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This Gay Rugby Team from Berlin Knows How to Defeat Stereotypes

photo: Slawomir Urban – URBANKAMERA

Straight men like football, basketball, and rugby. Gay men like gymnastics, ice-skating and yoga. These stereotypes can be right 60ish% of the time (this number is made up). But in some cases, they are so, so wrong and harmful. Stereotypes are a tricky thing. Of course, they help our silly human brains process information quicker and make faster decisions (though not necessarily better decisions). But when it comes to human interactions, your easy stereotypes can feel like a cage to the person you apply it too.

With the mission to show the world that stereotypes should be second-guessed in the case of sports and sexual preferences, the Berlin Bruisers take a strong stand on the field. The gay rugby team’s recent campaign – with the slogan “Fight For Being You” – was published on Facebook, Instagram and in print. When it came out, it caused quite some controversy (especially with straight men), which made me notice it.

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on August 7th, 2018
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Who was this Christopher Street Guy? – My Sister’s First Pride Parade

Berlin is a crazy bubble in terms of diversity. Nowhere else in Germany are there so many different spaces, places and outlets for the members of the LGBTQI Community. Of course Berlin is not perfect in terms of safety for the said community. We still have harassments of transsexuals on a monthly basis, and I would not always dare to kiss a man at Kotti at night because you never know how the surroundings might react. Despite that, I am more than happy to call Berlin my home, since I feel that no other place in Germany has the same amount of freedom, tollerance and possibilities for people of different sexual orientations or gender identities.

The biggest celebration of this diversity is definitely the annual Christopher Street Pride Parade. Since I came to Berlin at the age of 18, I have been visiting the parade regularly. Some years I remember as stressful because of the heat and too many drinks. Or I felt that the event had turned too commercial, so I decided I’d rather visit an alternative demonstration instead. Other years the weather was a bit tricky. But nonetheless every parade has had its highlights and stolen kisses to tell of afterwards.

My personal highlight of this year was to bring along my little sister to Pride. It was her first big Pride parade and as I wanted to make the experience as memorable as possible, I showed her all the typical Pride rituals.

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on July 30th, 2018
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A Picnic with Staatsoper Berlin – Cheers to Classical Music


Over the last ten years of doing iHeartBerlin, we’ve already had a couple of occasions where we could meet some of our readers. This experience of encountering somebody in person who is following you online is a really rewarding experience for us.

Yesterday, together with the Staatsoper Berlin, we had the chance to share a very special picnic with 6 of our readers and us for the occasion of Staatsoper für Alle – a free live concert next to the opera at Bebelplatz. It was a great way to enjoy wonderful highlights of classical music and spend time with our readers up close.

In the middle of an ocean of little blankets and foldable chairs, we prepared a cute little picnic with lots of gourmet delicacies. Of course, we could not miss the two most important ingredients if you wanna have a real brunch: Cupcakes and sparkling wine.


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on June 17th, 2018
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Win Exclusive Picnic with iHeartBerlin at the Best Classic Open-Air Concert


This year’s early and glorious summer is not only offering the most relaxed weekends at the lakes but also lots of amazing cultural activities you can experience under the open sky.

One of our absolute favorite classical music happenings in Berlin is Staatsoper für Alle. The opera house right at Under den Linden has recently reopened and is organizing once a year a weekend of free concerts and opera screenings.

For this year’s edition, we partnered up with Staatsoper to offer you an amazing price: We will organize a delicious exclusive picnic at the event with lots of delicious treats (and sparkling wine ;)) for 3×2 of our readers. So you can listen to the concert on Saturday 16th and enjoy a delightful brunch with us.

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on June 11th, 2018
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#morespacefor #Music – How A Pop-Up Concert Surprised Berlin


It’s a warm lazy Friday afternoon in Berlin. The temperature is high and the mood is dazzling. The weekend is ahead and everybody just wants to go home and change into their party shirts. But on this particular afternoon two weeks ago Berliners had a little surprise on their way home.

In collaboration with smart, the car brand who is well known for its minimal need of parking space, the brass band Moop Mama did a spectacular pop-up concert near Berlin Dom. We had the chance to be there while the band was playing and could dance and jump with the spontaneous crowd of Berliners. Check out the video here.

