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La Lucha: Reinventing Mexican Food in Kreuzberg

La Lucha Mexican Cuisine Berlin-9788

With so many great Mexican and Mexican-inspired restaurants in Berlin already you would think our bellies would be full with Tacos. Nonetheless it was a compelling prospect for us to get one more – but with a completely different approach. We already highlighted La Lucha in our New Restaurants Guide 2017, and now we all finally got the chance to experience one of Kreuzberg’s most exciting gastronomic newcomers, – reason enough for a ‘lil review.

Andy by Andy
on December 11th, 2017
in Kreuzberg, Restaurants

Survival in Neukölln: The Life in Berlin’s roughest Neighborhood

Survival in Neukoelln Rosa von Praunheim

“Survival in Neukölln” – that’s the title of documentary filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim’s newest work. Following the life stories of various inhabitants of Berlin’s infamous neighborhood, the movie visualizes Neukölln as a place full of creative contradictions.

We meet Drag performer Stefan Stricker who calls himself Juwelia, the androgynous Cuban singer and dancer Joaquin la Habana, or a queer Syrian singer, called Enana. We participate in gay-nudist cooking groups, female theatre performances and turkish demonstrations. We see a Neukölln that has became a melting pot of young and old Berlin, and the epicentre of rapidly increasing rents.

Andy by Andy
on November 30th, 2017
in Movies

Where is the Way to the Darkroom?


Location: Berlin. Display Name: What is love?. About Me: Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me. Looking for: No more. Relationship Status: Single.

Remember how I was like: “I’m off dating apps – Yay!” Yeah well, I got weak, I’m human, bear with me. But it’s fine, feeling generally good about myself right now: Bought myself socks with pineapple print, my 4 pack recently became a 5 pack, coconut butter is my latest skin care discovery, and I established a new, successful flirting strategy. When you combine your tendency to creepily stare at someone with a subtle charming smile, and just keep on staring, through all the different stages of weird, creepy, lunatic, and serial killer, respective person of interest can’t help, but finding you kinda cute after all – Success rate: 85% so far. So, as you can see, life is good!

Andy by Andy
on November 27th, 2017
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VOLUME A: Wisdoms of Curating an Exhibition in Berlin


photo: Evelyn Bencicova

In a creative city like Berlin keeping up with the art world is a challenge most people just give up on. Where to go? There’s just so much to choose from! As we are aware of this, we wanna introduce an exhibition to you that is definitely worth a visit. Volume A will take place from the 3rd to the 5th of November in Colonia Nova, and has acclaimed contributing artists, such as Erwin Olaf and Bruce LaBruce. We had a chat with Nicolas Simoneau, art director of KALTBLUT Magazine, and photographer Manuel Moncayo about their exciting project and about curating exhibitions in Berlin.

Andy by Andy
on November 3rd, 2017
in Art

Altered State of Mind: 5 Ways to a Controlled High


artwork: Matt Furie

Even if you don’t agree with any form of drug use, there is a controlled, or more healthy way to consume many substances, and there are many different reasons why people seek that respective substance. Knowing and reflecting these different forms how and reasons why people are looking for their high, can prevent a lot of misunderstandings and stigmas in our everyday life. In light of the Altered Conference, held in Berlin for the first time next week, with workshops, talks and rituals on the subject of psychedelics, conscious drug practices and the social issues that come along with it, we thought about different approaches to substance use that exist here. After all, it’s not as easy as: You take drugs, so you’re a total wreck! In collaboration with the Altered team, we put together a list of 5 different scenes and motivations that are significant in Berlin.

