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Eva & Adele: The Story of an Iconic Berlin Artist Couple

They are the gender fluid twins in art, bold style icons, prolific artists across multiple fields. They’ve established a stimulating, brazen presence that has gained artistic recognition globally. Their unique performance act has been around for 25 years, and yet they never run out of ideas for their next outfit. This fabulous duo calls Berlin their home, and more than that, they seem to impersonate the city’s unrestrained artistry and the desire to cross boundaries. If you haven’t heard of them yet their upcoming retrospective exhibition at me Collectors Room Berlin will give you the opportunity to change that.

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on April 20th, 2018
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10 Funny German Sex Words to Pimp up your Deutscher Dirty Talk

illustrations: Berk Karaoglu

You might be familiar with German as the mighty code used by ridiculously inquisitive forms and just as nosy club bouncers. In this article series, we are challenging that rather unfavorable notion by collecting some of the juiciest bits this vocabulary has to offer. It’s only natural that this quest has eventually led us to feature some quirky dirty talk. This listicle might therefore be a bit less practical than our previous editorials featuring casual German, some fine German insults, and unique German words of happiness. But if either wacky sex stuff or just bizarre compound nouns is your thing, you’re about to get lucky!

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on April 12th, 2018
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After School Hustle: The Coolest Coaches of Berlin

photo: After School Hustle

How to sustain Berlin’s status as a creativity hub and support its talent? How to make sure the art scene remains inclusive and reinforces the community? Luckily, there are guys in Berlin who care about finding answers to those questions – and will go to great lengths creating projects that truly have a positive impact on the community. After School Hustle is a great example – and it addresses the folks that really have the potential to make a change in the decades to come – the high school students!

The program, founded and directed by Pawel Mordel, provides free skill-building workshops for high schoolers in Berlin. After School Hustle is still quite a recent project. They’ve just started out in the summer of the previous year and yet what they’ve accomplished so far is already pretty impressive.

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on March 29th, 2018
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A Guide to Syrian Creatives, Projects & Places in Berlin

photo: Bernhard Musil

For a new feature from our series of articles presenting different cultures in Berlin that already featured the Greeks, Poles, or the Turkish people we want to showcase some of the most interesting things that Syrian people have brought to Berlin. Our listicle is simply brimming with versatile talent – among others we’ve got a Youtuber, several artists, writers and dancers, and – of course – a DJ.

We also highlight a bunch of great social initiatives created either by or in cooperation with Syrians that you shouldn’t miss. Last but not least, scroll right to the bottom of the article to find the best locations for Syrian food that Berlin has to offer!

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on March 22nd, 2018
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History Phone: The 20s Guide to Naughty & Queer Berlin

It’s safe to say that when I arrived in Berlin at 19, I knew very little in general. In the two years I’ve spent here, there have been times when I fooled myself I’ve obtained some general knowledge I could apply to reality – and time after time found myself utterly perplexed at yet another of life’s intricacies that Berlin exists to accentuate. And then it dawned on me – the only certainty I’ve experienced is the love for this city.  The History Phone is my attempt to pay it forward – join us for a journey to discover a few of the lesser known facts from Berlin’s past that will add some sparkle to your everyday walk though familiar streets.

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on March 20th, 2018
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Staying in Love with Berlin

photo: Mike Kotsch

You fell in love with Berlin, the vibrant party location that sometimes forgets it’s supposed to be a capital and acts like a huge open air techno festival instead. It felt good, so you thought you’d stay, taking your relationship with Berlin to the next level – calling it your home. But every single commitment drags along its gnarly twin – monotony.

Now that you’ve dropped your anchor here, that morning glimpse of the Fernsehturm on your daily commute may not feel quite as exciting as it used to. Even the most unique sights can grow old, and what draws your attention instead is the smell of piss and trash lying all along the curbside.

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on February 28th, 2018
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5 Essential Things You Have to Know When You’re New in Berlin

illustrations: Berk Karaoglu

Expats arrive in the city with varying levels of life experience and capacities to adapt. Everyone is anxious to speed up the initiation process and finally become a true Berliner, but few are aware that this noble title comes at a price. First off, you have to learn to live with extremely capricious Internet and the general reluctance to accept cash payment. But that’s merely the beginning.

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on February 21st, 2018
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7 Awesome Berlin Bars that are Perfect for a First Date

photo: Herr Lindemann

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we came across Zitronenstraße – a project that highlights Berlin’s most romantic spots such as bars, cafes, restaurants and parks on an interactive map. Although the town is full of bars and cafes, sometimes you still end up clueless as to where can you take your date. This is especially common during Winter, when even the most tenacious Berliners have to seek shelter from the cold. We’ve asked Valerio – the creator of the romantic places in Berlin map – to share his 7 favorite bars that he thinks are perfect for a romantic date.

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on February 14th, 2018
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Being a Mono Girl in a Poly World

photos: Franziska Müller-Degenhardt

When I first came here, I was innocent and inexperienced, clear as a blank page. But it is a truth universally acknowledged that Berlin is a city of creatives, so it’s only natural that after a while, I ended up feeling like someone has scribbled all over me. The once blank page is now covered in chaotic drafts and I am only left with distant memories of love songs, script ideas and DJ sets, all of which turned out to be way less meaningful than I could have (however naively) hoped.

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on February 13th, 2018
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The Story Behind the Iconic Kiss on the Berlin Wall

The Story Behind the Iconic Kiss on the Berlin Wall

When we think of Berlin as a tourist destination, there’s one spot that invariably attracts all kinds of visitors. Whether it’s your grandma or the cool chick you met in London, they’ll want to see the East Side Gallery. And while you’re there, don’t be surprised when your guest (well, maybe not the grandma), will ask you to take a selfie with what’s become the most recognizable graffiti of them all.

Its actual title is ‘’My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love’’, but if that doesn’t ring a bell, you probably know it as something along the lines of ‘’Two Older Guys Sharing an Intense Kiss’’. And guess what? Although the image itself is now widely regarded as something of a symbol for Berlin’s general inclusivity and the city’s welcoming approach towards anything LGBTQ, the history behind it is a bit different.

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on February 5th, 2018
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