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In the House of ASOS

ASOS Headquarters

Imagine this antique Grecian temple where mystical rituals happen and a supreme divinity is adored. Well, if fashion is a God the headquarters of ASOS are its temple. Or where else in the world do hundreds of photo and catwalk video shoots, design sessions, trend discussions and editorial meetings take place at the same time in the same place. A busy busy place opened its doors for us during our trip to London and we where more than amazed about the tons of impression we got in just one day. We talked to the head of design of the menswear devision about the developement of ASOS, the press guy showed us the new collection, the marketing lady introduced us to the new Urban Tour menswear campaign and we had lunch with the head of the German branch whose in-house nickname is simply “Germany”.  To share our experience we took many snapshots, to get an impression take a look after the jump.

by Claudio & Frank
on September 30th, 2011
in Fashion

Show us your Vintage Style and conquer the runway

Vintage Smackdown

Trends come and go, but if there is one thing that will never fade it’s the love for vintage clothing. Every season they cycle through the past decades and what was once unfashionable suddenly looks super hip. Especially in big cities like Berlin with all the big fleamarkets and second hand boutiques vintage styling has almost become an obsession for the fashionable crowd. Every girl has their own preferences. But whose style is the best?

Apply now with your best vintage outfits for’s Vintage Smackdown and be a model at our Fashion Show at the Wedding Dress festival on July 9, 2011 during Berlin Fasion Week. How you present your best vintage Pearls and DIY projects is all up to you. The main thing for us is that you are having fun with your style. Model size and your age do not matter, we count on your fashion sense and your confidence. We have 10 places at our fashion show to give out (including model fee). In addition, you have the chance to win a big prize of 500 EUR. Learn more about the contest after the jump.

by Claudio & Frank
on June 7th, 2011
in Fashion

This present is mine! Mine! MINE!!!


In the last two weeks we have been busy collecting gifts for the I HEART XMAS dinner & party and now almost everything is wrapped up waiting for tomorrow. We were able to get some great stuff and can’t wait to see the happy faces of people opening up their presents. A big thank you to all our gift sponsors!

Normally, a Christmas present should be a surprise, but for you we will make an exception and let you have a sneak peak at some of the items we will have under the Christmas tree after the jump.

by Claudio & Frank
on December 3rd, 2010
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Berlin Loving

We heart Berghain

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The love for a city obviously has not only been an inspiration to us. Last week we came across this creative challenge that is all about the praise of your city. And since we are experts in the field of city loving, we thought we gave it a try. To take part in this challenge you have to submit a piece of art that expresses what is so special about your city. It can be a photo, a painting, illustrations or whatever can be captured in a digital picture. And the price is really tempting: A cultural excursion to New York, Paris and London and feature in Vice magazine. Count us in! More about our submissions and how you can help us win this after the jump.

by Claudio & Frank
on March 22nd, 2009
in Art

The Secret Restaurant of the Shy Chef

The Shy Chef

Last week we had the pleasure to take the secret restaurant of the Shy Chef to the test. I had heard of secret restaurants before, but never been to one. So I did not really know what to expect. Is it a temporary restaurant set up in an abandoned building? Or is it a normal restaurant with a very secluded location? Or is it just a marketing strategy after all? As it turns out, this secret restaurant is in the living room of a private apartment. And the hosts are not professional chefs but a charming couple of passionate cooks and wine lovers. Find out more about our wonderful evening with the Shy Chef after the jump.

by Claudio & Frank
on March 20th, 2009
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Berlin vs. London Fashion Week

Berlin vs. London Fashion Week - Bernhard Willhelm vs. Emma Bell

You could call it a battle of the Titans, but David against Goliath is more appropriate in my eyes. Comparing both city’s Fashion Weeks is certainly not fair because there is a huge unbalance between them. But objectivity only plays a supporting role here, and it doesn’t even get a nomination for the Oscars. So have fun with our spectacular head to head race for our favorite Fashion Week after the jump.

by Claudio & Frank
on March 1st, 2009
in Fashion