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Design Your Own Magnum Ice Cream at the Pleasure Store

After a hot summer day in the city, we couldn’t have imagined a better evening activity than visiting the opening party of the new Magnum Pleasure Store last Thursday at the Neues Kranzler Eck in Charlottenburg. During the Chocolate Hour that attracted top models, social media stars and ice cream lovers we had the chance to be one of the first people in Berlin to design our own unique Magnum. With the help of the “Pleasure Makers” in the store you could compile your own Magnum creation out of several tasty and decorative ingredients. The results were definitely the most stunning Magnum ice creams we’ve ever seen (and eaten).

The event was also the opening of the exhibition “Release the Beast” by famous fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott who shot Kendall Jenner for this photo series. The Pleasure Store has already opened in New York, London, Paris and Amsterdam and now it was about time that we got our hands on these deluxe ice creams here in Berlin. Get a preview of the store that will hopefully wet your appetite after the jump.

Kate by
on June 13th, 2016
in Cafés, Charlottenburg

The Secret Ingredients of Foodporn

photo: Our Food Stories

Fashion changes and beauty fades, but one thing that will always play an important role in our everyday life is food! No surprise that food blogs are on the rise, and my Instagram feed is full of amazing food creators. Yes, food photography, food styling, food art and #foodporn: we just can’t get enough of it. Maybe because pictures of food inspire us in the kitchen, encourage us to change up the menu and discover new, interesting and healthy recipes. It’s something that seems beneficial for our own heart, body and soul.

Becoming a food blogger might seem easy because, well, we all know how to make pancakes and a quiche. But that’s not completely right – there is a big difference between cooking for yourself and cooking for a bigger audience, like for the eyes of a thousand followers. Food blogging is a new form of art, and only true creators of real foodporn know: there is a lot of work and practice behind creating a meal that does not only taste good, but also visually appeals to the world on Facebook and Instagram. We asked three specialists of the German food blog community about their secret ingredients of foodporn. The answers and amazing photos after the jump…

Kate by
on February 4th, 2016
in Food

Spirits of Berlin

Brandstifter Berlin

Berlin is a party capital and when people party they drink alcohol. The logical consequence: a lot of alcohol is being consumed in our city. Berlin wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for some of the unique spirits that are produced here. Yes, you will probably have a hard time finding the Peppermint Schnaps Berliner Luft or the beautifully simplistic Our/Vodka Bottle somewhere outside of the city, even though they enjoy a good and very unique image around the world.

The most important spirts of Berlin after the jump…

Kate by
on January 28th, 2016
in Products

Following the Dancing Street Art Girls in Berlin

The dancing confetti girls first crossed our paths in Paris and London – but ever since they seem to have followed us back home to Berlin. There is a lot of street art in Berlin, but these girls who are often accompanied by the slogan It’s time to dance do stand out to us. Why? Because we feel them so very deeply and they represent an important part of Berlin: Dancing, moving, being free, wild and partying. And the best parties obviously need a lot of confetti.

The different confetti covered pastings of the dancing girls were created by the French street artist SOBR and even though his project ‘It’s time to dance’ has been going on for a while and it seems like he hasn’t made new ones for a while, a lot of the enthusiastic dancers are still around. Pay attention, once you’ve spotted the dancing girls, they will follow you around town. Here are the girls, we found while strolling around our neighborhood…

Kate by
on January 28th, 2016
in Art, Party

The New Face Of Fashion: Berlin

photo: Glen Luchford/Gucci

Berlin is famous and loved for its style-less culture, whatever you want to wear, you can wear. There doesn’t need to be a difference between your comfortable home look and your Berghain outfit, but with the Berlin Fashion Week starting today the city is once again about to get busy, trendy and super chic. But it’s not only the Fashion Week that gives our ‘poor fashion city’ some attention from the big names in the industry – Berlin itself has moved into focus and is the secret star of two major fashion campaigns, released last week.

Yes, Gucci and Givenchy both decided to shoot their campaigns for 2016 in different iconic areas of town – using the historic vibe of the 70’s/80’s and the Plattenbau-chic to support their new fashion creations. Berlin is the place to be for music, art, culture and obviously the new face in fashion. Check out the full campaigns after the jump…

Kate by
on January 18th, 2016
in Fashion, Photos, Videos

Berlin Tattoo Masters: Myra Brodsky

Berlin is a melting pot and center for all kinds of creatives: One of the things the city is definitely not lacking are amazing tattoo artists. Right at the top of the vibrant scene is Myra Brodsky, the grande dame of Berlin, who is about to publish her first book with tattoos and illustrations of the past five years. Myra, who is based in Berlin and grew up in Germany has always been scatching but got into tattooing by accident, while studying visual communication.

