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A Lovely Piece of Shit – Theater Meets Club Culture


Berlin loves trash. Especially when it is on the interdisciplinary intersection between performance art and club culture. This Friday is the premiere of a A Lovely Piece of Shit, a dance theater performance at the club Mensch Meier by the Swiss theater company Extraleben. This piece is all about a fairy tale land called Wummerland where unicorns eat techno bass, the mirror always smiles back at you and nobody ever thinks about tomorrow. I don’t know about you but this setting reminds me a bit the Fusion Festival, where everybody escapes once a year to have a colorful peter pan experience. In any case we are really looking forward to this attempt to combine theater and party experience. Also I think that it is a wonderful opportunity to check out this new club that everybody is speaking about right now. Check out some photos and the trailer after the jump.

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on January 26th, 2016
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Monypolo – In Love with Business at the Theater


photos: Olga Khristolyubova

Big business is a big game that nobody in Berlin really wants to play. The big players of German economy are only visiting town for a chitchat with their creative agency filled with hot interns all hoping for a spectacular career or at least a spectacular Instagram stream.  But true fact is, that the real money business is not happening in Berlin. Or maybe we just don’t see it very well.

Creating visibility and an understanding for the mechanics of  the dirty business world is not always easy. Therefore  I am looking very much forward to the theater game Monypolo in Summer 2016 from the makers of Game of Life. Until then we can prepare our self to play. In a short theater prequel series at Ballhaus Ost several topics around the strategies of business life will be presented during the year. Tonight is the premiere of the third episode. The topic evolves around consultancy companies. Find out the dates of the play here and check out the photos of this trash glam spectacle after the jump.

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on January 21st, 2016
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Meeting Botticelli in Berlin

Meeting Botticelli ∏ Anna Agliardi-1999

photos: Anna Agliardi

Going out to a museum filled with old paintings does not sound like the typical Friday night activity we use to have here in Berlin. Not so last weekend though, where a massive amount of young (more or less) hip people went to the Gemäldegalerie to a very unusual event. At Meeting Botticelli, the event for the Botticelli exhibition featuring the grand artist of Italian renaissance, the normal rules of going to an old museum were upside-down. Instead of tiptoeing quietly through the magnificent halls the event wanted to explore a different side of creative interaction with art.

Guides who brought you through the exhibition with eyepatches, speakers who asked you and others about your emotion to the artwork and performances which which would rather fit to Sisyphos where only a few of many interesting ideas of this unique event. To finish in glory there was a small party in the foyer of the museum after the exhibition closed. Visitors and performers had quite some fun dancing together to “I am your Venus – I am your Fire” . I hope that those kind of art presentations will happen more often in Berlin. The city has an enormous cultural richness that young people need to discover through new methods. The next event of that series will take place at Hamburger Bahnhof in Summer. Until then you can enjoy the photos that our photographer Anna Agliardi created for us or take your chance to visit the exhibition about Botticelli until the end of this week.

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on January 18th, 2016
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Highlights of Tanztage 2016: Vox/Dust

DUST ∏ Anna Agliardi-1508

photos: Anna Agliardi

Working as a contemporary dancer is incredibly hard. You need an amazing passion (and talent) to have a real shot at something called a career. But even with all the attributes that might define you as a perfect dancer getting jobs in Berlin is not easy. Fortunately there are places and events that have so much dedication for contemporary dance that I might have some hopes for the future for this discipline here in town.

Once a year the festival Tanztage Berlin at Sophiensaele brings together all the passionate people and the most enthusiastic newcomers the city has to offer. Last night we saw the premiere of the two pieces Vox/Dust that opened the festival. Especially watching the four handsome guys perform the second piece Dust by choreographer and dancer Roderick George was an amazing experience. They had such an amazing energy and an intense vocabulary of movements. Tonight you have another chance to see it. Photos and a trailer of the piece Dust, after the jump.

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on January 8th, 2016
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What Does Freezing Mean? – A Berlin Campaign for the Homeless

Was heißt frieren?

Berlin has a lot of queues. Refugees waiting in front of LaGeSo to get registered, party folks waiting in front of a nightclub hoping to be on a guest list, tech-nerds camping in front of the Apple store before the release of a new product, homeless queuing at a salvation army food dispatcher and fashionistas waiting in front of a fashion week location. They all might look quite similar from an airplane far above the city. But actually there is a big difference we should never forget. Even if there are maybe just a few kilometers between the mentioned groups waiting, there is an abyss of injustice going on. For some of us waiting in line is just an annoyance we could actually easily avoid by choosing another activity to pursue. For others standing in the cold snow and waiting is a life-necessity they have no choice to make.

