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Black Poodle: Your Berghain-style Ice Cream

Black Poodle Ice Cream Berlin

If you were asked to imagine Berlin as an ice cream, what image would you have for it? Exactly. Full-on hardcore, All-black-everything, seemingly unapproachable, but actually tasting the sweetest. This idea of putting Berghain-friendly ice cream into a cone was realized by Black Poodle Ice Cream Club on Schlesische Straße, and we couldn’t contain ourselves – we actually can’t wait to match it with our outfit while waiting in that long queue.

The ice cream shop offers unique, homemade recipes, freshly made everyday. We tried their signature “Black Poodle”, black ice cream coming in a black cone, kinda making you feel not cool enough to be eating it. Its taste is Mexican vanilla, way better than what you’d expect a black ice cream to taste; isn’t it the perfect metaphor for Berlin or what?! Of course it offers a whole variety of creamy delights, ranging from fruity to sweet, all super fresh and delicious.

If you stroll around Schlesi, do NOT miss out on trying this super tasty AND stylish ice cream. I guarantee it’ll become your favorite!

Stella by Stella
on June 29th, 2017
in Cafés, Kreuzberg

Berlin Spree – A Millennial Parody

Berlin Spree 12

In the last few years, Berlin has given refuge to creative souls from all around the world who were in search of a cool yet affordable place to call home. Berlin offered them that, and so much more, with its distinct, unique lifestyle becoming every young person’s fantasy. That fantasy, and its disillusionment is being captured and satirized by musician Joel Montagud and writer Hayley Bracken in their video “Berlin Spree”, and we think it’s hilarious!

The video follows a female protagonist as she muses over the appeal of life in Berlin, and what this generation gets (or fails to get) out of it: and it’s so funny because it’s so true. The video itself is a testament to Berlin’s inclusive, pro expression expatriate community and ‘hipsters’ willingness to satirize themselves.

Stella by Stella
on June 28th, 2017
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Imagine Kotti as a Vivid Holiday Paradise


illustrations: Bruno Pinto da Cruz

In our ceaseless hunt for cool Berlin art, we stumbled upon a project we loved and thought we’d share with you:  Berlin-based digital illustrator Bruno Pinto da Cruz’s ISOMATIC. ISOMATIC is a sequence of architectural drawings, transformed by Bruno into illustrations, unveiling the scenery in different colors and shapes. Among other projects, our eye was caught by his awesome Kotti illustration, the beginning of a series that is going to focus on Berlin’s iconic neighborhoods. Kotti, through Bruno’s eyes, becomes playful and flooded with color; a little Sailor Moon-y looking, which made me love it extra much. Of course, it’s not the first time Kotti becomes an artist’s muse: In the past, among others, Kotti has served as an inspiration to illustrator Nicola Napoli, in his creation of various illustration series, as well as a toy carpet by Muschi Kreuzberg.

Stella by Stella
on June 28th, 2017
in Art, Design

The Berlin Fine Coffee Guide: The Best Coffee Places in Mitte

Roeststaette Mugs

photo: Tai Lückerath

In an attempt to help you eliminate all basic coffee from your lives, we have gathered the finest speciality coffee shops located in the heart of Berlin, waiting for you to try them! Whether you’re strolling around Mitte, sightseeing with visitors, or shopping, these coffee places are the break and boost you need to continue your day.

Stella by Stella
on June 26th, 2017
in Cafés, Mitte

A Dreamy Boat Ride in Berlin

Red Boat Ride Am Neuen See-9738

One of the ways  in which Berlin is truly incomparable, is that it’s a big city you can escape without really leaving it; no long hour driving to get to an oasis of green, for they are all around the city! And the best way to enjoy nature, relax, and let all stress go? A boat ride.

For those who don’t have a way out of the city due to work, Berlin’s parks offer the perfect little escape on a daily basis: it’s the place we can cool off,  forget about the city’s busyness and let nature have us as its kids again. And when these parks have a lake we can take a boat ride in, all the better! One of our options is right in the center of Berlin, with Tiergarten offering boat rides in Cafe am Neuen See! A cute little lake you can paddle your way around, wave hello to your co-paddlers, and lose yourself in the serenity of the scenery.

