Berlin without Offices – A Conference about the Future of Workspaces


Can you imagine the city of Berlin without office buildings? Everybody working remotely, only having their weekly or monthly meetings at a cafe or somewhere else? This would bring the city lots of more spaces for living and more spaces for culture and creativity. Not so bad in the end, huh?

Thinking about the future, not as an obstacle but rather a variety of opportunities is the task of the upcoming speculative laboratory “The Workhouse” by design brand USM in collaboration with UNstudio.

For a period of six weeks, the innovative furniture company will create a post-work utopia in which work and life merge together.  For the opening weekend on June 2nd, there will be a small conference starting the laboratory. If you want to go, it’s your lucky day since we are raffling off 2×2 tickets. Find out how below.




A location with a special twist

The location of the “Workhouse” is an ancient Wehrmühle just outside Berlin who got a contemporary touch with the restructuring of Zanderroth Architekten Berlin. The clash between beautiful antique ornaments on one side of the building and clear white shapes on the other side gives this place its unique charm.



What will happen?

On June 2nd 2018the Workhouse will host a whole day of workshops and panels with famous speakers and futurologist as Robert Rowland Smith, the Co-Founder of School of Life or Rohit Talwar the CEO of Fast Future Research.



How to win?

If you are interested in visiting the spectacular location and celebrate the inauguration of this cool spot, please leave a comment below until Thursday telling us how your ideal workspace would look like. We will select the winners on June 1rst. Please check your email inbox if you submit. Good luck!





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10 Responses to “Berlin without Offices – A Conference about the Future of Workspaces”

  1. Angie Ziehmann Says:

    My ideal work space is always a mix out of a gallery, showroom and workspace, with modular furniture integrated. I always love the way to change a spatial feeling, to vary room proportions, play with volumes and giving a constant change through content to a space.
    X Angie

  2. sonja Says:

    To me it is still important to separate workspace and privatspace.
    I enjoy working in a quiet, bright office with nice collegues and creative exchange.
    Fresh air, open windows, cool in summer, warm in winter, some plants and flowers, good coffee, well designed furniture and spacious architecture help me to concentrate.
    Instead of working in a busy coffeeshop or always “on the go” I enjoy the routine of my own desk, almost as a second home. Working hours should be as flexible as possible and up to individual agreements. To mix things up a bit, it would be great to do an office-swap in other cities/countries from time to time.

  3. Paula Says:

    The ideal workspace is modular and flexible, adapting itself to its coworkers and not the other way around. As we are spending more and more time at work, the workspace becomes an essential part of our lives where we do more than just work. It becomes a social space where I can meet like-minded individuals, grow as a person as well as a professional. In order to that, interior design and furniture design need to allow enough flexibility and ingenuity for me to use the workspace throughout my day and my needs. I believe the ideal workspace uses furniture and tools that allows me to be more productive and focused but also healthier by providing for instance rooms to meditate, do yoga or stretching.

  4. Gabriele Says:

    Working in performing arts field I wish to have an atelier where visual ideas/sets can be developed and modelled together with my colleagues – big space which would not require partition walls, but would allow task/space separation by itself with a separate small library and a relaxed meeting room with adjacent kitchen for communal living.

  5. nina Says:

    quiet and lots of greenery with the option to also join others in communal
    spaces 🌿well-designed and ergonomic modular furniture would eanble flexible team work set-ups and grow and shrink workspaces according to individual needs.

  6. Manuel Says:

    What if your living space is my working place? What if my resting space is your meeting place? Rethinking the working space of the future means not only thinking what the benefits of separating private and professional life are, but thinking what private and professional in terms of space means.
    As soon as we leave our home for work, this one becomes a “dead” space for many hours a day. All those square meters of personal meaning become unused and inneficient. The opposite happens with our working places. And around those two scenarios is the most important stage: the city. Integrate all well together, and you have a perfect theater play.

  7. Monika Says:

    Motivation is the engine that drives us. We need to find proper fuel to keep motivation high.
    My motivation are people, cooperation, sharing, sometimes arguing but usually laughing and creating ideas. So my dream workspace is one with people, open space and interaction.
    That you have a feeling on belonging and doing important things.

  8. Hanna Says:

    One of my favourite places to do my written work is Kantini Berlin, on the open terrace. I believe there are three factors that make it such an amazing place: the open, well-designed space, the people that come and go and make things so interesting, even though they are strangers to me and the variety of amazing food readily available whenever I get even a little bit hungry,. That is what is the magic of Kantini, if you come at 10am, you have about two hours to have the place all to yourself. Then the people come for lunch and you have a break as well. Then you keep working in an again, private space. A secluded oasis overlooking the birds walking around the zoo, right in the heart of Berlin. I would need my workplace to be in a aesthetically beautiful, quiet space, but in a good enough location that I can have a place to get good food whenever I please.

  9. Therese Sivertsson Says:


  10. Rachele Joanna Says:

    The co-working spaces are getting more and more popular around the world. I loved the idea of it from the very first time I have heard about them. Then I asked myself a question: “how would my perfect co-working place looks like?”. For sure – the main reason of join one of them is increasing my motivation and effectiveness at work. It should be a place which helps to focus on the effective work through ergonomic design of interiors and office infrastructure. All you need for work should be there- begging from the copy paper- ending on the delicious coffee. The interior should be wisely planned to also encourage people to communicate with each other during breaks or after the work as the networking factor is important in this case. Co-working places are perfect for a business synergy effect. Due the exchanging between people and brand it is possible for business to grow faster. It helps everyone to meet new people and ideas. At the same time spending time in a nice atmosphere with a lot of off-work activities. It’s also a good way to meet new people and make friends for those who come from other countries, and are used to work abroad.
    My ideal working place should also be CHAMELEONTIC: I expect it to fulfill my everyday changeable needs, I just want to shout up and focus on my work then I have my private space, I want to be social and meet people than I have a social space, I want to work open-air, than I have a terrace, I just want to relax than I have a lounge area. Of course the work space has to inspire you through well designed furniture, some artworks here and there, and huge bright windows. An advantageous work-place should help me to better do my job, to be more efficient, not to distract me from it.

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