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7 Years of I HEART BERLIN – The Anniversary Party

Part 3

Pitchtuner by Marlen Stahlhuth

Even if we became less excessive in our party habits, we still love to have a great dance when the occasion is right. And what could be a better reason to celebrate and dance our heels off than the 7th Anniversary of I HEART BERLIN. But no dancing is going to happen without the right music. Fortunately, we have a bunch of good old and new friends who are looking forward to support us with their energy and musicality.

I am happy and proud to announce that Pitchtuner will play a live concert at our party. Pitchtuner are a Japanese and German duo playing great and fun electro pop. They also were responsible for part of the soundtrack of our little web series of the The Fruit Salad. Now they are releasing their new album ready to go in October which will be a blast. As a preview to their new album they’re performing exclusively at our party. But this is not everything! Not only will we have a super cool line-up of DJs for you including some surprises, we will also have a very special Barber Shop photo box by our guest contributor Alicia Kassebohm celebrating the release of her first photo book BEARDICTED, the official opening of our WE ARE BERLIN group exhibition and the third edition of the BERLIN FILM NIGHT. After the jump we will present you our full line up of DJs and musical highlights. Check them out and don’t miss our 7th Anniversary Party tomorrow starting at 23h at Leipziger Str. 60 (entrance Jerusalemer Str).

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on September 19th, 2014
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Heji Shin beautiful Photo Series for the Deutsche Oper Berlin


Photographers are supposed to be active on the internet nowadays. You have to have at least a tumblr, flickr, Instagram and a blog to share your work with the world and get noticed. Surprisingly, there are still few young photographers out there where you have to go outside into the “real” world to discover their breathtaking pictures.

This happened to me with Heji Shin. Even though I knew her before through the Zeit Magazine conference were she was one of the speakers, I never had the chance to take a proper look at her work. But one day I walked into an empty subway station and was intrigued by the above picture hanging there. The merge between the street culture of Berlin of the people sitting in Görlitzer Park and enjoying life and the empty Opera house of Deutsche Oper was beautiful and twisted at the same time. So many hidden messages disclosed in front of my eyes in this quiet, beautiful but at the same time haunting photograph.

Looking over the full campaign Heji Shin shot for the theatrical season 2014/15 I have to say that these images really speak to me. They tell me the story about the multitude of creative culture in Berlin. About the collective, vibrating energy making the city shift into a myriad of shapes. But even though new things happen here all the time, some old things never change. One of them is the Deutsche Oper which is still one of the best Opera Houses in Europe. Even though the photos don’t relate to a specific piece they present the people working backstage and made me curios again for the big old Opera house far away in the West of the city. Maybe you think that you’re not even that interested in Opera. But I recommend you to go there at least once in your life. Because of course it’s great to check out all the new and exciting stuff going on. But it would be dull to forget about the cultural heritage and history which made Berlin the meeting place for the creative creme de la creme of good old Europe since the Twenties until today. It makes sense to put Berlin’s raw beauty on the center stage of the Opera. Both things are connected and go hand in hand, even if people sometimes tend to forget it way to easily. After the jump the magical campaign photos showing Berlin and the Deutsche Oper from its most transparent side.

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on September 18th, 2014
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Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit – Discovering the Unknown


photo: Amtsgericht by Herz&Blut

Since the beginning of our blogging experience we realized that Berlin has so much more to discover if you just open your eyes a bit wider. We always wanted to find the hidden gems, the undiscovered artist, the small off-theater production and give them the attention they deserved. Now after 7 years we managed to have quite a good knowledge of the city, but still every once in a while we make exciting new experiences here that take our breath away.

Last week we shared a similar experience with a group of fellow Berlin bloggers (FindingBerlinHerz&Blut, Ghetogether to name a few). The guys from the Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit wanted to show us the highlights of Wedding with a little tour and they did a marvelous job in presenting us not only spectacular architectonical highlights such as the Amtsgericht Tiergarten but also shared personal moments and anecdotes of their Kiezes with us while enjoying a slice of pizza.

