest to find a decent room somewhere relatively close to where the wild things are. On the plus side, the German capital is huge with various “centers” showcasing many beautiful neighborhoods to live in. However, this might be the only good thing about the Berliner housing situation, since prices have risen greatly as a result of the huge demand in the last few years. Looking for a place can prove exhausting, frustrating and intensely distressing.

The main lessons I have learnt from the housing hunting are to be able to sell myself in every possible way and never give back. To avoid any misunderstandings, your search for accomodation should become a salient issue among friends, relatives and pretty much anybody who could potentially help you out. Looking for a room or an apartment resembles some aspects of a campaign. It is not sufficient to create a profile on a few online platforms, such as WG-Gesucht or Easy-WG, and copy-paste your message in response to a few ads you saw.

Nikos by Nikos
on October 27th, 2016
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The Men of Berlin: The Foodies


illustrations: Sophia Halamoda

Show me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are. Basked in a plethora of choice, Berlin inhabitants’ hardest seems to be where to eat. Trying to arrange Sunday brunch with a vegan, a meat lover and a person that claims to be allergic to almost anything between is more normal than everyone involved would like it to be. With a rough estimate of two hundred guides to hyped food spots being published (in Berlin alone) every day the proof must be in the pudding. So if you’re looking for your very own flavor of love, by all means, dig in:

by Guest Author
on October 7th, 2016
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Stay Strong behind the Scenes

Stay Strong

What might give the impression as merely a piece of entertainment, might include another layer, less bright and light-hearted than the first one. This is what I think every time I see a film or a play. The time, the effort and the mental resources one has to invest as a creator, are often nowhere to be seen in the final product. The same applies to this blog as well; behind the – digital – scenes things happen sometimes which we bravely tackle, in that we grit our teeth and make the best out of the hardships, so that we do not pester our readers with the unpleasant.

“Stay Strong” is a major theme for Actimel. In cooperation with the well-known drinkable yogurt we dealt with the topic of when one needs to stay strong here in Berlin a few weeks ago. The result is a humorous comic, created with great love by the illustrator and our colleague here at Blogfabrik Sophia Halamoda. Take a look at it below.

Frank by Frank
on September 15th, 2016
in Videos

10 Secret Tricks to Become a Real Berliner


illustrations: Sophia Halamoda

After how many years can you say that you are a real Berliner? Five? Maybe ten? Or maybe 20? Some people even say that only the people who were born here have the right to be called “real“ Berliners. But what about if you were born in Berlin but left at the age of 10 and never came back? Would you be a real Berliner then?

I would like this nonsense about real Berliners and not real Berliners to stop once and for all. Most of the people now living in Berlin came from elsewhere and might even leave and go somewhere else after a couple of years. The Berliner-DNA is not defined by your birth certificate, your current Geo-Tag or the length of time you have spent in this city. As kitschy as its sounds, being a Berliner is a matter of your heart.

But sometimes listening to your heart is not as easy as it sounds on paper. To give you some help in discovering the (not so) secret essence of this lovable city, we joined forces with our favorite cartoon artist Sophia Halamoda. As a creative contribution of the #LiveThere exhibition by Airbnb we created a semi-serious guide to how to become a real Berliner. Go and discover after the jump.

Claudio by Claudio
on July 13th, 2016
in Stories

7 Moments When You Have To Stay Strong In Berlin

Stay Strong Moments

Berlin is generally known as an easy going, relaxed happy place to have fun and take things slow. As much as we enjoy this reputation, it’s not all roses and unicorns here after all. We have our moments of struggles as well, some are Berlin specific and some are the same as in many other big cities in the world. It’s a part of life I guess. Sometimes you just have to stay strong.

The new campaign of the yogurt drink Actimel is all about these moments when people have to bite their teeth, make the best of it and stay strong. It’s quite a relatable sentiment, but as diverse as our world is, everyone gets to these moments quite differently. So the guys from Actimel asked us: when do you have to stay strong in Berlin? The question made us immediately think of the hilarious illustrated comics of Sophia Halamoda who showed us how to get into two of the most impenetrable institutions of Berlin: the notorious Berghain night club and the feared Bürgeramt. So we extended the question to her and together we came up with a list of some typical struggles that we face here in Berlin. We’ve all been there at some point! After the jump you’ll find 7 moments when you have to stay strong in Berlin.

Frank by Frank
on June 20th, 2016
in Stories