Stella by Stella
on June 21st, 2017
in Cafés, Tiergarten

From Blog to Language School: An Interview with Berlino Magazine

Berlino Team

The Berlino Team

Despite your motivation or ability, learning a new language can be a drag: Until words start making sense, what you experience is constant confusion. The need of a language becomes even more imposing when you’ve moved to the country in which it is spoken: no matter how willing people are to speak in English to accommodate you, awkward situations where you don’t know what is happening in daily life are inevitable: the lady talking to you on the street, the cashier at the supermarket, the signs all around the city.

Berlino Schule, the newly created language school by the team behind Berlino Magazine, is ready to meet the challenges that make learning German unattractive, while keeping their price very very attractive: only 4 Euro/hr. They are devoted to providing a friendly atmosphere for their students, where they can feel as adults learning and not school kids. The groups are small in each class, and the staff keeps exploring new, innovative ways in order to make learning more effective and fun. We had the chance to speak with one of the Berlino founders, Andrea D’Addio, about how he came from running a blog about Berlin to running a language school and how to improve your German learning experience.

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on June 15th, 2017
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An Excursion to the Peacock Island of Berlin

Pfaueninsel Berlin-182020

Leute! Get your exploring caps on! Considering your next sunny-day excursion, and you’re in a princessy mood? I got just the thing for you! The Pfaueninsel (Peacock Island. YES, Peacock Island!) is a right-out-of-a-fairytale destination, super close to Berlin and ready for you to explore.

A nature conservation area since 1924, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and accessed only by ferry, this cute little island is upon the Havel river, and it’s got a long and rich history, dating back to the 17th century. To help you do your homework, let me share some of the highlights of the island’s history.

Stella by Stella
on June 14th, 2017
in Wannsee

Art, Faith & Death: Unusual Churches & Crematoria in Berlin

St. Agnes

This city is just full of surprises:  To a newcomer here, a lot of Berlin’s ways might even come as a bit of a shock, until one gets used to it. Among these shocking things,  is seeing spaces with a very particular context, such as churches, not serving solely their religious purpose as gathering points of worship, but instead being used  for other cultural activities: exhibition spaces, concert stages, theatre stages. For most other parts of the world that’d be unthought of: but Berlin is just like no other city, haven’t we established that already? In terms of, well, everything; and churches confirm it.

Spaces so holy, designed to create awe and devoutness, connected with faith or death, both parts of life that are hard for us to conceive, find other, secular uses, and thus step off their high place somewhere closer to us. That’s got a lot to do with the city’s tendency of giving a new life to things old and abandoned: from the secondhand scene being so strong here, people reuse every chance they get, to abandoned places that often become art spaces, to churches and crematoria being reused, having a new life, and gain new meaning. A collection of such spaces, that caught our eye somehow, either with their design, or with the whole new use, we are about to present to you :)

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on June 13th, 2017
in Art, Stories

How to Plan a First Date in Berlin

Couple on a date-133728

You like him. But you’re also not really sure you do; The lights were dim, the exchange all too limited due to the loud music, and as it’s well known, a 4 can turn into an 8, maybe 9, depending on the amount of vodka shots consumed. But you did give him your number and now he asked you out.  Or, more petrifying, an online date: He sounds funny on text, he looks cute in the pictures, but there’s always a more than 50% chance this could be all miles away from how he is in person.

How do you prep yourself to set out on this frightening adventure, that’s called a first date? The thing with first dates, they can be so awkward.  Even a good first date, still has some good grimacing-emoji moments. It’s two people with zero or little idea of who the other is, trying to figure each other out by a series of questions, that need to be insightful and yet not creepy, and then when they answer questions they must reveal enough, but not too much, cause then where will the mystery go?

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on June 8th, 2017
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Superheroes and Villains taking over Berlin

thumbnail_king kong tv tower

photos: Berlin Ninja

How many times haven’t we all quoted Bonnie Tyler’s ‘I need a hero!’ in this crazy crazy city: This is probably what Berlin Ninja had in mind, when he unleashed all kinds of comic and cartoon heroes and villains around Berlin, to protect or sometimes attack it.

Inspired by the city’s amazing scenery and fun stories, and guided by freeing his imagination, Berlin Ninja’s Instagram keeps, among regular Berlin shots, a place where fictional worlds, such as the Marvel universe, and Berlin collide: He sent King Kong to attack our beloved TV tower and the Victory Column, Batman to guard over Friedrichschain, and Spider Man to climb on Panoramapunkt. How well the superheroes fit in the landscape only shows how magical Berlin can be; when I first looked at the pictures it both felt like they are and aren’t real! Take that, Gotham City!

Stella by Stella
on May 30th, 2017
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