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A Guide to Berlin’s Best Picnic Spots

Thankful for the fact that this year’s summer filter seems to be slightly more lasting and graces the Hauptstadt with more gorgeous rays of sunshine than unexpected raindrops, we’re bringing you the ultimate guide to Berlin’s best picknick locations! Grab some snacks and a blanket and get out there! Whether with the squad or solo, it’s practically a sin to ignore Berlin’s abundance of green!

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on July 19th, 2018
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Explore Berlin’s Past & Present through Music


The Deezer Music Tours, the new project from the streaming service Deezer, is definitely right up our alley! Experiencing a guided audio tour of the city with the right soundtrack in your ear sounds like a great idea to start with! They’ve asked unique personalities from the music industry – Marcus Staiger, DJ Westbam, und Bela B –  to share their first-hand insights on Berlin’s recent history and combined those with iconic songs that take you right back in time. Nothing left to do but hop on a Deezer nextbike and listen to three awesome audio guides that will give you musical trivia no Berliner should miss – and all of that completely for free!

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on July 6th, 2018
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Berlin Bars that Keep on Rocking

photos: Amanda Artiaga

I once described Berlin as an apotheosis of the proverbial sex, drugs, and… well, mostly techno. As a self-confessed Elvis worshipper, I find that last characteristic slightly regrettable. Personally, I try to do my share in maintaining Berlin’s legacy as the erstwhile home to Iggy, Bowie, and Nick Cave – but even cranky me can’t constantly live in the past and/or Johnny Cash lyrics. Saddened by the recent demise of the Bassy Club, we decided to put together a list of joints that still spice up the nightlife with some rock’n’roll spirit, be it punk rock, new wave, post-punk, blues, or whatever else to float your barman’s boat.

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on July 5th, 2018
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Game-Changing Projects for Berlin’s Future

Germans are famous for their grumpiness – and sometimes it feels like the new expats are adapting it quicker than they would admit themselves. While gentrification is a real issue, we cannot stay entirely focused on that, because that leaves us with no time to support new initiatives with the potential to have a really positive impact on our city. Today, we are presenting 5 such ideas from the minds of our local visionaries – the future may not be as dim as you’ve thought!

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on June 19th, 2018
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iHeartBerlin’s Very First In-Real-Life Design Edition: Berlin Stickers


The spirits are even higher than usual among our team today. We are absolutely thrilled to launch a series that is a complete novelty in our over 10 years of blogging. For the first time ever, we’re introducing iHeartBerlin-themed real life products – titled IHB/IRL. The first edition is a colorful sheet of 13 cute stickers created by our talented in-house designer Berk Karaoglu with images you might recall from some of our editorials. The batch is limited, so get ’em while they’re hot!

Over the years, we’ve seen that you heart Berlin just as much as we do, so we’ve tried to figure out an outlet for that love to spread outside of the Internet too. IHB/IRL is a chance for you to have the iHeartBerlin vibe visibly present in your day to day hustle – that’s why we chose to go with stickers for the first edition.

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on May 15th, 2018
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Berlin’s Best Stand-up Comedians

Liliana Velasquez, photo: Caspar David Schaede

There’s a lot to be said about Berlin’s creative scene, its open-mindedness and extraordinary cultural heritage. But like in any other artistic community, the risk of falling into the trap of taking oneself too seriously is pretty high. Luckily, among the innumerable performers in our city, there’s a particular group that prompts us all to look at things with a more relaxed attitude. Read on to get to know Berlin’s favorite stand-up comedians and find out where to catch their shows!

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on May 2nd, 2018
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Eva & Adele: The Story of an Iconic Berlin Artist Couple

They are the gender fluid twins in art, bold style icons, prolific artists across multiple fields. They’ve established a stimulating, brazen presence that has gained artistic recognition globally. Their unique performance act has been around for 25 years, and yet they never run out of ideas for their next outfit. This fabulous duo calls Berlin their home, and more than that, they seem to impersonate the city’s unrestrained artistry and the desire to cross boundaries. If you haven’t heard of them yet their upcoming retrospective exhibition at me Collectors Room Berlin will give you the opportunity to change that.

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on April 20th, 2018
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10 Funny German Sex Words to Pimp up your Deutscher Dirty Talk

illustrations: Berk Karaoglu

You might be familiar with German as the mighty code used by ridiculously inquisitive forms and just as nosy club bouncers. In this article series, we are challenging that rather unfavorable notion by collecting some of the juiciest bits this vocabulary has to offer. It’s only natural that this quest has eventually led us to feature some quirky dirty talk. This listicle might therefore be a bit less practical than our previous editorials featuring casual German, some fine German insults, and unique German words of happiness. But if either wacky sex stuff or just bizarre compound nouns is your thing, you’re about to get lucky!

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on April 12th, 2018
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After School Hustle: The Coolest Coaches of Berlin

photo: After School Hustle

How to sustain Berlin’s status as a creativity hub and support its talent? How to make sure the art scene remains inclusive and reinforces the community? Luckily, there are guys in Berlin who care about finding answers to those questions – and will go to great lengths creating projects that truly have a positive impact on the community. After School Hustle is a great example – and it addresses the folks that really have the potential to make a change in the decades to come – the high school students!

The program, founded and directed by Pawel Mordel, provides free skill-building workshops for high schoolers in Berlin. After School Hustle is still quite a recent project. They’ve just started out in the summer of the previous year and yet what they’ve accomplished so far is already pretty impressive.

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on March 29th, 2018
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A Guide to Syrian Creatives, Projects & Places in Berlin

photo: Bernhard Musil

For a new feature from our series of articles presenting different cultures in Berlin that already featured the Greeks, Poles, or the Turkish people we want to showcase some of the most interesting things that Syrian people have brought to Berlin. Our listicle is simply brimming with versatile talent – among others we’ve got a Youtuber, several artists, writers and dancers, and – of course – a DJ.

We also highlight a bunch of great social initiatives created either by or in cooperation with Syrians that you shouldn’t miss. Last but not least, scroll right to the bottom of the article to find the best locations for Syrian food that Berlin has to offer!

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on March 22nd, 2018
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