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Backstage with Odeur at Berlin Fashion Week


photos: Olga Khristolyubova

For several seasons now the Swedish brand Odeur is showing at Berlin Fashion Week. Finally the minimalistic sportswear label had a big runway show and got the attention it actually deserved.  Even though we are not really sure what to think about the styling and the combination of this year’s collection, we definitely spotted some brilliant highlight pieces as Devid mentioned already in our best of menswear article. To continue our series of backstage impressions here you go with the next photo set by our dear Olga. Enjoy the pictures after the jump.

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on January 29th, 2015
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Backstage with Studio 30ph at Berlin Fashion Week


photos: Olga Khristolyubova

We were incredibly intrigued by the new aesthetics of the studio 30ph (stands for 30 pairs of hands representing the students working on the project) collection that we mentioned already in our womenswear best-of. The label is the student project of the HTW university and focuses their work on ethical fair trade eco-fashion. This year they presented a collection only made out of pure untreated cotton. The results are unique garments for all kinds of situations and all kinds of body shapes and ages. Our photographer Olga was not only taking photos backstage, but was also one of the designers creating the outfits. We clap our hands to this fantastic result and look forward to shows in the upcomming seasons.

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on January 26th, 2015
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Death Asshole Rave Video – Queer English Dance Theater


photo: Ian Douglas

I have heard about the work of Berlin-New York nomadic dancer Jeremy Wade quite a lot in the last years and never made it to any of his shows. The new dance theater piece he is performing at HAU Theater is an aggressive/sexy/disturbing (choose you adjective) monologue about the different aspects of death. In a dark, American-Horror-Story-like queer setting Wade experiments with vehicles for experiencing different deaths – death of theater, value, sense, and attachment. Jeremy Wade uses death as a metaphor to give the audience a wake-up call projecting his research on the death of our Western society into the future. The dates, pictures and a video after the jump.

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on January 24th, 2015
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Pitchtuner in Concert in Berlin & Gif-Fashion Editorial


Last year I had a really exciting project I would love to tell you more about. For the album release of the band Pitchtuner fashion photographer Marlen Stalhuth and I created an animated Gif-Fashion Story. Pitchtuner, that is Japanese Miki Yoshimura und Johannes Marx from Germany. The two Berliners-of-choice released their fourth album “Ready to go”  via  RAR, marketed by Motor Entertainment. Pitchtuner is a unique combination of Indie-Pop and DIY-Dance-Electronic.This combo mixes the eccentricity of Japan and the German inventiveness. If you want to experience their unique concerts (we had them as main act to our 7 years anniversary party) I have good news for you. They will be playing on Friday the 23 here in Berlin together with the Dj -Team JeansTeam. Enjoy the fashion story inspired by the street styles of Tokyo featuring young designers from Germany and Japan and check out the concerts infos here.

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on January 22nd, 2015
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Backstage at SADAK – Berlin Fashion Week FW 15/16

Backstage at SADAK – Berlin Fashion Week FW 15/16

photos: Olga Khristolyubova

The first show we visited during the Berlin Fashion Week was the runway show of Sadak. We were really happy for our friend ‎Saša Kovačević that he got the chance to show his colorful and extravagant menswear at the Berlin Fashion Week for the first time. His style is a bold mix of archaic folklore patterns and decorations and hip hop cuts. For sure his fashion is extremely unique and worth keeping an eye on. We sent our talented photographer Olga to take some backstage photos for you. Enjoy them after the jump.

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on January 21st, 2015
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Fashion Week and Islam: Princess Hijab


Five years ago I wrote for the first time about Princess Hijab – a street ad-busting artist (like Vermibus from Berlin)  who changes the look of advertising fashion campaigns by painting a veil over the pretty photoshopped faces of the models. Because of the current Fashion Week I was looking back into old articles and realized how on the edge her art is in this particular time. Even if she seems not active as an artist any more, I wanted to look deeper into the meaning of her artwork to see if it could help me with my thoughts about the current political situation.

Read the results of my thinking after the veil. ;-)

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on January 20th, 2015
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Tanztage Berlin 2015 – How queer can you be?

Vincent Riebek

photo: Vincent Riebeek

For the Berlin contemporary dance world January is one of the most important months of the year due to the festival Tanztage at the Sophiensaele. This year’s edition has a new artistic director, Anna Müller, and the focus is the interdisciplinary nature of many young artists whose playing field is not just restricted to dance. They set out to discover new worlds or genres and address choreographic issues in pop culture such as: striptease and breakdance, club culture, talk shows and pop music. All things we actually like and want to see on stage more often.

(Side note: Of course I just want to see male strippers on stage because of their effect on my social perception. Male stripping is seen as a social deviance and through its performances creates a sort of equality in relation to the predominantly normative female stripping, giving the women in the audience the feeling of empowerment. And of course I have to take in consideration the visual pleasure I receive as a side-effect from such an important cultural step into gender equality. Therefore I see it as my personal duty to go to any show were hot male stripping is promised on the flyer.)

The eleven day long performance marathon with nine premieres and five revivals invites the audience to discover new choreographic talents and to enjoy contemporary dance in this beautiful theater. Of course we should not forget to mention the fabulous party that will take place there tonight. If you have just a quick look into the program of the 24th edition of the festival you get the feeling as if almost any show has some queer topic. Actually not very surprising since the contemporary dance world consists to 80% of gay men and 20% of feminist women (of course just a superficial assumption based on my subjective experience and not on real statistics) Some recommendations after the jump.

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on January 8th, 2015
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Happy Birthday Volksbühne


Dear Volksbühne,

with 100 years you might be a granny (still pretty young in comparison to other theaters in Berlin) but you are still sexy and edgy as hell. We had so much fun, you and I. You were one of my first friends here in Berlin and I spend so many hours in the third floor that I can’t even count them. Not only did you make me enjoy so many great pieces, concerts and parties and fashion shows. With your banners you always get my attention and around you I feel somehow safe. You were my favourite place in Berlin when I came here and you still are ranked pretty high. I hope I will spend so much more time with you and I promise to come visit more often.



Ps: More info about tonights 100 years birthday party after the jump.

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on December 30th, 2014
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Berlin Christmas in the Last Century – A Photo Retrospective


Christmas time in Berlin is really special because everybody is gone. It feels a little bit like in one of these apocalyptic movies where the people slowly disappear. Most of the restaurants close. Even some Spätshops that you thought would be open around the clock shut down for Christmas. But we would like to remind you that it wasn’t always like that. There was a time where people actually stayed here to celebrate.

As usual for special occasions everybody is taking pictures on Christmas. Even my 83 old grandmother takes a selfie in front of the Christmas decorations. Since the uprise of photography in the every day life, people took pictures on Christmas. We went for a little time travel and collected the most interesting historical pictures of the last century for you. From shopping window displays in the 20s to Nazi-Santas and snowmans of the border between East and West, we tried to represent the adventurous and sometimes troubled history our city went trough.  As you see Christmas ist not only a good time for helping others but also to spread your specific propaganda. A very interesting history lesson we should get out of these images. We hope you enjoy it.

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on December 24th, 2014
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Berlin Art: An Interview with Pola Sieverding


Some might call her art grotesque, others will call it majestic. In any case the artworks of the Berlin-based artist Pola Sieverding is one of a kind. Reflecting multiple aspects of masculinity her videos and photographs called our attention and made us curious for more. Therefore we connected with her to learn more about her vision and her artistic approach. Read the full interview and enjoy her sexual and sometimes revolting artwork.

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on December 19th, 2014
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