From today on until September 14 the Kulturfestival Wedding & Moabit will transform these two neighborhoods into a lively creative oasis of ideas and festivities. Theater plays, dance performances, exhibitions, picnics, guided tours and of course an endless number of parties are just a few things you can experience during these days. Our recommended hotspots are the famous club Anita Berber, the monumental Amtsgericht and of course the Stattbad Wedding. Maybe after this weekend you will have a different view on Wedding and Moabit. You should also heck out our Fashion Week Guide to Wedding by the way. After the jump some more impressions from the different locations. Find out about the whole program of the festival here.

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on September 11th, 2014
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Win Tickets for the Rooftop Festival by


Mighty Oaks

You probably figured out already by giving a look to our event guide that we are in the middle of  Berlin Music Week. Until Sunday a great amount of concerts, festival and events are going on all around music of all kinds. We have mentioned Berlin Festival a couple of times this year. Also lovely, intimate and recommendable if you are into Scandinavian music is the Our/Berlin Festival.  But today we would love to get your attention on another pretty nice festival happening open air on a roof over Berlin this upcoming Sunday.

Auf den Dächern Festival is an initiative of the online music channel Apart from their role of being one of the companies to kick off the digital start-up hype in Berlin they have become organizers of a couple of really nice music events. Their event series Auf den Dächern (on the rooftops) is one of my favourite since the amazing concert of Florence and the Machine I saw on the rooftop of former Kater Holzig.

Now we would like to give you the chance to have a similar unique experience. More after the jump.

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on September 4th, 2014
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Tanznacht Berlin – Discovering Uferstudios in Wedding

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-28 um 15.07.39

One of my favorite places in Wedding are the Uferstudios. They have become an amazing creative factory for dance and performance in the last couple of years and I had the chance to see a bunch of interesting experimental pieces there that I would have missed in more conventional theaters. As often with off-theater spaces the choreographers and directors working there are young and unknown so far and most of the productions just play a few times only. That is why even for us it is sometimes hard to decide which pieces might be worth the trip and which are not.

Fortunately, the Tanznacht happening over the next couple of days might be the right thing for you to discover this beautiful creative space. From the 28th to the 31st of August 2014 several shows of all kinds are going to take place in the different studios. From a variety of choreographers and dancers performing during the 4-day program we can already recommend the piece by Jared Gradinger and Angela Schubot which we had the chance to see before. Aside from contemporary dance, this year’s edition has a special focus on video performances screened all over the place. Also the courtyard of the location will get a design intervention by Club Real. Discover the whole program here and also check out their magazine. More photos of the performances after the jump.

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on August 28th, 2014
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Rohkunstbau 2014: Revolution – Modern Art in the Castle


While Berlin itself has countless amazing things to discover in its center, it also has some great weekend-escapes outside of the city. For the art lovers we found a little pearl outside Berlin which might be the right thing to do on a cloudy day.

Inside an old abandoned mansion the Rohkunstbau installs unique art exhibitions every summer. At Schloss Roskow you will have the chance to experience all kinds of contemporary art in an extraordinary setting. The theme of this year’s exhibition is Revolution and it deals with issues of globalization, political participation and the subversive power of art in any revolution. Some of the artworks are quite subtle while others are rather concrete, but always very smart. Again the curator Mark Gisbourne has done a great job in creating an interesting mixture of artist and art forms.

The mansion itself has a very compelling history. It was the house of Leutnant Hans Hermann von Katte friend and gay lover of prince Friedrich II. They had the plan to escape together from the evil dad of Friedrich II. (how romantic) but got caught by spies and Katte was executed (now I see that my parental issues might be marginal in comparison). And what we learn from that: Life can be tough shit even if you are a Prussian prince.

I strongly suggest to use one of the weekends in August or September for a little trip to the countryside to see the Rohkunstbau 2014. You will have a unique art experience and while there you should also check out the surroundings. The exhibition is open until Semptember 21, 2014. More photos of the exhibition after the jump.