After a friend got her the first machine in 2008, she started by tattooing herself and developed her own style in the following four years: Old school customs with a new school edge, combining details found in 1920s Art Nouveau paintings with Baroque and Renaissance art, the Victorian era and Rococo with a modern taste. Over the past seven years, Myra has inked hundreds of amazing tattoos – from handheld masterpieces including unique unicorns, mermaids, wartime nurses and card-trick magicians to full-on body works, including butterfly back pieces. More of her work and all the details of the book release after the jump…

Kate by
on January 14th, 2016
in Art, Books

Vanished Architecture of Berlin

photo: Jaron Verlag / Günter Schneider

We love Berlin for its multicultural feeling and the endless freedom – everyone can be and look just as they like to. But not only the people, who live in Berlin make up an interesting mix. The Berlin architecture has its own language and tells a lot about Berlin’s past, history and constant change. Yes, there is still a wild clash of different architectural styles, which attract lots of visitors. But there are also a lot of buildings that have  become victims of the passing time and inevitable changes.

Some left quietly without anyone hardly noticing and others left with lots of protest and a loud bang. Either way the second world war, the cold war and the GDR left their marks on our beautiful skyline and within the different areas of Berlin. Inspired by the book “Abgerissen!” by Arnt Cobbers we want to take a look back at some of Berlins architecture that we lost along the way…

Kate by
on January 12th, 2016
in Stories

A Portrait of Change: Neukölln Wind

Gentrification is a huge and ongoing topic in Berlin, with the steady rise of rent prices, as just recently shown in the Rent Map the change becomes inevitable and crystal clear. But nevertheless stories are being constantly written, with new people coming and old people dealing with the changes, the melting pot becomes more diverse and offers endless potential: An interesting time and a good base for a portrait about Neukölln.

Arsenny Rapoport, a filmmaker from Israel fell in love with Berlin right from the start, he felt especially inspired by Neukölln. He started filming and writing his film debut Neukölln Wind in 2012, which tells the story of estate agent Kalle, who himself grew up in Neukölln before his whole house was cleared, due to Asbestos being used. He returns many years later and wants to buy his old house and other buildings. On his way down memory lane he crosses paths with many different souls and gets involved with their personal stories. The film is very close to reality and even the famous homeless Schmitti, who lived on Neuköllns streets for 27 years before he passed away in August gets to tell his story.

With his film debut Rapoport sets a memorial of change and captures the moment and interesting stories of his chosen home. The trailer and more Infos about the film premiere tonight after the jump…

Kate by
on January 7th, 2016
in Movies

Berlin is… Quiet and Thoughtful

photo: Franz Becker

Sometimes it’s hard to let go: It’s this time of the year again – the holidays. We’re supposed to be kind, quiet and loving. Yes, December is a cosy month, at least it’s hiding behind this romantic cover. But when we think about it, when we have those few quiet moments sitting by ourselves with candle light and time to breath, we realize: the December is stressful, and that is mainly because things are close to an end. It’s time to let go and spend some quality time with the whole family, but it’s mainly the goodbyes that creep up on us and leave an odd taste behind.

Indeed, everyone is rushing quietly – because things need to get done: Work needs to be finished, Christmas parties need to be celebrated, people need to be seen, everything is happening one last time before the year is over…

Kate by
on December 30th, 2015
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Berlin Through Winter’s Eyes

Most people recommend to visit Berlin in summer for obvious reasons – everyone is happy, out on the street, biking the city, celebrating life at open airs, just enjoying those special never ending summer nights. But this is only one side of the year and Berlin, because starting in November the days become darker and the mood of the city changes. Berlin becomes more serious and somehow bizarrely dark and beautiful.

It’s still attracting visitors though and they get to see the deep, hopeful and patient side of the city. It’s like looking at Berlin through a filter, with winter eyes. It has a completely different beauty that is perfectly captured in the following video made by the Czech Videographer crew Kaco and accompanied by the melancholic song “Damage Done” of Moderat. See Berlin through Winter’s eyes after the jump…

Kate by
on December 28th, 2015
in Videos