Especially on days like today where the temperature goes way below the sufferable I wonder how it is even possible to survive as a homeless in this city. Last year’s campaign Was heißt frieren? did an amazing job in creating a strong image of the topic of living as a homeless in Berlin. Several subway stations were renamed with Photoshop remembering real homeless people living on the streets. Since it is still a painfully up-to-date issue we post this in hopes you might support the Kältebus NPO with a donation, as they are the ones taking care of those who might freeze to death in the streets. After the jumps there is also a short guide what to do if you see a homeless person in need for help out there in the streets.

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on January 6th, 2016
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Inspiring Women in Berlin of 2015

Laura Gehlhaar

photo: Andi Weiland

For me personally this year was exceptionally inspiring. Due to my new position at Blogfabrik & DailyBreadMag I had the chance to meet and work with amazing people who are doing a hell of a job in making this city a better place for everybody. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe it’s my subjective filter that made me stumble upon more inspiring women than men. Since I think that the stronger sex (because women are stronger in all ways you can possibly imagine) deserves way more credit I wanted to list 10 inspiring women in Berlin for you to get to know here. These personal highlights are the fabulous women who made me laugh, cry and awe of admiration these last 12 month. Discover my selection after the jump.

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on December 31st, 2015
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Berlin is Burning – Voguing Out at HAU

Berlin Vouguing Out ∏ Anna Agliardi_040

photo: Anna Agliardi

Last weekend the stage of HAU2 became an arena of incredible dance talents. Named after the groundbreaking movie from the 80s Paris is Burning, portraying the ballroom scene of New York’s black transgender communities, this weekend’s dance competition Berlin is Burning combined the voguing with hip hop dance community. Germany’s two urban dance festivals, Funkin’ Stylez and Berlin Voguing Out joined forces for a weekend of workshops, panel discussions and a phenomenal dance battle. Theater photographer Anna Agliardi went for us to HAU2 to take some photos. Check out her impressions after the jump.

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on December 17th, 2015
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Berlin’s Hottest Contemporary Dance Highlights in December


photo: Marc Coudrais

Do you remember the good old days when the whole family went to the ballet to see the Nutcracker or Swan Lake for the holidays? At least in Germany it is a tradition on Christmas to go to the theater or to the ballet. Usually the Christmas program is very charming and family-friendly. If you have your parents coming to visit and want to experience this kind of theater I recommend you check out the program of Staatsballett and Komische Oper (but if you really want to go remember to book your tickets in advance)

The good thing in Berlin is that there is always the extreme opposite to all the typical German traditions. We found an unusual and intriguing selection of hot contemporary dance pieces and events coming up in the next few weeks, that we would like to present you here. The pieces after the jump might not be family friendly, but will definitely crack some nuts (in one way or another). Our list with photos and trailers after the jump.

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on December 9th, 2015
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Help, Don’t Hate! – Supporting Refugees through Collective Love


Working together with different people coming from different places and backgrounds is a wonderful present we enjoy every day at our office. Even more amazing is the chance to work with people with a good heart capable to move the world around just with their power of will. Some of our colleagues at Blogfabrik like Jule from im gegenteil were active volunteers during the refugee crisis that started this Summer. But as the situation got worse and worse we felt that we had a chance (and duty) to do something as a community.

This is why we connected our brainpower and creativity to create an interactive donation campaign called #HelpDontHate for all our social media channels. Showing our faces and and standing strong against hate towards refugees and foreigners we want to give a clear signal. We all realized that even the smallest helping gesture already changes so much so we want to empower more people to do so.

With the campagin #HelpDontHate not only the whole team of iHeartBerlin but all the people from the Blogfabrik network are showing their support to the people leaving countries in war for a better future. Find out which organizations our donations will go to and how to be part of our campaign after the jump.

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on November 30th, 2015
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A Walk Through Berlin in the Rain


All Photos:Eylül Aslan

Berlin is probably most quiet in Winter, most happy in Spring, most sexy in Summer and most beautiful in Autumn.

I feel like a Japanese tourist with an astonished gaze on my face while walking in the parks and streets of Berlin full of colorful trees. My city walks are in no way diminished by the typical meteorological events of Autumn: wind and rain. Quite the contrary, I am particularly in love with the days where the wind swirls the leaves around and I feel the drops landing on my head.

Together with photographer and friend Eylül Aslan and one of her beautiful models we took a rain boot walk testing the new rain boots collection of Brazilian brand Havaianas through cloudy Berlin and created some pictures in our favorite spots for a rainy day. Our Autumn day recommendations and more photos after the jump.

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on November 11th, 2015
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