Andy by Andy
on November 2nd, 2017
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Berlin Music Artists to Watch Out For

mikey by rebecca mannino

MIKEY. photo: Rebecca Dorothy

“What’s going on musically in Berlin?” – you ask? Don’t worry, iHeartberlin comes to the rescue. We put together a list of artists who are pushing the capital’s music scene right now. These artists are far from interchangeable, or even remotely comparable. They stress what Berlin is today: An international, inclusive and diverse metropolis. Their music is the product of a city where you can do what you wanna do. Berlin’s creative freedom is what brought them or kept them here, and still is what makes our city different from other places. The results are loud, emotional, strikingly weird at times, sometimes obscure and sometimes catchy as f***. Let’s take a look and a listen…

Andy by Andy
on October 31st, 2017
in Music, People, Videos

A Black Unicorn Halloween

A Black Unicorn Halloween


Yes, Halloween is around the corner. A weird festivity we love to hate, nothing but another reason to look bizarre and have 5 drinks too many. We cannot relate. We aren’t cheap, we aren’t trashy, we’re intricately, mysteriously fabulous! We are missing that occasion that represents us. *sigh* Where’s the candy? We need tasteful, sugary distractions. But, when we reach into that lil’ limited edition bag from wonderland and get out one of these lil delicious gems – we stop. What is this in our hands? It has the form of … a lil’ black unicorn, by Katjes, all veggie!

Andy by Andy
on October 30th, 2017
in Products

Berlin’s Special Relationship to Drugs


photo: Ricardo Mancía

People do drugs in Berlin, and not just a few to be honest. Drugs, drugs, drugs… I could easily dive into the discourse now, stressing the risks, debating labels like legal and illegal. And, paint dreadful pictures of needles, white powder, pills… But, let’s just focus on the fact that people DO it, and not just in nightclubs since the early 80’s, people have been using substances to change their state of mind since the beginning of time. Even if it’s just these four glasses of wine on a Friday night or that good old nicotine shock, still, we’re using a drug.

People could just sit together and have a cup of tea, right? But, they don’t. Where human logic comes to a sudden end, there must be some ‘higher’ need. But, why is it that people in Berlin appear to desire this change of mindset so much, more than in other cities? When people come staggering my way out of overcrowded bars at Oranienstraße, when I take in the scent of burning rolled-up leaves, walking past Görlitzerpark, and staring eyes with big, round pupils pass by at Ostbahnhof, I can’t help but ask myself: If you all need to alter your consciousness in Berlin, is there something wrong with Berlin?

Andy by Andy
on October 20th, 2017
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Pornfilmfestival Berlin: Exploring Alternative Sexual Perspectives

Below Her Mouth

Below her Mouth

It’s been a year. A year, in which we shut up about our love for movies showing naked skin, pleasure and lust. But, these days are gone! And, we’re out and proud again, unapologetically screaming: I LOVE PORN! Because, the Pornfilmfestival Berlin is back, showcasing other visual presentations of sex and love that are not degrading, insensitive or only representing one niche of the sexual spectrum. We can’t wait for one whole week fueled with films, panels, readings and performances that explore sexual perspectives outside of social norms, construed identities and morals.

Andy by Andy
on October 18th, 2017
in Movies

Why are all the Gay Men Straight?

Berlin Party Photos-9522

Location: Berlin. Display Name: I should delete this app. Edit Profile. About Me: Could you ask me before you send me photos of your dicks. Thank you. Looking for: A conversation that does not go like “Hi”,“Hi”, “Horny?” for a change (?). Ok whatever I’m deleting this. Relationship Status: Single.

I did it. I’m off the Grind. I’m out in the real world and ready to get to it. So, just be confident, out-going and it’ll get so easy from here. Who am I fooling? The world is there to complicate things. So, once more, scene entrance: Berlin, this major side character, wanting to add some drama to the narrative. Berlin might lure thousands of suitable gay candidates into town. But, it’s also that catalyst making half of the male population pretty metrosexual. What’s the story’s premise: All men seem so pretty damn gay! Everyone is either ‘Berlin-Straight’, with an abnormal sense for fashion, ‘bi-curious’, and actually more curious than really bi, or ‘hetero-flexible’, which is an absurdity of a name anyways. Hooking up with a straight dude – mmh mmh that fantasy. But, mostly that fantasy only gets real juicy once, … or really not at all, ever.

Andy by Andy
on October 16th, 2017
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