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Berlin’s Most Beautiful Men

photo: Hannes Gade

Berlin might not have a reputation for being the place where the most beautiful men reside, but that’s only because we have to wear coats seven months of the year. So Rio, you can officially pack your bags!  Since Berlin men are so open-minded, liberal, and often don’t even mind stripping it all down on social media, we now have visual proof: Berlin’s got it! And, Berlin got dem boys! So, while you might be alone in bed, possibly building prince charming out of pillows and blankets, or maybe you have a sadomasochistic moment and want to destroy your self-esteem, go ahead, and look at the following divine selection of Berlin specimen – And just imagine all the rest … That is awfully superficial, I am aware. But it just happens, you know. Suddenly, you find yourself staring at your screen. These men just upload too many well-lit photos. So, let’s all be honest with ourselves and indulge in this short, shallow moment of social media desire. Knowing, these men might wait just around the corner and not at the Copacabana. Enjoy…

Andy by
on February 22nd, 2018
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Soul Searching in the Clubs: Berliners & their Relationship to Nightlife

photos: Ema Discordant & Michal Andrysiak for Buttons

Berlin nightlife draws adventurous minds to our city like moths to the flame, craving to understand the myth of a Berlin night. Week after week, countless Berliners go down, down the rabbit hole to sweat, to move, to dance. Buttons at ://about blank is one of Berlin’s most infamous party nights. They have not only created a place where people of all sexualities and backgrounds can come together on the dance floor but established a diverse community of like-minded people. Their monthly photo reports are a unique visual collection of those who have a strong, personal connection to Berlin nightlife. Every dance floor has a unique story to tell, whether good or bad, a story of liberation, or escapism. We wanted to get to know these stories and asked around.  Let’s go on a journey through the mind of a Berlin night.

Andy by
on February 9th, 2018
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Illegal Sex: Photos exploring Berlin’s Underground Cruising Scene

photo: Marc Martin

With his photo series “Cruising” French photographer Marc Martin reimagines a time before dating apps, a time when public toilets, were the only place to find sexual encounters for many gay men. Behind closed doors, in front of shiny tiles and messy graffiti, these places were a meeting spot for those who could not use their own homes, who could not be open about their sexuality and desires. His work is on display at Schwules Museum Berlin in the exhibition “Fenster zum Klo – Public Toilets & Private Affairs”.

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on January 31st, 2018
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The Pornceptual Magazine: Redefining Pornography

photos: Pornceptual

Their art made you gasp, their parties made you sweat – and always left you craving for more. For almost 5 years the Berlin collective Pornceptual has been disrupting the worlds of art and porn; first Berlin then the world. But don’t you think they’re out of breath, after half a decade, they are only sharpening their teeth and getting ready to fight: Fittingly, their freshly launched third magazine is called “Guerilla”.

Over 50 visual artists are featured in “Porn Guerilla”, well-known names such as Erika Lust appear alongside young queer and feminist artists from all over the world. Styles, subjects and explicit depictions vary, but throughout the work is connected by themes of unconventionality, struggle, and fight, using erotic art as a tool of resistance against oppressive power structures and censorship.

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on January 25th, 2018
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Why the Fuck is Everyone a Sex Tourist?

photos: Pornceptual

Location: Berlin. Display Name: German flag – English flag – Arrow sign – Random vegetable – Teddy Emoji?. Edit Profile. About Me: I re-downloaded this 5 minutes ago, didn’t come up with something cool just yet. Sorry. Looking for: Uhm… Relationship Status: Single.

It’s a new year, a blank page before me, a land full of opportunity to… regain my optimism about finding love, even in Berlin. Ok, maybe not love, let me downsize this, someone who asks me for my name and not my dick size… Yeah, that should be doable, right? 2018? You game? In a city where gays from all over the world basically live door-to-door, (Literally, I’m pretty sure my next-door neighbor is gay) it can’t be that hard to find someone who’s compatible in bed – watching Disney movies, eating chocolate chip ice cream and … Oh wow, romantic comedies fucked up my expectations! Anyways, hopeful, and possibly delusional, I log into my dating app of choice and … Aaah that was why…!

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on January 19th, 2018
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The Berliner’s unbreakable Do-It-Yourself Spirit

The Crew of Jonny Knüppel.

More action and fewer words: This has always been the Berlin-way! More than any other city mother Berlin had to deal with the circumstances thrown at her. Wars, tyranny, division, misery, she has seen it all. Possibly, it is for that reason Berlin is this unique place where people get together and decide to do something, no matter what! Especially in a lawless, post-wall vacuum, there was freedom to just take space and create. A pioneer spirit that made the millennial Berlin thrive and the global place-to-be.

In over 20 years since the German reunification, Berlin has put on an ever-changing coat. The Wedding might still be “im kommen”, yet, Prenzlberg has become yuppie town, and Neukölln five years ago is far from what you will encounter nowadays. Still, in all these transitions, Berlin won’t put down its DIY spirit. A place where funky ideas become lived reality. Where a group of friends opens a community garden in the middle of the hippest neighborhood, or a bunch of party kids build their own club at the Spree. We collected a few of our favorite sucess stories.

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on January 15th, 2018
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Inside Neukölln’s New Nightclub Arkaoda

A week ago the Berlin club map welcomed its latest edition. Arkaoda opened its doors at Karl-Marx Platz 16. The opening party had a stunningly long-line up including Acido Records and Dynamo Dreesen. Arkaoda is a familiar name for many Turkish expats living in Berlin, the venue shares its name with a famous club in Istanbul, which opened in 1999. Instead of believing the hype, iHeartBerlin took a trip down the U7 to see for ourselves what this bowling alley turned nightclub has to offer.

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on January 12th, 2018
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4 Green Berlin Startups that Change the World


Berliners love it green, not only when they go shopping, but also at the workplace! So it was time for us to have a look around for the most innovative, green ideas in the capital. For this we teamed up with GASAG Berlin who are amidst their new campaign for their climate-neutral “Strom Fix” electricity produced with 100% renewable energies. Just like us they like the idea of Berlin getting greener and greener each year thanks to all the pioneers of sustainability out there.

But now let us introduce you to four young start-ups and projects that are not only eco-conscious and fair-trade, but are also fun and look good!

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on January 3rd, 2018
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La Lucha: Reinventing Mexican Food in Kreuzberg

With so many great Mexican and Mexican-inspired restaurants in Berlin already you would think our bellies would be full with Tacos. Nonetheless it was a compelling prospect for us to get one more – but with a completely different approach. We already highlighted La Lucha in our New Restaurants Guide 2017, and now we all finally got the chance to experience one of Kreuzberg’s most exciting gastronomic newcomers, – reason enough for a ‘lil review.

Andy by
on December 11th, 2017
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Survival in Neukölln: The Life in Berlin’s roughest Neighborhood

“Survival in Neukölln” – that’s the title of documentary filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim’s newest work. Following the life stories of various inhabitants of Berlin’s infamous neighborhood, the movie visualizes Neukölln as a place full of creative contradictions.

We meet Drag performer Stefan Stricker who calls himself Juwelia, the androgynous Cuban singer and dancer Joaquin la Habana, or a queer Syrian singer, called Enana. We participate in gay-nudist cooking groups, female theatre performances and turkish demonstrations. We see a Neukölln that has became a melting pot of young and old Berlin, and the epicentre of rapidly increasing rents.

Andy by
on November 30th, 2017
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