The idea behind the concert #morespacefor #music is to show how much better the parking space could be used if cars would be smaller. I like the approach and think that this kind of events are part of the dialogue we need to find out in what kind of city we all want to live in.

Below there are some photos from the concert.

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on June 8th, 2018
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Berlin without Offices – A Conference about the Future of Workspaces


Can you imagine the city of Berlin without office buildings? Everybody working remotely, only having their weekly or monthly meetings at a cafe or somewhere else? This would bring the city lots of more spaces for living and more spaces for culture and creativity. Not so bad in the end, huh?

Thinking about the future, not as an obstacle but rather a variety of opportunities is the task of the upcoming speculative laboratory “The Workhouse” by design brand USM in collaboration with UNstudio.

For a period of six weeks, the innovative furniture company will create a post-work utopia in which work and life merge together.  For the opening weekend on June 2nd, there will be a small conference starting the laboratory. If you want to go, it’s your lucky day since we are raffling off 2×2 tickets. Find out how below.

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on May 30th, 2018
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United Colors of Berlin – Love Against Right-Wing Populism

It seemed one of those beautiful early summer Sundays where you wake up with a little bit of hangover from a long Saturday night, lying around in bed a bit lazy but still sure you have to go out because the weather is too good to waste on a hangover.

But on this beautiful Sunday the so-called “Alternative for Germany” a party that gained popularity in a time of the refugee crisis and international instabilities had made big plans. This party wanted to march for the “future of Germany” all over Berlin and show how popular they have become. With an announced number of 10 000 marchers, it was supposed to become the biggest right-wing march since the end of the nazi-regime.

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on May 29th, 2018
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A Puppetry of Dark Ballet at Staatballett Berlin

A Puppetry of Dark Ballet at Staatballett Berlin


Are ballet dancers just puppets hanging on the strings of their choreographers? Unable to act on their own will, damned to display moves that others have pushed on them. And what happens if the dancers cut their strings to roam the stage. Chaos or beauty? Or maybe a dark combination of both?

In the new trilogy of Staatsballett by Gentian Doda, Marco Goecke, and Nacho Duato the dancers of the ballet company seem to be possessed by different spells of an old book. This triple-performance-night is the last contemporary premiere of the director Nacho Duato who is leaving the Staatsballett next season. And if you think ballet is family friendly amusement, you will rethink that after seeing this trilogy. It has even an age limit not allowing children in the audience.

For this particular night of exceptional dance, we are giving away 2×2 tickets to our readers. Find out how after the jump.

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on May 25th, 2018
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Aids Follies – A Dark Musical about the History of HIV

Approximately 0.5 % of the Berlin population is infected with HIV.  This number ranks Berlin on top of all German cities shortly followed by Hamburg. Due to effective medication nowadays you can live a long and healthy life even with an HIV infection. This has made the disease less frightening among younger generations which results in a rising number of new infections since the early 2000s.

Maybe these statistics are a good reason to take a closer look at the theater piece Aids Follies premiering today at Sophiensaele. This unusual Aids Musical takes you back to the story of Patient Zero, the first patient who was wrongly accused to have brought HIV to North America. With a collage of video documents, conspiracy theories and eclectic sound and dance performances the director Johannes Müller created a dark hybrid of different theater genres.

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on May 24th, 2018
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How Does Art Taste? – The Mumm Art Yard for Gallery Weekend 2018


The ultimate hot spot of the Gallery Weekend Berlin is Potsdamer Straße where many well-known galleries have settled in over the last years. The art scene has become buzzing and vibrant between the odd contrasts of Kurfürstenstraße and Wintergarten Varieté. Sometimes though, I am a bit upset that the whole artsy society is quiet elitist and closed towards an interested but maybe not so involved public.

I wonder: How can we deal with contemporary art in a more participatory and open-hearted way? During the upcoming Gallery Weekend Mumm Sekt is trying a new approach. The German sparkling wine company opened a pop-up Art Yard on Potsdamer Platz in collaboration with artist Daniel Egnéus. Egnéus, who is best known for his watercolor illustrations, has designed three Mumm Art Editions this year.

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on April 27th, 2018
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