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When you think that you have done it all when you cannot decide what to do, or just want to have some different experiences this selection of Berlin Apps will help you no matter if you’re looking for a vegan restaurant or a ping-pong table. So you can discover yet another side of this kaleidoscopic city and make the most of your Berlin experience. Either if you are an Urberliner, you are studying or you are just here for your vacation. Check this list out and enjoy the city!



Is the sun shining in Berlin? Don’t lose this precious and unique chance to go out for a walk to enjoy the warmth and the bright daylight that we all miss and take your ping pong rackets with you. PingPongMap shows you the nearest ping-pong tables in your area so you don’t have to be wandering through the streets hoping to randomly encounter one.



This Spanish-named app literally means “Let’s go!”. Created in Berlin this app scares boredom away offering you an endless list of events that are taking place near you. Vamos also gives you the possibility to choose your interests so you can get personalized lists of events that will fit you the most. From Food & Drink and Nightlife to Family and Arts & Culture you won’t dare to say that you are bored anymore.



If you haven’t noticed it yet: all shops are closed on Sunday in Germany. It’s a major annoyance not just for foreigners who are not used to it, also for Germans. This nifty new app (currently still in beta mode) developed by an expat living in Berlin shows you all places that are miraculously open on Sundays anyway, all ordered by categories and displayed on a practical map.



For an islander like me, there’s always a thing that I miss the most, the ocean. And I find myself already dreaming about the summer and the beach… Unfortunately, I can’t bring the beach here, so meanwhile, check out this app that will show you all your bathing possibilities in Berlin. Not exactly the beach, but lots of fun for sure.



Berlin-Vegan App

Remember those times when being vegan was a problem when choosing a restaurant or a bar because of the boring lettuce salad? Well no more! Because the Berlin-Vegan app doesn’t show you only bars and restaurants, it also has supermarkets too, so you can have a respectful and healthy lifestyle according to your convictions and needs.


Durst Spätifinder

Hunger strikes you in the middle of the night while you are in the middle of god knows where and you don’t know where to go… For all the night creatures that inhabit bars, clubs, and the neon streets this app will be a lifesaver. Find your Späti and keep on partying!


Street Art Archive

Probably one of the most appealing characteristics of Berlin is the amazing street art scene that the city offers. With this app, you will get the location of the hundreds of murals that are spread across the city and discover it through its street art masterpieces.




Like in the movies every moment of our lives has its own perfect matching song. But if what you are looking for is a person with a similar music taste as you, JoinMe can help you with that and much more. Although its still in beta mode this app has a lot of potential because the app will suggest events based on your music taste so you don’t miss anything.


Find Your Food Truck

If you are a food lover and want to try new things then this is your app. Find your food truck shows you all the food truck locations and opening hours so you can walk the streets of Berlin hopping form a tasty food truck to another.



You are no real Berliner or you are not experiencing the Berlin vibe until you ride your bike through its streets. But if you don’t want to buy one, BBBike is one of your best options because it offers you the possibility to see an incredibly huge amount of routes that you can take through the city and Potsdam also.



If you are one of those people who, like me, get furious thinking about all the food that’s wasted don’t miss the chance to add ResQ (formerly Mealsaver) to your daily routine because it’s very useful in all those moments when you really you are not in the mood to cook or to go buy groceries. And at the same time that you enjoy a wonderful meal, dessert or breakfast you are preventing that tons of fine food get directly to the garbage. Guten Appetit!


The Berlin Wall

If you are a history enthusiast Berlin is a city with an extremely tumultuous but interesting past but especially known worldwide because of the infamous wall that divided the Berliner for decades. This app tells you the story of those 28 years of struggle through an interactive map, photos, audio and video clips and texts about the locations and events that made history.



For a person who is always moving from one WG to another, it’s unbelievable how much stuff a person can hoard up in such a small period of time. So Jaspr seems like a good option to get rid of your stuff and get new things. But with Jaspr you can also swap your talents and find people who can help you while you can use your knowledge to help them out.



For those of you who are wine lovers, this app will serve you as your own private supermarket sommelier giving you recommendations to help you decide. Red, white, dry, fruity…Winemeister (its name probably inspired by the Weinmeister street) will make your choice a success.



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