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on August 25th, 2014
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Berlin Atonal – Festival for Avantgarde Light and Sound


No city has a deeper connection to electronic music than Berlin. To describe it in the words of Techno legend Dimitri Hegeman, founder and owner of Tresor: “East and West celebrated the new freedom to the sound of electronic music. Berlin became the place for uncompromised youth culture and Tresor was the centre of this movement.”

Right next to Tresor electronic music will discover its avant-garde spirit this week with the Berlin Atonal Festival. The permanent home of this event which had its debut back in 1982, is an abandoned power plant called Kraftwerk Mitte.  With several artistic installations it has been turned into a darkly majestic industrial complex for the duration of the festival.

We heartly recommend to check out the line up of this unique celebration of contemporary music and maybe discover one pearl or another between the several highlights. Also we think that the location and its audio-visual installations are an incredible source of inspiration for the music and light artists presenting their work there. After the jump we show you some of the most impressive pictures of the location.

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on August 19th, 2014
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Berlin Voguing Out Festival 2014 – Journey to the Far East


photos: Gero Brelder

There is nothing that I find more intriguing than people loosing control and all their repressions on the dancefloor. For me that’s the definition of Voguing: Fighting for the sparkles of the disco ball every minute of the song pumping through the stereo. Some of this fighting spirit I am excited to experience live at the Berlin Voguing Out Festival that is taking place this week.

In 2012 Berlin Voguing Out introduced the first Voguing festival in Germany and since then this unique event has established itself within a very short time as a melting pot for the international Voguing scene.The third edition of the Berlin Voguing Out Festival will be even bigger and more colorful than in recent years. The program includes lectures, workshops, film screenings on the history of Voguing and the highlight of the festival, the Voguing Ball with its famous runway and dance categories.

This Wednesday there will be a special screening and an opening party at the Sophiensaele that you shouldn’t miss. On Thursday there will be a Voguing contest and on Friday a spectacular Voguing Ball. The final party on Saturday at the Berghain Kantine will probably get everyone jumping off their feet and into a coma after this crazy dance marathon.

More photos of previous Voguing events after the jump.

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on August 12th, 2014
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Le Articioche – The Artistic Supper Club


From time to time we have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary dinner experience such as a secret supper club. We love these kind of dinners were random strangers meet at a house of another stranger and get surprised by all kinds of delicacies. These types of dinners take a special place in our memory not only for the food but also for the interesting encounters with the other supper club guests. Berlin has so many wonderful supper clubs to offer and some of them we reviewed over here. One supper club we would like to recommend today is called Le Articioche and is organised by two Italian girls living in Neukölln. Their special recipe: for every dinner they serve they invite a special artist to give a creative contribution. For the one we went too, we had the chance to enjoy contemporary dance in between the courses of tasty Italian dishes.

This Wednesday they will have another supper club with the topic abstraction. A performance by Sub Human Bros will create the right atmosphere to guide you into the abstraction era! Don’t miss this intense experience and reserve your seat since the capacity is limited. By staying in touch with their facebook page you will know when their next dinner will take place. After the jump you will find some photos from the last supper club we attended to.

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on August 11th, 2014
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25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall – 25 Berlin Companies


The fall of the Berlin Wall on the 9th of November of 1989 was one of the most drastic changes in the history of Berlin. The reunification of the divided city was not only a political and social change but also the beginning of a new economic perspective for Berlin. Since then a lot has changed. Start-ups and young small companies have settled down in Berlin because of its fertile and creative ground. These changes not only bring new jobs for the inhabitants but also a more positive spirit for the future of the city.

One new project of the Berlin administration wants to focus on the creative and innovative people behind all the great companies settling in Berlin. Therefore 25 business will get a lot of positive attention in a city-wide countdown. You have a small business here or are working for a company which is positively connected to Berlin? Then you should definitely apply until July 31 to take part in this unique campaign. You only need to fill in this online questionnaire and inspire with your personal business story. You can find all the details about the project here.

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on July 25th, 2014
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